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Amazon Affiliate Marketing using WordPress

amazon affiliate marketing

You may definitely have heard a lot of hypes about making thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing. Due to this reason, you might have started a review site in order to earn money. 

You might be planning to buy a domain, hire a web designer and pay for hosting services.

A survey conducted by AM Navigator reports that over 40% of digital marketing professionals prefer affiliate marketing as the hottest skill in the market to make money. 

Well, you may want to choose the best affiliate program that works. Amazon Associates program may be the one you should go for. It is a great way to add a great passive income and make more money. 

How Much Can I Earn with Amazon Affiliates Program?

Launched in 1996, Amazon Associates is one of the first affiliate programs and has been developing solutions for developers, website owners, and sellers who want to make money on Amazon by promoting loads of new products. The associated website owners and bloggers create customized links to refer back to customers and earn money as referrals. You can join Amazon Affiliate program for free and it is very user-friendly. 

You can promote your products via a referral link at your trusted site. You will get up to 10% referral when they click and buy your product on Amazon. 

If you promote specific products like gadgets, you can earn up to 15% referral. You just have to write a product review and provide an affiliate link. If someone clicks on the link and makes purchases, you will earn your commission automatically. 

Your target market is also based on where you live. For example, if you are based in the US, you will definitely want to target US based audience. Obviously, you will want to sign up for US Amazon affiliate program. If you are based in India, you may definitely want to register for Amazon Affiliate India. 

amazon affiliate

Trusted Brand

Amazon is a highly trusted brand and customers easily order any product without thinking twice. Amazon is also a very convenient and accessible platform for shoppers. 


Easy to start

Getting started with Amazon Affiliates program is super easy. Amazon provides linked images, good tools, widgets and all the resources to integrate your blog and website easily. 


Make the most with festive season 

Holiday Season is a golden opportunity for you to earn more commission. During this season, the conversion rate and engagement rises dramatically. It is also a profitable time for marketers. 


High commissions 

To increase your odds to make higher commission, you may definitely want to promote expensive products like Electronics, Furniture, Gadgets, etc. 


Earn on Extra Purchases 

The customer may want to explore different exciting products before shopping. When customers look for similar products after making a purchase, there is a chance for you to earn an additional commission. If your customer buys other products using your link along with your recommendation, you can get additional commission.  

Steps to Start Making Money from Amazon Affiliates


If you are still reading, we assume that you seriously want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. Here are the ways to boost sales with Amazon Affiliate program – 

Learn some HTML

You should have basic knowledge of HTML to save costs. You should know how to insert images, text formatting, and creating hyperlinks. 


Pick the best topic 

Since you have to do a lot of reviews, you may have to pick a trending topic which you are passionate about or you have a lot of knowledge about. If you are not into a topic, you may no longer be interested at all. So, be sure to choose something interesting for you. 


Choose a domain name 

Choose the same site for domain registration and hosting if you are not a tech-savvy person. Pick an affordable and basic plan to save money. Domain providers like GoDaddy offer a lot of domain management tools charging only $10 per year. 

Take your time to figure out the domain name which is easy to remember for people. Choose the name which is suitable. 


Set up web hosting 

Most people make mistakes in this part. There is no need to spend around $10 per month on hosting. There are different companies that charge only around $4 per month by offering unlimited domains. One should start an amazon affiliate with WordPress, as wordpress is one of the best content management platforms, and you can get ample of free plugins for affiliate marketing and analysis. You can use SiteGround Hosting, which is one of the best WordPress Hosting, or you may check the wordpress hosting comparison


Install a blog tool

Blog software like WordPress is the best platform to post new content. It is very user-friendly and easy to install. The best thing is that it is very powerful and open source. You just have to download it and follow the install instructions. 

WordPress also offers a lot of templates to make your site or blog looking good and standing out. 


Set up the categories 

WordPress also has option to create categories and subcategories of your products. This way, your visitors can easily narrow down their search. 


Sign up as Associate on Amazon.com

If your website is ready with your content, it’s time to sign up for Amazon Affiliate program. You just have to visit amazon.com and click on the button “Join Associates”. You must have set up your site at the basic stage. 


Create bookmarks/blog posting links 

Blog posting list is found at the bottom of the page of blog software. Click on the ‘bookmarklet’ link while holding and dragging it to your links. 


Build a link bookmark 

Access the Associates Central and head to Build-a-link on the left navigation sidebar. Then, search for individual items on the Static Links below. Click this link and drag the same on the Links toolbar or Favorites menu. 


Build first link 

Visit the Amazon Associates accounts and search for the product you want to review. Use the grey stripe on the top “Site Stripe” when you log in and get personalized link to the product. You can also create banners. 



After writing the product review, you may want to post it live. If you are using WordPress, there are two parts of link code – 

  • First piece ends with “Associates build-a-link> ”. 
  • Other part describe the link to the product with Amazon Associate. 

So, choose the right categories for your product review and click “Publish”. 



You would want to have a good amount of content before you promote your site. You need to write a lot of product reviews, at least 2-3 reviews for each category. You may also want to make categories for articles, news, and comments regarding the topic. The more, the merrier. Search engines will also be notified when you write these contents. You can join online discussion forums and communities to share your topic with others.

amazon affiliate

Post Links Constantly 

This way, you need to figure out the right ways to add product reviews on your blog while making an impression that you are giving information on the particular subject. Also keep in mind that Amazon affiliate links are valid for 24 hours once it is clicked by the buyers. After 24 hours, they are replaced with fresh links to earn money. 


Build links for different products

Amazon pays the advertising fee on the entire purchase, rather than just the product you have promoted. You just have to ensure that people make full purchases by clicking your referral link only. 


Send Referral link to everyone through email 

When someone purchases your product by using your referral link in 24 hours, you can earn commission. You can easily trade referral links with friends and family to make your own purchases. It can help maintain your commission structure. 


Add widgets to the site

There are online stores and widgets available for Amazon Associates program that you can add to the templates of your website. Be sure to list several recommended products on sidebar. 


Post seasonal content with Amazon Associate links 

People are used to buying more during the festive season. So, you may want to post recommended products to seek benefits of sales. Create a schedule to post early enough. You should plan ahead of the holidays to earn more commission. 


Promote products up to $100

You can earn higher commission on products which are high on value. So, it is best to recommend those products to your visitors.  


Optimize your blog or website

In order to figure out what adjustments you need to make to improve coverage, it is recommended to optimize your blogs or websites. There are some SEO analytics tools which are easily available. 


Win customer’s loyalty 

Be sure to write a detailed and genuine review of services and products in your niche. Be sure to answer all the relevant and possible questions regarding the product. 


Wrapping Up

All in all, Amazon Affiliate program is the best way to earn huge commission and make genuine money on the go. If you have the right skills, knowledge, and dedication, you can make a handsome amount of money on a monthly basis.

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