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How to Add “Delete Account” Option in Your WordPress?3 min read

Do you want to help your users to remove their own WordPress accounts on their own will? In case a user registers on your WordPress site, at some point, he may no longer want to keep his account. So, you should allow them to delete their account manually. In this post, we will learn how to allow your users to remove their own account in your WordPress. You may also want to read how to improve performance by adding Click to Load GIFs.

Why Allow Users to Remove their Account on WordPress?

Most of the WordPress sites have option to register and login. These sites might be blogs which accept users’ posts, membership websites, or online stores where users can buy several times without having to add address and contact details again and again. Once users register their account on WordPress, they cannot remove it manually. They will need to ask you manually to delete their info through a contact form.

Website owners may need to keep the user shared content or at least contact number or mail. If you allow users to control their own info, they may feel more secure and confident to interact with your site. Here’s how to allow users to remove their own account on WordPress and remove their WordPress account info totally. You may also like Uncode, a creative, pixel-perfect multi-use theme for WordPress.

How to Allow Users to Unregister Their Own WordPress Accounts?

First of all, you need to install and activate the plugin Delete Me. Once the plugin is active, go to “Settings > Delete Me” page in your admin area to configure settings.

You first need to choose user roles which can remove their own profile. You may also choose styling of the link and text that will be seen on their profile page. Once the account is removed by default, the plugin will redirect the users to the homepage of your site. However, it can be changed and custom URL is provided for redirect, for example thank you page. In addition, you may choose to remove user comments too. To store settings, be sure to click on “Save Changes” button. Get higher ranks with these top 10 SEO plugins.

Now you will want to go to user roles selected by you earlier and switch to user account. Once you are logged in, simply go ahead and go to Profile page and a new section will appear where users have option to remove their account.

A link will appear. When a user clicks the link, a warning will popup showing that deleting an account will remove access and all of their content. This plugin will proceed and remove their account once user agrees.

Customize User Profile Page by adding Delete Account Link

By using the page to customize user profile, you can allow your users to remove their account on your site. Just add this shortcode to your custom profile page –

[plugin_delete_me]Delete Your Account[/plugin_delete_me]

Keep in mind that it will also remove all the content of the users by deleting their account, such as, their pages, posts, and custom post types, and move these to trash.

A user can come back with a new account using the same email. But the content won’t be recovered once they removed it. However, you have option to recover their content from trash if it is not removed permanently, as a site administrator.

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