If you’re an internet user, an SEO enthusiast, or an online marketer you must have heard about Semrush quite a few times. Semrush is a well-grounded SEO tool that gives you all the key data you’ll need for a successful business. We are big Semrush fans from the start because it offers great services which anyone can make use of. 
Best WordPress Hosting_ Based on Security, Speed, Traits, and Cost in 2021
Hey, you are here because you probably want to build your new website or you have an existing WordPress site and looking out for the best compatible WordPress hosting.  Way to go! you’re at the right place… First things first, we know how important it is to maintain a sound online presence, that can nurture your business and ultimately bring
Site Audit
Either you are new to SEO or Experienced? You are always behind the best SEO Tools where you can do high level of keyword research, check your backlinks, competitor’s backlinks, and competitors positioning.  When….. you Google “SEO Tools”! Either you get useful paid tools or awful free tools. There are 3 most useful paid tools Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz, where
Are you looking for an online method that can give you real and legit money? Well in today’s time the internet is full of “make money online” titles but half of them are scams. They just attack your time and sometimes your money as well. But why waste your time and money when there is a simple yet proven way
Conversion Rate Optimization
We all crave for driving traffic to our blogs and ecommerce websites. But having huge traffic is nothing if it doesn’t convert the visits into eBook downloads, ecommerce sales, or signups to the email list. All your efforts to drive traffic will be worthless if you don’t give any direction to them.  Well, there are some exceptions, such as a
Are you wondering why users are abandoning your site? Do you want to increase their time span? If visitors keep leaving your site within a short time, your bounce rate can rise significantly and it can be dangerous to your conversions. In this guide, we are going to explain how you can increase the average time span of visitors on
amazon affiliate marketing
Want to be your own boss? Have you heard of Amazon Affiliate Marketing? You may definitely have heard a lot of hypes about making thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing. Due to this reason, you might have started a review site in order to earn money.  You might be planning to buy a domain, hire a web designer
7 Pro Tasks & Plugins wordpress
If you are using WordPress or you want to use WordPress for your website. You should do these 7 Pro Tasks. After many years of working with WordPress, I found these 7 essential tasks and plugins to do with WordPress.  1. WordPress Security WordPress is an open-source platform. Millions of people are using WordPress and thousands of developers are continually working
Does your website homepage is not changing even if you have set a new homepage? Are some features of old plugins that are deleted, still visible at your WordPress website?
Does your website homepage is not changing even if you have set a new homepage? Are some features of old plugins that are deleted, still visible at your WordPress website? Is your website not changing even if you have changed the theme?  Are some of your plugins not working and site is reflecting old plugin’s features? Solution  There is one
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site  This is the most common error because almost all WordPress website has an initial upload file size limit is up to 2MB.  To solve this error, we need to just increase the file size limit. For this, you have to just upload a plugin called “Tuxedo Big File Upload”. You can download

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