What is Akismet? How to Start Using Akismet in WordPress?3 min read

When you install WordPress, you will get two plugins by-default every time. Akismet is one of them, something you should add to your list of must-have WordPress plugins.

Akismet is pre-installed on WordPress but is not activated. You will need to activate it with few simple steps. Here, we will learn about Akismet in detail and why you need to use it.

About Akismet

It is a spam filter plugin on comments. It catches pingback spam and blog comment with its own algorithms. The algorithms learn from actions from the participating sites and its mistakes. For example, when a specific content is reported as spam by multiple websites, Akismet will learn from it and consider that kind of content as SPAM next time. It has successfully caught up to 83 billion spam comments, since June 2013.

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Why Akismet?

A popular website can get up to 83% of spam comments. It means only 15 comments are genuine out of 100 comments. Comment moderation takes time and you can save hours with Akismet. It can catch spam just before landing it to moderation queue. So, you will focus only on comments from genuine users.

Getting Started

First of all, you should activate Akismet by going to Plugins. At Plugins > Akismet Configuration, a new menu item is added by Akismet once it is activated. You will land to Akismet Configuration screen by clicking on it. Here, you will need to enter API Key.

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Getting API Key

First of all, log on to Akismet website and go to “Get a WordPress Key”. It will take you to its plans page. For personal and non-business sites, Akismet is free. There are various packages and plans out there for business sites. You may choose the best suited option. After choosing your desired plan, rest of the steps would be the same. Go to “Signup” button to continue.

Now it will take you to next screen where you need to register with WordPress.com. It is a blog hosting solution from Automattic, the brand which brought you Akismet. Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different. You don’t have to create a blog to sign up to a WordPress.com account. Simply click on Sign up and open WordPress.com. It will open pop up with just sign up form.

If you have an account with WordPress.com, click on “I Already Have WordPress.com Account” link. If you don’t, just fill out the details and get one. Once WordPress.com authentication is finished, you will get back to Akismet website. Provide some user info with payment details. If you chose free plan, just take the price down to $0.

Click “Continue” and you will be brought to the screen showing API key. You will also get an email with API key.

Using API Key in WordPress

Simply copy your Akismet API key and get back to the admin area of your WordPress website. Paste the API key in Plugins > Akismet Configuration. Other options are optional. Click on Update Options and your API key will be verified and you will get a success message.

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