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8 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tips for e-Commerce Sales for 2020

We all crave for driving traffic to our blogs and ecommerce websites. But having huge traffic is nothing if it doesn’t convert the visits into eBook downloads, ecommerce sales, or signups to the email list. All your efforts to drive traffic will be worthless if you don’t give any direction to them. 

Well, there are some exceptions, such as a blog or news portal making money from ads or business which just wants to generate buzz related to their brand. But you need to convert traffic 99% of the time, or all your efforts will go in vain. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best tips to improve conversion rates to boost your ecommerce sales. 

A lot of websites are designed for the same purpose, i.e. to drive conversions. These conversions take place on the pricing page, on the homepage, landing pages, and blog. You can optimize all of these for higher conversions. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is a systemized approach to drive website visitors for a specific action, such as signing up for the newsletter, buying products, or anything else. The process of CRO is related to knowing how to drive your users to your website, what is keeping them from meeting your goals, and what actions they can take?

Is there any specific percentage to define a good conversion rate?

Now that you know what CRO is, you may be wondering about the right conversion rate. Well, there is no specific answer as every industry and niche is different. 

According to an analysis conducted by WordStream on hundreds of clients, an ideal conversion rate is around 2% to 5% on average. But there are only a few advertisers getting a very high conversion rate.  

But it is not easy to decide the good conversion rate for every business. If your traffic comes from different sources and you have different relationships with customers, even by serving in the same industries, there are chances that conversion rates would be different.

Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization 

1. Consider the Mind Catchy, Hypnotic & Commanding Headlines 

Headlines are the first and foremost things to consider. It is the first thing noticed by a visitor. It covers up the whole sales pitch. It can grab the curiosity of viewers, solve a problem, answer a question, or be instructional. Here are the types of headlines that can have a great impact on lead generation – 

  • Direct headlines
  • Command headlines 
  • Problem-solving headlines
  • Question headlines 
  • How-to and Instructional headlines 

You might lose a lot of leads without proper headlines. Placement and style of headlines are very important. 

2. Tips for General Conversion Optimization

  • Seek feedback from customers – Asking the customers is the best way to know what they are thinking. 
  • Change pricing – Sometimes, people don’t prefer buying cheap but high-quality products as they really don’t believe that one can offer a superior quality product at a low price. 
  • Don’t copy what others are doing to improve conversions. Whatever worked for them is not likely to work for them. You should use case studies and advise. Be sure to do A/B testing to make sure you are doing the right thing for your website. 
  • Create a survey for your audience and get the social following of your business to conduct a survey. Add the feedback to the landing pages of your site. 
  • Know what visitors are looking for on your site. If they are looking for ‘Contact’, place a contact page more prominently. You can see the top search queries on Google Analytics. 

3. Conduct A/B Testing 

  • Every website has some conversion issues. So, you need to improve your conversion rate constantly by conducting A/B testing. 
  • In general terms, make an informed guess before conducting the test. You should consider the end goal to reach somewhere. 
  • To ensure that software is doing well, you can conduct an A/A test before running A/B test. 
  • You can make a text-based landing page and video-based landing page by running A/B test. 

4. Landing Page and Sales Funnel 

  • One thing which works for one type of user may not work for others. So, you may want to create various landing pages for different types of users coming from different sources of traffic. 
  • If you use a long copy, repeat the call-to-action at the bottom or even a few times in the middle. 
  • You can add a free bonus on a thank you/conversion page to keep the audience engaged. 
  • Write everything like blog posts, your web content, and even Terms & Conditions/Privacy policy in easy language. Don’t use the terms that are too difficult to understand. 
  • You can significantly improve your conversion rates a lot with testimonials from genuine customers and big brands  

5. CTA (Pop Ups, Buttons, and Pricing Tables) 

A landing page is created specifically to get something from your public, such as building email subscriber list, lead generation, driving sales, and contact details. You can promote your purpose and tell your visitors to act in a specific way by using CTAs. Positioning CTAs well can help you decide whether it will drive conversion. 

6. 70% Users Shop with Mobile (Mobile Optimization is Crucial)

In this day and age, it is very important to optimize your website to be opened on different mobile devices. It consists of certain things like ensuring the responsiveness of your WordPress site and doing A/B testing on desktop and mobile. More than 70% of online users rely on their mobile devices for online shopping. 

7. Sense of Urgency 

Using a limited quantity is another great approach to create a sense of urgency and improve conversion. When something is available for a limited period or limited stock is available, it creates the fear of loss among the customers. They will want to buy your product as soon as possible. It can drive a great improvement to your conversions and sales. Also, create a CTA to take quick action. 

8. Add Text-Based CTA 

Banner blindness is very common as most people are used to ignore banner-like info on websites. Website visitors don’t always go to the bottom of a post as they scan content. So, you need to apply for a new approach. You can’t just rely on buttons. This is where you need to add a text-based call to action. 


There is no limit on conversion rate optimization. By considering all the tips related to conversion rate optimization, you can definitely see a great drive in leads and sales. You can test new ideas and find out what works well. Have you used any plugins or tips on WordPress? Share your ideas related to the conversion rate below and let’s start building great conversion. 

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