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11 Secrets to Keep Abandoning Visitors Engaged on Your Site

Are you wondering why users are abandoning your site? Do you want to increase their time span? If visitors keep leaving your site within a short time, your bounce rate can rise significantly and it can be dangerous to your conversions. In this guide, we are going to explain how you can increase the average time span of visitors on your site. 

Why is it time to be serious about visitor’s average time span? 

If visitors are abandoning your website within a short while, it is a clear sign that they no longer like your content. If it keeps on happening for a long time on your website, there must be something wrong and you need to resolve it. Bounce rates ultimately affect your conversations and profits. 

To know the average time span of the user on your website, go to Google Analytics > Audience > Overview. 

According to a survey conducted by Gorocketfuel.com, the bounce rate ranging from 26% to 40% is considered excellent for a website. Even the bounce rate of up to 55% is average. If it exceeds 70%, it is an alarming situation for a website. If it goes above 70%, it is very poor for your blog or website. 

It is up to the type of content to define a good average for time span. The goal of a site owner is to ensure that users spend time which is long enough to figure out what else you can offer. With that said, here are few hacks to improve attention-span of your website’s visitors – 

1. Use any “Related Posts” Plugin 

Image result for related posts plugin
Credit – Formget.com 

It is a great way to tell users what else they can get on your website. These plugins show the posts you have that can match what your readers are reading.  Some of the best examples are YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) and Jetpack. They show a related posts module to the users. 

2. Clean up the Clutter

Image result for clean up website design
Credit – Omniupdate.com

On average, users spend only a few seconds to decide whether they should leave or stay. So, you have only a few seconds to convince them. Cleaning up the design is the best way. 

Look at the desktop and mobile view of your website. Make sure to keep your most important content up on both views. When users land on your website, they should quickly land on the most useful part of your website. 

3. Focus on Readability

Image result for readability on website
Credit – brand24.com

There are many websites that are full of text-based information and long paragraphs. So, they have a very high bounce rate and poor readability. You don’t want to do this. Make your whole website responsive to all devices. 

Keep the font size large enough to read easily and small enough to save on scrolling. Break down your posts on several sections, bullet points, paragraphs, heading and plenty of white space. 

4. Stay in Touch 

The goal of a digital marketer or website owner is to create a list of emails, which is very important to drive engagement. Once a user registers for an email newsletter, it means he already wants to know more of your content. You can access their inbox and it’s a great sign of ‘half battle won’. 

This way, you should serve them by offering great stuff on your site. They may come back more often if you take it seriously. There are several newsletter management plugins available for WordPress, such as MailChimp. 

5. Create excellent video content 

According to a research by Wordstream.com, marketers grow 49% faster revenue by using video content on their website than the ones who don’t. Simply speaking, publish attractive videos for infotainment to keep your users stick to your site for a longer period. Ultimately, it can help drive revenue. Here are some of the ways to do that – 

  • Present your offerings through explainer videos 
  • Use graphical videos to present your blog posts and presentations 
  • Drive emotions among your audience through animation. It can keep them on your website. 
  • If possible, you can have professional scripts and voice over artists to create next-level content. 

6. Use High Quality Images

Images are the next most engaging content after videos. We are used to getting hooked to images rather than text. This is why you can find full-screen background images on most of the landing pages of popular websites. 

ShutterStock is the best platform to find high quality images. They have a vast library of vector graphics, images, and illustrations for your website. There are several other websites to find royalty free images. 

7. Start Conversation To Drive Engagement 

Posting content on the web seems to be a one-way road. But it shouldn’t be like this. You may ask questions in between the article or show off some of the best creations. All in all, you should make sure the reader won’t get bored while reading through your content. 

Don’t make your posts feel like a boring essay. Of course, you need to keep your audience informed. But also focus on keeping them engaged. Talk to them like they are your friends. 

8. Beautify and Optimize Images before Uploading 

Credit – Canva.com

Before adding your images, be sure to optimize them. You may find a lot of high resolution images with larger pixel density, pixels, and file size. You cannot use them as is because it can affect the page speed of your site. 

To create graphics on your own, you can use certain tools like Canva for image editing. Canva has different image formats as well as sizes to create professional looking images. 

9. Internal Linking 

Be sure each page or article on your site has enough of internal links. People won’t visit them unless your posts have links to other pages. It can significantly help reduce your bounce rate. Internal linking also plays a vital role in optimizing your site for search engines. Link to the relevant pages or posts on your own website. 

10. Add Case Studies

Who doesn’t want to get inspired by others? People love to read success stories. Whether it is about you or someone else, a success story is much likely to go viral. We all love to see how others have achieved their goals successfully. These stories seem to be motivational, inspiring, and compelling enough to share.

11. Show Your Credibility 

Give your users a reason as to why they should rely on your site. If you add testimonials and bios with pictures of real people, it adds credibility to your web pages. Linking to your social media profile drives influence and builds credibility. Even better, you can add other signs of trust, such as BBB ratings, certificates, secure signs, and awards. It builds confidence among the users so they can easily share their information or partner with your website. 

Bottom Line 

So, here are some of the best secrets to drive engagement and conversion to your website. You may also like our guide on 5 Things You Should Do to Improve Blog Traffic

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