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Plugin or Theme Deactivated/Deleted but Still Working (Solved)

Does your website homepage is not changing even if you have set a new homepage?

Are some features of old plugins that are deleted, still visible at your WordPress website?

Is your website not changing even if you have changed the theme? 

Are some of your plugins not working and site is reflecting old plugin’s features?


There is one simple solution to all these problems. Rename cache folder which is inside the wp-content folder. Look at the image below!

Why does this happen?

The cache folder is an auto-generated folder. It caches your old settings and if it gets some junks and not cleared even with “cache clearing plugins”. This is better to rename it or delete it. After renaming, all old settings will vanish but not your website’s setting. It is better to rename the cache folder. 

After the deletion of this folder, it will automatically present after a refresh because it caches your website’s data to make the site faster.