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PHP Update Required – Solved in 3 Easy Steps

Most of the plugins, themes, and WordPress itself need a higher PHP version to update. Do you regularly see this PHP update required message in your dashboard? 

The Solution of “PHP update required” is too simple – Just follow the guidelines…

PHP Update Required

Step 1 – Open your Hosting Control Panel – It can be anything c-panel, direct admin, GoDaddy panel, HostGator panel and etc. In all control panels, you can select higher PHP versions. 

Step 2 – Find Extra features, or if you have a different hosting panel, then take your time to find “PHP Versions”.

Step 3 – Check the current version, and select the second last higher version. Most of the time the highest version does not perform better. Therefore second-second last version as stated in the image below is best. 

PHP Update Required

Step 4 – Refresh Dashboard – Your error has been solved and Enjoy. 

PHP Update Required

Now you can update the highest WordPress version, you can use any plugin or theme with the highest update. 

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