7 Signs it’s Time to Change Your WordPress Web Host5 min read

Irritated with your current WordPress host? Wondering whether it’s the right time to switch hosts? Let’s discuss the major signs to know when to change your WordPress web hosting.

Dealing with Biggest Fear

Most beginners avoid switching hosts. It needs a lot of technical skills to move a site to another host without any single downtime. If you are a kind of internet savvy, you may learn some tricks and tips to move your WordPress host to a new one without any problem. Even though you may not need any code, but it is still frightening for many beginners.

Luckily, a lot of hosting companies help you switch your site to a new host (especially on your request). How much would you pay for it? It is up to the overall size of your site. It is free in most of the cases. Sometimes, it charges a small fee. But you can definitely get this service even though it is not promoted. You need to ask. If you are relieved of this kind of fear, here are some of the common signs you need to change web host.

Frequent Database Connection Errors

If you constantly come across the error in establishing connection of database on your site, it means you are having bad plugin or outgrowing host servers. You must be able to get help from your host support. If they cannot help, it is better to look for someone else.

Constant Unwanted Downtimes

For your overall reputation like traffic, SEO rankings, etc, downtimes are very harmful. No one wants to visit site which remains down most of the time. If your site doesn’t open most of the time, it is clear that you have to switch your web host.

How do I know if there is a downtime? Since you don’t visit your site all the time, you may not know about it without a monitoring service. Luckily, you can use certain services to keep track on the uptime of your site for free.

Uptime is your server system which remains online. On the other side, downtime is the time when your server is inaccessible. If you witness 99% uptime, it means your site has seen small outages in a month. You can also ask about the hosting support why that downtime took place. If their answer doesn’t seem convincing or if they don’t answer about it at all, you need to move on.

Unusual Internet Server Problems

Internet server errors are very common errors on WordPress and it is usually the most frustrating one. Even the error message cannot point us to the right path to resolve it. If you are frequently seeing these internal server errors on your site, consider it as a red flag. Look for a WordPress hosting provider who knows how to fix their WordPress servers.

Site gets suspended a lot

A lot of web hosting providers can take down any website especially when they suspect any illegal activity. However, there are some hosting companies suspend accounts too much without notifications and there also give silly reasons behind this, like exceeding the period.

Your host should pay proper attention to your website as you trust them by sharing your digital space to them. If your site is suspended by a hosting company too frequently without notification, it’s time to have some serious talks to them.

If that discussion doesn’t go into any conclusion, you need to switch to a better web host who cares. Also keep your backups handy as some hosts will want you to hold your data.

Slow Speed

When it comes to optimize your site for higher search ranking and better user experience, speed really counts a lot. Slow speed is usually caused by a lot of users and too many server requests. Your host must be capable to help you find out the main reason behind slow speed of your site.

If too many requests are the issue, you can fix it with some changes, whether it is optimizing the server or removing a plugin. If having too many users is an issue, you may want to upgrade your plan.

Poor Customer Support

A host can never have 100% best customer service track record. It is not possible that everyone will be happy with you. Keep in mind only those users who have been pissed off the most leave reviews.

With that said, it is very important to get good customer service in terms of web hosting. You should ask yourself some questions –

  • Is their support staff helpful and knowledgeable?
  • Do they respond quickly?

The hosts just deny the help with WordPress sometimes and claim that they don’t cover software support in their policy. It is best to move to another host if you are unable to get good support.

Your site has exceeded the Limit for your host

If you have been doing your business or blogging for a long time, there are chances that your site has exceeded its hosting limit. Your site shares resources of the service with several other sites that are hosted on one individual server. Though you can limit and control resources on your site, but you cannot control other sites.

If you are on a shared hosting server and your site remains busier than other sites, it is true that other sites may remain slower. Due to this reason, a lot of shared hosting servers terminate your resources eventually without any notification. If you have to spend more time to clarify your problems or issues regarding slow sites to your customer support, chances are high that you have outgrown the host.

Do you want to switch now?

If you are here, chances are you want to switch your host. Are you searching for a host who can provide high uptime, best support and can deal with all those issues?

It is recommended to switch to Siteground. Many popular blogs and websites have switched their site to their platform. They offer in-built caching, best support, CDN service and, most importantly, their servers are optimized well to run your WordPress site. Even better, their plans won’t charge you higher as they serve all types of users. If you are a WPEasier user, you can get up to 70% off on Siteground web hosting.


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