How to Make Money Blogging in 2020 (The Millionaire Guide)


Are you looking for an online method that can give you real and legit money?

Well in today’s time the internet is full of “make money online” titles but half of them are scams. They just attack your time and sometimes your money as well.

But why waste your time and money when there is a simple yet proven way to make a part time or full time income.

Blogging is that proven way. With blogging you can earn money by doing what you truly love. Nothing can match the feeling of working on something that gives you income and you absolutely enjoy. 

You do not need to spend hours & hours in an office to earn a living, you can work from home with flexible working hours. Most amazing thing with blogging is that there is no limit on how much you can earn from a blog. 

10 Logical Reasons Why you should use WordPress CMS in 2020?

WordPress and blogging is a far better combination to earn money online. WordPress is the largest and most popular publishing platform on the internet. Approximately 35% of all the websites are powered by WordPress.

But before starting to discuss money blogging you need to know that It is not an“earn money in 24 hours” or “get rich in minutes” type of scheme. No one can earn that way. If you find anything like this, it is nothing but only a scam. Don’t be fooled by these types of misleading titles because paying for any course or training like this will be just a waste of your money and time.

In this guide, we’ll share how you can create a money making blog. We’ll show you a general detailed framework you can follow to run a profitable blog.

A blog can take some time to grow but you’ll make legitimate money at home, using wordpress and blogging. 

Most of the bloggers who are making a living from blogging follow some specific steps. Here are those steps you must follow to make money from a blog:

  1. Choose a Blog Niche
  2. Set up your blog
  3. Get into blogging and create content
  4. Promote your blog
  5. Monetize your blog

Doesn’t it seem simple?

Yes, the process may sound easy but each and every step has a lot to be learnt.

Let’s dive deep into it.

1. Choose a Niche – Specific topic you’ll write about on your blog.

Before knowing how to choose a niche you should understand – why does this step even matter?

Many people will tell you to just share your thoughts and ideas as they come to you. But blogging doesn’t work that way. Yes, you can start a blog like this but the outcomes you want from your blog may differ then.

Basically you have to be focused on a single niche on a blog. If you want to start blogging on more than one niche, I would suggest you to experiment it by creating separate blogs for them. With a scattered approach you may get success but chances are really low.

If you stick to one niche, there is a high possibility that people who are interested in one of your blog posts will be interested in other content of that blog, as well.

Never cover a massive topic, else you’ll have to struggle in building a focused audience.

For example “Tech Blog” is a massive topic. Instead of it, narrow down to something more focused like – website building, Graphic designing, Mobile & Gadgets etc.

2. Create Your Blog:

How to Create a WordPress Blog – A Complete Guide

Now you have picked out a niche for your blog. In order to start blogging you’re going to need a blog. Having no or little technical background is the reason you always drop the idea of starting your own blog?

Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you might think. I would highly recommend you to check How to Create a Blog using wordpress in which you’ll find the step by step process of creating a wordpress blog.

Another thing you need for running a blog online is a hosting service. Web hosting enables you to publish your blog/website on the internet. Basically it rents you some space on their server to store your data and files necessary for your website.  Siteground is one of the best and popular hosting providers crafted for top speed, high security and expert support.

3. Get Into Blogging and Create Content:

The core of any blog is the content, without it a blog is not a blog. A blog post must be something that can make a change in the reader’s life in some way. It should be informative, inspiring and insightful. A good title makes all the difference between a blog post being read or ignored. So, focus on creating titles that encourage clicks. 

Do keyword research and always try to write on a topic that is trending the internet/market or something people are interested in.

4. Promote Your Blog:

Do you think only by creating high quality, valuable content you can attract readers to your site?

If you believe so then you’re living in a myth. For driving traffic to your blog, assuming that people will find a way to reach your site will not give end results.

If you want your content to be seen and shared widely, blog promotion should be a part of your strategy to attract readers and to make money from your blog. There are many ways to promote your content. You can do promotion through social media ads, SEO practices, Email-marketing, Pay per click(PPC) marketing campaign etc.

Another way you can use for blog promotion, involves guest posting. When you publish your content on other blogs/sites, you’re able to get in front of their existing audience. This way you can build relationships with a wide range of readers. While guest posting always use a link back to your site in your article so that readers can reach to your blog. 

Social media platforms like linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram are an easy source to promote your blog. You can opt paid advertising to help your blog in reaching a wider audience.

5. Monetize Your Blog:

Now, this is the interesting part because everyone wants to make money and that’s the reason you are reading this right now.

There are several ways to monetize your blog. If we separate them in categories, here are top most ways to do so –

a. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the one of the easiest and most popular methods for monetizing a blog. This is the easiest way to get started with, if you are just starting out blogging and don’t have your own service or product to sell there.

In affiliate marketing you promote other people’s products or services and you get a commission whenever that product or service gets a sale through your link. All you need to do is to create content which is in harmony with that product/service you plan to affiliate on your blog.

Most of the new bloggers struggle with the question: “Where do they begin?”

There’s a lot of answers depending on your blog niche and traffic etc. But there are some affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Clickbank, Commission Junction(CJ)any level of blogger can benefit from.

b. Selling Digital Products – Now, Digital products are trending everywhere. If you notice the top bloggers, you’ll find that they sell their own products like ebooks, courses etc. All you need to do is to turn your knowledge, opinions or talents into a digital product and feature that product on your blog. Make sure that your product makes sense to your audience and give them benefit in some or other way.

What kind of digital product do you want to create?

Well, if you don’t have any idea, go through this short list of digital products you can sell online-

  1. Ebooks
  2. Online Courses
  3. Audiobooks
  4. Digital Artwork
  5. Document Templates
  6. Video Content
  7. Technical Services- Software/Apps

This is just an overview of what you can sell, there are hundreds of options to choose. You get a perfect idea once you get into serious blogging.

c. Ad Networks: Ad Networks are another simplest and widely used method for monetizing a blog. 

The two most popular Ad networks are – 

  • Google Adsense

Most of the new bloggers are earning a huge amount of money from these Ad networks. Once you get approval on these ad networks, they show ads automatically based on user interests and context of your article.

(You need a blog or website to get approval on these ad networks)

You will get paid whenever a user clicks on any of the displaying ads. As a new blogger if you are having less page views, you can go for these alternative ad networks-

  • PopAds
  • Propellerads
  • Revenue Hits

d. Sponsored Posts: You can make passive income by writing sponsored posts on your blog. 

But you can easily earn by this method only if you are already a famous blogger and generating good traffic. Companies approach you to write for their services/product when you are famous. But if you are just a beginner then in that case you need to make an approach to related companies with a proposal. 

Never write biased posts just because the company is paying you money. Write genuine reviews and experience about the service/product because building trust is important to get long term visitors.

Beside the categories above, many more ways are there to monetize. You can sell freelance services, provide coaching/consulting or schedule webinars etc.

We hope this article gave you a pop up in your head to start your own blog and guided you to make money at home. You must be having multiple ideas on how to make money online with blogging and WordPress. This time don’t ignore your inner voice and start working right at this moment.  Anyone can earn money with their WordPress blog/site, all you need is hard work, good strategy and persistence. 

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8 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tips for e-Commerce Sales for 2020

Conversion Rate Optimization

We all crave for driving traffic to our blogs and ecommerce websites. But having huge traffic is nothing if it doesn’t convert the visits into eBook downloads, ecommerce sales, or signups to the email list. All your efforts to drive traffic will be worthless if you don’t give any direction to them. 

Well, there are some exceptions, such as a blog or news portal making money from ads or business which just wants to generate buzz related to their brand. But you need to convert traffic 99% of the time, or all your efforts will go in vain. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best tips to improve conversion rates to boost your ecommerce sales. 

A lot of websites are designed for the same purpose, i.e. to drive conversions. These conversions take place on the pricing page, on the homepage, landing pages, and blog. You can optimize all of these for higher conversions. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is a systemized approach to drive website visitors for a specific action, such as signing up for the newsletter, buying products, or anything else. The process of CRO is related to knowing how to drive your users to your website, what is keeping them from meeting your goals, and what actions they can take?

Is there any specific percentage to define a good conversion rate?

Now that you know what CRO is, you may be wondering about the right conversion rate. Well, there is no specific answer as every industry and niche is different. 

According to an analysis conducted by WordStream on hundreds of clients, an ideal conversion rate is around 2% to 5% on average. But there are only a few advertisers getting a very high conversion rate.  

But it is not easy to decide the good conversion rate for every business. If your traffic comes from different sources and you have different relationships with customers, even by serving in the same industries, there are chances that conversion rates would be different.

Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization 

1. Consider the Mind Catchy, Hypnotic & Commanding Headlines 

Headlines are the first and foremost things to consider. It is the first thing noticed by a visitor. It covers up the whole sales pitch. It can grab the curiosity of viewers, solve a problem, answer a question, or be instructional. Here are the types of headlines that can have a great impact on lead generation – 

  • Direct headlines
  • Command headlines 
  • Problem-solving headlines
  • Question headlines 
  • How-to and Instructional headlines 

You might lose a lot of leads without proper headlines. Placement and style of headlines are very important. 

2. Tips for General Conversion Optimization

  • Seek feedback from customers – Asking the customers is the best way to know what they are thinking. 
  • Change pricing – Sometimes, people don’t prefer buying cheap but high-quality products as they really don’t believe that one can offer a superior quality product at a low price. 
  • Don’t copy what others are doing to improve conversions. Whatever worked for them is not likely to work for them. You should use case studies and advise. Be sure to do A/B testing to make sure you are doing the right thing for your website. 
  • Create a survey for your audience and get the social following of your business to conduct a survey. Add the feedback to the landing pages of your site. 
  • Know what visitors are looking for on your site. If they are looking for ‘Contact’, place a contact page more prominently. You can see the top search queries on Google Analytics. 

3. Conduct A/B Testing 

  • Every website has some conversion issues. So, you need to improve your conversion rate constantly by conducting A/B testing. 
  • In general terms, make an informed guess before conducting the test. You should consider the end goal to reach somewhere. 
  • To ensure that software is doing well, you can conduct an A/A test before running A/B test. 
  • You can make a text-based landing page and video-based landing page by running A/B test. 

4. Landing Page and Sales Funnel 

  • One thing which works for one type of user may not work for others. So, you may want to create various landing pages for different types of users coming from different sources of traffic. 
  • If you use a long copy, repeat the call-to-action at the bottom or even a few times in the middle. 
  • You can add a free bonus on a thank you/conversion page to keep the audience engaged. 
  • Write everything like blog posts, your web content, and even Terms & Conditions/Privacy policy in easy language. Don’t use the terms that are too difficult to understand. 
  • You can significantly improve your conversion rates a lot with testimonials from genuine customers and big brands  

5. CTA (Pop Ups, Buttons, and Pricing Tables) 

A landing page is created specifically to get something from your public, such as building email subscriber list, lead generation, driving sales, and contact details. You can promote your purpose and tell your visitors to act in a specific way by using CTAs. Positioning CTAs well can help you decide whether it will drive conversion. 

6. 70% Users Shop with Mobile (Mobile Optimization is Crucial)

In this day and age, it is very important to optimize your website to be opened on different mobile devices. It consists of certain things like ensuring the responsiveness of your WordPress site and doing A/B testing on desktop and mobile. More than 70% of online users rely on their mobile devices for online shopping. 

7. Sense of Urgency 

Using a limited quantity is another great approach to create a sense of urgency and improve conversion. When something is available for a limited period or limited stock is available, it creates the fear of loss among the customers. They will want to buy your product as soon as possible. It can drive a great improvement to your conversions and sales. Also, create a CTA to take quick action. 

8. Add Text-Based CTA 

Banner blindness is very common as most people are used to ignore banner-like info on websites. Website visitors don’t always go to the bottom of a post as they scan content. So, you need to apply for a new approach. You can’t just rely on buttons. This is where you need to add a text-based call to action. 


There is no limit on conversion rate optimization. By considering all the tips related to conversion rate optimization, you can definitely see a great drive in leads and sales. You can test new ideas and find out what works well. Have you used any plugins or tips on WordPress? Share your ideas related to the conversion rate below and let’s start building great conversion. 

11 Secrets to Keep Abandoning Visitors Engaged on Your Site


Are you wondering why users are abandoning your site? Do you want to increase their time span? If visitors keep leaving your site within a short time, your bounce rate can rise significantly and it can be dangerous to your conversions. In this guide, we are going to explain how you can increase the average time span of visitors on your site. 

Why is it time to be serious about visitor’s average time span? 

If visitors are abandoning your website within a short while, it is a clear sign that they no longer like your content. If it keeps on happening for a long time on your website, there must be something wrong and you need to resolve it. Bounce rates ultimately affect your conversations and profits. 

To know the average time span of the user on your website, go to Google Analytics > Audience > Overview. 

According to a survey conducted by, the bounce rate ranging from 26% to 40% is considered excellent for a website. Even the bounce rate of up to 55% is average. If it exceeds 70%, it is an alarming situation for a website. If it goes above 70%, it is very poor for your blog or website. 

It is up to the type of content to define a good average for time span. The goal of a site owner is to ensure that users spend time which is long enough to figure out what else you can offer. With that said, here are few hacks to improve attention-span of your website’s visitors – 

1. Use any “Related Posts” Plugin 

Image result for related posts plugin
Credit – 

It is a great way to tell users what else they can get on your website. These plugins show the posts you have that can match what your readers are reading.  Some of the best examples are YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) and Jetpack. They show a related posts module to the users. 

2. Clean up the Clutter

Image result for clean up website design
Credit –

On average, users spend only a few seconds to decide whether they should leave or stay. So, you have only a few seconds to convince them. Cleaning up the design is the best way. 

Look at the desktop and mobile view of your website. Make sure to keep your most important content up on both views. When users land on your website, they should quickly land on the most useful part of your website. 

3. Focus on Readability

Image result for readability on website
Credit –

There are many websites that are full of text-based information and long paragraphs. So, they have a very high bounce rate and poor readability. You don’t want to do this. Make your whole website responsive to all devices. 

Keep the font size large enough to read easily and small enough to save on scrolling. Break down your posts on several sections, bullet points, paragraphs, heading and plenty of white space. 

4. Stay in Touch 

The goal of a digital marketer or website owner is to create a list of emails, which is very important to drive engagement. Once a user registers for an email newsletter, it means he already wants to know more of your content. You can access their inbox and it’s a great sign of ‘half battle won’. 

This way, you should serve them by offering great stuff on your site. They may come back more often if you take it seriously. There are several newsletter management plugins available for WordPress, such as MailChimp. 

5. Create excellent video content 

According to a research by, marketers grow 49% faster revenue by using video content on their website than the ones who don’t. Simply speaking, publish attractive videos for infotainment to keep your users stick to your site for a longer period. Ultimately, it can help drive revenue. Here are some of the ways to do that – 

  • Present your offerings through explainer videos 
  • Use graphical videos to present your blog posts and presentations 
  • Drive emotions among your audience through animation. It can keep them on your website. 
  • If possible, you can have professional scripts and voice over artists to create next-level content. 

6. Use High Quality Images

Images are the next most engaging content after videos. We are used to getting hooked to images rather than text. This is why you can find full-screen background images on most of the landing pages of popular websites. 

ShutterStock is the best platform to find high quality images. They have a vast library of vector graphics, images, and illustrations for your website. There are several other websites to find royalty free images. 

7. Start Conversation To Drive Engagement 

Posting content on the web seems to be a one-way road. But it shouldn’t be like this. You may ask questions in between the article or show off some of the best creations. All in all, you should make sure the reader won’t get bored while reading through your content. 

Don’t make your posts feel like a boring essay. Of course, you need to keep your audience informed. But also focus on keeping them engaged. Talk to them like they are your friends. 

8. Beautify and Optimize Images before Uploading 

Credit –

Before adding your images, be sure to optimize them. You may find a lot of high resolution images with larger pixel density, pixels, and file size. You cannot use them as is because it can affect the page speed of your site. 

To create graphics on your own, you can use certain tools like Canva for image editing. Canva has different image formats as well as sizes to create professional looking images. 

9. Internal Linking 

Be sure each page or article on your site has enough of internal links. People won’t visit them unless your posts have links to other pages. It can significantly help reduce your bounce rate. Internal linking also plays a vital role in optimizing your site for search engines. Link to the relevant pages or posts on your own website. 

10. Add Case Studies

Who doesn’t want to get inspired by others? People love to read success stories. Whether it is about you or someone else, a success story is much likely to go viral. We all love to see how others have achieved their goals successfully. These stories seem to be motivational, inspiring, and compelling enough to share.

11. Show Your Credibility 

Give your users a reason as to why they should rely on your site. If you add testimonials and bios with pictures of real people, it adds credibility to your web pages. Linking to your social media profile drives influence and builds credibility. Even better, you can add other signs of trust, such as BBB ratings, certificates, secure signs, and awards. It builds confidence among the users so they can easily share their information or partner with your website. 

Bottom Line 

So, here are some of the best secrets to drive engagement and conversion to your website. You may also like our guide on 5 Things You Should Do to Improve Blog Traffic

Amazon Affiliate Marketing using WordPress

amazon affiliate marketing
amazon affiliate marketing

You may definitely have heard a lot of hypes about making thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing. Due to this reason, you might have started a review site in order to earn money. 

You might be planning to buy a domain, hire a web designer and pay for hosting services.

A survey conducted by AM Navigator reports that over 40% of digital marketing professionals prefer affiliate marketing as the hottest skill in the market to make money. 

Well, you may want to choose the best affiliate program that works. Amazon Associates program may be the one you should go for. It is a great way to add a great passive income and make more money. 

How Much Amazon Affiliates Program?

Launched in 1996, Amazon Associates is one of the first affiliate programs and has been developing solutions for developers, website owners, and sellers who want to make money on Amazon by promoting loads of new products. The associated website owners and bloggers create customized links to refer back to customers and earn money as referrals. You can join Amazon Affiliate program for free and it is very user-friendly. 

You can promote your products via a referral link at your trusted site. You will get up to 10% referral when they click and buy your product on Amazon. 

If you promote specific products like gadgets, you can earn up to 15% referral. You just have to write a product review and provide an affiliate link. If someone clicks on the link and makes purchases, you will earn your commission automatically. 

Your target market is also based on where you live. For example, if you are based in the US, you will definitely want to target US based audience. Obviously, you will want to sign up for US Amazon affiliate program. If you are based in India, you may definitely want to register for Amazon Affiliate India. 

amazon affiliate

Trusted Brand

Amazon is a highly trusted brand and customers easily order any product without thinking twice. Amazon is also a very convenient and accessible platform for shoppers. 


Easy to start

Getting started with Amazon Affiliates program is super easy. Amazon provides linked images, good tools, widgets and all the resources to integrate your blog and website easily. 


Make the most with festive season 

Holiday Season is a golden opportunity for you to earn more commission. During this season, the conversion rate and engagement rises dramatically. It is also a profitable time for marketers. 


High commissions 

To increase your odds to make higher commission, you may definitely want to promote expensive products like Electronics, Furniture, Gadgets, etc. 


Earn on Extra Purchases 

The customer may want to explore different exciting products before shopping. When customers look for similar products after making a purchase, there is a chance for you to earn an additional commission. If your customer buys other products using your link along with your recommendation, you can get additional commission.  

Steps to Start Amazon Affiliates


If you are still reading, we assume that you seriously want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. Here are the ways to boost sales with Amazon Affiliate program – 

Learn some HTML

You should have basic knowledge of HTML to save costs. You should know how to insert images, text formatting, and creating hyperlinks. 


Pick the best topic 

Since you have to do a lot of reviews, you may have to pick a trending topic which you are passionate about or you have a lot of knowledge about. If you are not into a topic, you may no longer be interested at all. So, be sure to choose something interesting for you. 


Choose a domain name 

Choose the same site for domain registration and hosting if you are not a tech-savvy person. Pick an affordable and basic plan to save money. Domain providers like GoDaddy offer a lot of domain management tools charging only $10 per year. 

Take your time to figure out the domain name which is easy to remember for people. Choose the name which is suitable. 


Set up web hosting 

Most people make mistakes in this part. There is no need to spend around $10 per month on hosting. There are different companies that charge only around $4 per month by offering unlimited domains. One should start an amazon affiliate with WordPress, as wordpress is one of the best content management platforms, and you can get ample of free plugins for affiliate marketing and analysis. You can use SiteGround Hosting, which is one of the best WordPress Hosting, or you may check the wordpress hosting comparison


Install a blog tool

Blog software like WordPress is the best platform to post new content. It is very user-friendly and easy to install. The best thing is that it is very powerful and open source. You just have to download it and follow the install instructions. 

WordPress also offers a lot of templates to make your site or blog looking good and standing out. 


Set up the categories 

WordPress also has option to create categories and subcategories of your products. This way, your visitors can easily narrow down their search. 


Sign up as Associate on

If your website is ready with your content, it’s time to sign up for Amazon Affiliate program. You just have to visit and click on the button “Join Associates”. You must have set up your site at the basic stage. 


Create bookmarks/blog posting links 

Blog posting list is found at the bottom of the page of blog software. Click on the ‘bookmarklet’ link while holding and dragging it to your links. 


Build a link bookmark 

Access the Associates Central and head to Build-a-link on the left navigation sidebar. Then, search for individual items on the Static Links below. Click this link and drag the same on the Links toolbar or Favorites menu. 


Build first link 

Visit the Amazon Associates accounts and search for the product you want to review. Use the grey stripe on the top “Site Stripe” when you log in and get personalized link to the product. You can also create banners. 



After writing the product review, you may want to post it live. If you are using WordPress, there are two parts of link code – 

  • First piece ends with “Associates build-a-link> ”. 
  • Other part describe the link to the product with Amazon Associate. 

So, choose the right categories for your product review and click “Publish”. 



You would want to have a good amount of content before you promote your site. You need to write a lot of product reviews, at least 2-3 reviews for each category. You may also want to make categories for articles, news, and comments regarding the topic. The more, the merrier. Search engines will also be notified when you write these contents. You can join online discussion forums and communities to share your topic with others.

amazon affiliate

Post Links Constantly 

This way, you need to figure out the right ways to add product reviews on your blog while making an impression that you are giving information on the particular subject. Also keep in mind that Amazon affiliate links are valid for 24 hours once it is clicked by the buyers. After 24 hours, they are replaced with fresh links to earn money. 


Build links for different products

Amazon pays the advertising fee on the entire purchase, rather than just the product you have promoted. You just have to ensure that people make full purchases by clicking your referral link only. 


Send Referral link to everyone through email 

When someone purchases your product by using your referral link in 24 hours, you can earn commission. You can easily trade referral links with friends and family to make your own purchases. It can help maintain your commission structure. 


Add widgets to the site

There are online stores and widgets available for Amazon Associates program that you can add to the templates of your website. Be sure to list several recommended products on sidebar. 


Post seasonal content with Amazon Associate links 

People are used to buying more during the festive season. So, you may want to post recommended products to seek benefits of sales. Create a schedule to post early enough. You should plan ahead of the holidays to earn more commission. 


Promote products up to $100

You can earn higher commission on products which are high on value. So, it is best to recommend those products to your visitors.  


Optimize your blog or website

In order to figure out what adjustments you need to make to improve coverage, it is recommended to optimize your blogs or websites. There are some SEO analytics tools which are easily available. 


Win customer’s loyalty 

Be sure to write a detailed and genuine review of services and products in your niche. Be sure to answer all the relevant and possible questions regarding the product. 


Wrapping Up

All in all, Amazon Affiliate program is the best way to earn huge commission and make genuine money on the go. If you have the right skills, knowledge, and dedication, you can make a handsome amount of money on a monthly basis.

7 To-Do Things if you use WordPress in 2020

7 Pro Tasks & Plugins wordpress

If you are using WordPress or you want to use WordPress for your website. You should do these 7 Pro Tasks. After many years of working with WordPress, I found these 7 essential tasks and plugins to do with WordPress. 

1. WordPress 

sucuri plugin

WordPress is an open-source platform. Millions of people are using WordPress and thousands of developers are continually working to upgrade WordPress and its functionalities through plugins. We all know these facts, and install plugins even without knowing about security matters. Some plugins keep serious malware, phishing viruses, and bad redirections, which not only affect your website but also can ban your website at Google. 

After WordPress Installation, your first work should be the installation of WordPress Security plugins. You can install these plugins…

  1. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan  
  2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  3. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  4. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening
  5. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

2. WordPress 
Website Designing


It was the old days when you need a developer to make your site according to your desire. Now with plugins, you can make your website in a few hours. With the developer, if you are unable to convey your exact need, through Elementor Plugin, you can design your website in your own ways. 

Elementor Plugin is so good and easy to use. Elementor has many pre-made templates and blocks. You can make a template according to your need and use in many pages. Everything can be done by Elementor. Apart from Elementor, there are also many plugins that do the same as Elementor. 

Elementor has free and paid both the version. You can even use all functions at Elementor free version. Most important tools are free with Elementor. 

Elementor Page Builder 

3. SEO 


After security and designing, the most important part is SEO. Before moving to SEO, you should use check your content with Grammarly(A free grammar checking tool). You have many options for SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math and etc. 

I go with Yoast SEO. I am using Yoast SEO for the last 5 – 6 years to my website. You get many functionalities in free version like: 

Good SEO Tools are : – 

  1. Yoast SEO 
  2. All in one SEO 

4. Page 
Speed Improver

page speed

Check your website at or, if you are getting a minimum score then you should minify CSS, minify javascript and reduce image sizes. The most important part is server speed if your server speed is good other things do not matter a lot but if you do not have good hosting speed then you should use these plugins. 

You should use Best Servers like Siteground, which gives higher speed. Through Siteground, you need not work a lot for the page speed.

For Compressing Image – Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images 

For Cache – Wp Fastest Cache, Wp Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache 

For Cleaning Comments, Database, Images, and Cache – Wp Optimize

5. Contact 

chat plugin

Email Form – Now, you should install those plugins that are easy to use for quick contacts. “Contact Form 7” is one of the best free plugins for making contact forms. Here, you will be notified by email. 

Contact Form 7

Whatsapp/Mobile Chat – In 2020, you should install those plugins that help your customers to Whatsapp or Call you just in a single click or tap. “Chaty” plugin is a free plugin for adding Whatsapp and Mobile Number to your website. 

Floating Chat Widget – Chaty 

6. Insights 
Tool - Analytics


You did everything, but you need to check the analytics of your website to improve. You must verify your website with Google Console and Google analytics. Apart from this, you should take the help of website. This website will give you keyword suggestions and everything that you should know about your website. This service is totally free. You must use this. There is no hidden game for selling anything on this website. 

When you search keywords, then you can log in via google account and access your google console. You will see deep data analysis. 

Apart from this, you can install one WordPress plugin called MonsterInsights. For this, you need to verify your website with google analytics first. 

7. Google 
Reviews Widget

Add Google Business Reviews to your website. It is user tendency, he searches and get your name and then search your footprints over the internet. You can make your user’s work easy to put google reviews on your website. It will improve your conversions.

You have to just install the code, follow the documentation where you have to get API and Place ID. You can use this plugin at your widget area, or copy the code to paste any area to the website. 

Google Reviews Widget is extremely helpful for me. 

Plugin or Theme Deactivated/Deleted but Still Working (Solved)

Does your website homepage is not changing even if you have set a new homepage? Are some features of old plugins that are deleted, still visible at your Wordpress website?

Does your website homepage is not changing even if you have set a new homepage?

Are some features of old plugins that are deleted, still visible at your WordPress website?

Is your website not changing even if you have changed the theme? 

Are some of your plugins not working and site is reflecting old plugin’s features?


There is one simple solution to all these problems. Rename cache folder which is inside the wp-content folder. Look at the image below!

Why does this happen?

The cache folder is an auto-generated folder. It caches your old settings and if it gets some junks and not cleared even with “cache clearing plugins”. This is better to rename it or delete it. After renaming, all old settings will vanish but not your website’s setting. It is better to rename the cache folder. 

After the deletion of this folder, it will automatically present after a refresh because it caches your website’s data to make the site faster. 

Solved – Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site

Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site 

This is the most common error because almost all WordPress website has an initial upload file size limit is up to 2MB. 

To solve this error, we need to just increase the file size limit. For this, you have to just upload a plugin called “Tuxedo Big File Upload”. You can download this plugin from here.

There are also many manual solutions where you have to change upload_max_limit at php.ini file, make changes in wp-config.php and make changes in .htaccess file. These all are time-consuming and sometimes, you get another error while doing this manual troubleshooting. 

Before this plugin, I used to do this manual troubleshooting, which used to take 1 hour to many hours. 

This plugin “Tuxedo Big File Upload” increases your file upload size to 826GB. You can upload anything now. 

Solved – While Migration Establishing a Database Connection Problem

Error establishing a database connection
Error establishing a database connection

It is a very common problem of establishing a database connection while migrating your hosting to another hosting provider. 

Why does this problem happen?

  • If you have forgotten to upload wp-config.php file in public_html folder.
  • If you have made a new WordPress installation in another server and forgot to change the database name, database username, database password in the wp-config.php file. 

This error is all about the error in the wp-config.php file because this is the file that helps to connect WordPress with the database. 

How to solve this error?

Method 1 – Copy the existing wp-config.php file and paste it in the new hosting provider public_html folder. 

Method 2 – You can also copy the database name, database username, and database password details and put it into new wp-config.php.

  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database name 

These 3 things are only necessary to put into the wp-config.php file to establish a database connection.

I hope you can solve your problem easily with the method. If any questions please ask, or if you solve your problem, please comment on me. 

How to Solve 403 Forbidden Error?

403 Forbidden Error
403 Forbidden Error

Are you seeing this error? 

Is your website is not looking at all?

This problem happens when your index file is deleted by any instance, plugin, hack and etc. 

For this, simply download WordPress Bundle from 

  • Open “File Manager”, if you are using FTP open “Filezilla”. 
  • Go to the “public_html” folder. 
  • Search Index.php, the file must not be there, and if it is there, it is corrupted. Delete the file. 
  • Open WordPress Bundle, that you downloaded. 
  • Upload the index.php file in your website root. 
  • Refresh your website and enjoy.

To secure your website, you should always take hosting from the top WordPress Hosting sites. Siteground is one of the best WordPress hostings, it provides high-security features, best speed, and 24×7 insane customer support. 

PHP Update Required – Solved in 3 Easy Steps

PHP Update Required

Most of the plugins, themes, and WordPress itself need a higher PHP version to update. Do you regularly see this PHP update required message in your dashboard? 

The Solution of “PHP update required” is too simple – Just follow the guidelines…

PHP Update Required

Step 1 – Open your Hosting Control Panel – It can be anything c-panel, direct admin, GoDaddy panel, HostGator panel and etc. In all control panels, you can select higher PHP versions. 

Step 2 – Find Extra features, or if you have a different hosting panel, then take your time to find “PHP Versions”.

Step 3 – Check the current version, and select the second last higher version. Most of the time the highest version does not perform better. Therefore second-second last version as stated in the image below is best. 

PHP Update Required

Step 4 – Refresh Dashboard – Your error has been solved and Enjoy. 

PHP Update Required

Now you can update the highest WordPress version, you can use any plugin or theme with the highest update. 

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