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7 Signs that Prove It’s the Right Time to Switch to a New Web Host

Are you done with your existing WordPress hosting provider? Don’t know whether you need to change host? If so, keep reading as we are going to discuss seven signs to know when you need to change your web host.

Face Your Biggest Fear

Most beginners avoid switching hosts as it needs technical skills to move a website without any single downtime. If you’re a kind of savvy, you may like our guide How to switch to a New Server or Web Host without any single downtime.

Even though it doesn’t need any coding knowledge thanks to several plugins out there, it is a bit doubtful for many beginners. Luckily, there are many hosting companies which take responsibility to migrate your site, especially if you request them.

What are the charges? It is up to the size of your website. It is free in most cases. However, you may pay a small fee sometimes. But this service is available even though it is not promoted. You can simply ask them.

Now that you have relieved your biggest stress, it’s time to look at the main instances when you need to change your hosting provider.

Constant and Unexpected Server Downtimes

For your overall SEO rankings, web traffic, and overall reputation, downtimes do more harm than good. No one wants to land a site which doesn’t open most of the time. If your site remains down most of the time in a week, it is clear that it’s time to switch.

How do you know your site is running down? As you cannot visit your site 24×7, you may never know until you use a monitoring service. Luckily, there are several services out there to help you monitor the uptime of your site for free.

Uptime means your server which is being online. Downtime refers to the instance when your server is unreachable. If there is 99% server uptime, your site has had minor outrages in a particular month. You can even inquire about the downtime from hosting support team if it occurs. If they don’t give reason that is convincing, you are free to switch.

Unusual Internal Server Errors

Internal Server error is one of the most common errors on WordPress and is quite very frustrating at all. The error message itself cannot point user towards the right direction to resolve the same. If you are frequently seeing these internal server errors on your site, it is not a good sign. You need to find a hosting provider who is knowledgeable and experienced in setting up their servers for WordPress.

Error Making Database Connection

If you are constantly seeing the “Error Establishing Database Connection”, it means you have a large plugin or you are exceeding the limit of your host servers. In any of those cases, the host support team should help you. If they cannot help, host support should be available for you. If they cannot help, it is better to switch to someone else.  

Site is Suspended

A lot of web hosting providers have the right to take your site down, especially when there is illegal activity detected. However, there are some hosting companies that can suspend your accounts without notifications for unwanted things like overages. Your host should be able to care of your website as you are relying on them with your digital space. If your site is suspended by a hosting company without notification, you should have serious talks to them. If that conversation has no point, it’s time to switch to a hosting provider who is helpful. You also need to keep backups as some hosts have access to your data hostage.

Bad Customer Support

There is probably no web host which has 100% record of exceptional customer service. Keeping everyone happy is next to impossible. It is quite obvious that the users who leave reviews are usually pissed off. With that said, good customer service is very vital in terms of web hosting. So, it is important to ask these questions yourself – Is your hosting support helpful and knowledgeable? Are they fast to respond? The hosts often deny helping with WordPress while claiming that software support is not included in their policy. If you don’t get much support, you need to move.

Slow Speed

Page speed really matters when it comes to optimize your site to ensure higher search rankings and better user experience. Slow sites are usually caused when there are too many users or too many requests on the server. In any case, your host must be able to figure out the cause of slow speed of your site. If you are getting too many requests, you can fix it with some changes, be it optimizing the server or removing a plugin. But if the issue is having too many users on the same server, it’s time to upgrade your plan with your host.

You’ve outnumbered your account

If you have been blogging for a long time, there are chances that you have outnumbered your hosting account. If your site is hosted on a shared platform, it means it shares resources with several other sites on same server. Though you can limit and control the resources you use, you cannot control what other sites do. If your site remains busier than other sites on a server, you will be slowing down the websites. A lot of shared hosting providers will terminate your resources without any sign. If you are having problem with slow sites or you end up spending more time explaining your problem, it’s time to switch to a new host.

So, are you ready to move?

If you are reading this post, there are chances that you may have decided to move to web host. Finding a host can deal with all scenarios, offering best in class support and great network uptime.

For doing this, we recommend to switch to Siteground. Their servers are optimized well and are WordPress ready. They offer CDN support, in-built caching, and best support.

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