The all-new SEMrush – Everything you need to know about important 2020 updates


If you’re an internet user, an SEO enthusiast, or an online marketer you must have heard about Semrush quite a few times.

Semrush is a well-grounded SEO tool that gives you all the key data you’ll need for a successful business.

We are big Semrush fans from the start because it offers great services which anyone can make use of. 

It is a powerful tool that provides resources to find the perfect keywords, optimize your content, and improve SERP rankings. 

Semrush has made it easy

Using this tool can put an end to the guessing game of choosing from a ton of keywords and hoping they perform well.

Just as your food is tasteless without spices, Semrush is the spice that keeps the online marketing game running.

Not to brag but we believe that Semrush delivers the most competitive, accurate, and intelligent results and makes you grow your business exponentially.

Remember those days, when we used to spend lots of time and money on doing futile SEO, untrackable online growth, marketing, advertisement, and lord knows whatnot.

 Even after getting wasted over them, it was very difficult to understand which tactics and strategies worked for the business.

Then, back in 2008 Semrush was launched with 2 tools and now they have created over 48 tools to make online competition fair and transparent for everyone.

As Semrush is always on top of the news, Now it is in buzz because of new updates and its rebranding.  

The New Make-over 

On top of an enormous brand make-over, which exactly goes with the brand’s vibe – it’s presently more splendid, wittier, and significantly more basic but cool – Semrush likewise reported that the pricing for plans will be changed.

We were pondering when that would occur, as the last price change occurred back in 2017. In 4 years, We saw genuine advantages from a great many changes, new highlights, and fresh-out-of-the-box new tools presented inside the Semrush suite. 

We’ve been anticipating this change for a long time. 

Semrush is constantly committed to perfecting its existing tools and services for a better and winning experience. There is so much to talk about in the new update.

 So let’s just dive in a little deeper, grab a cup of coffee, take notes of things we have for you and let’s just see the new features, latest high points, and more insights on the same.

With a robust focus on the thing that matters the most – users, designing software, and improving algorithms to help customers grow their online audience across all channels, The new Semrush update is all set to amplify your digital marketing efforts. 

Featuring the blasting brand new Semrush Updates

From the start, the platform grew into an all-in-one destination for all digital marketing wishes – from effective content analysis & creation, social media management to competitive and market analysis it has always been a go-to option for all of us.

Keyword Optimization revive

To rank on top of google, we all need effective keywords to count on. Similarly, In the course of recent years – from 2018 to 2020 – Semrush keyword database developed more than 10X and now incorporates more than 20 billion keywords for more than 120 nations – suitable, latest, right on the money keyword for Google.

You know what?

Semrush currently holds the biggest keywords information base available! 

Not even that it has also introduced its new tool Keyword Gap, and it has extraordinary features. 

It is designed specifically to help marketers to know more about paid and organic keyword opportunities.

  • For more efficient keyword strategy management
  • To save up time and make instant decisions about the keywords’ potential
  • The SERP analysis feature shows the top 100 Google results for the analyzed keyword
  • To help you evaluate the keyword potential

Know your competitors from around the world

Have you ever thought about what wonders you can do if you know all your competitors around the world?

Domain Overview offers a Panoramic and in-depth view of any business online presence – it includes every small detail from the backlinks they are using to the traffic they are attracting.

This was the most awaited feature as businesses these days are surrounded by several competitors and now it’s very important to step ahead to smash your competitors.

There is nothing better than using Semrush for running competitor’s research and to know their site metrics on a global level.

Site Audit is the new jackpot

These days site auditing holds a lot of importance to know the health of your website, its flaws, and what things are working well.

 It issues the list of things your site is lacking and gives the best-suited idea to improve it.

With new Semrush updates, you can find more site improvement points for an even stronger and better organic performance and a chance to rank on top of Google.

Content Marketing Toolkit

To investigate your site content from the viewpoint of the customer, Semrush introduces this new independent tool for content marketing teams – ImpactHero

The tool can recognize your site’s high-performing resources at each stage and offers improvement for the remaining content.

Now let’s see if the new updates are worth the price hike?

Absolutely, with all these new features, the new price is definitely worth the hype.

Let me explain to you how 

 Semrush offers functionalities of almost 7 various suites in one affordable and power pack package.

Its key points are:-

  • Handy and manageable 
  • Cost-effective and result-driven
  • Tools follow the same logic and all tools are interconnected to provide an easy user interface.

This is the revised pricing


Let’s conclude it here,

So, you see how the new Semrush update is better and impactful with all this cool and attractive branding and amazing blasting features for every business. 

At last, I could not deny the fact that Semrush is the platform for every digital marketing desire is it content marketing, site auditing, social media, or competitors analysis.

 The new updates are cherry on the top, which makes it better than any other tool.

Best WordPress Hosting: Based on Security, Speed, Traits, and Cost in 2021

Best WordPress Hosting_ Based on Security, Speed, Traits, and Cost in 2021
Best WordPress Hosting_ Based on Security, Speed, Traits, and Cost in 2021

Hey, you are here because you probably want to build your new website or you have an existing WordPress site and looking out for the best compatible WordPress hosting. 

Way to go! you’re at the right place…

First things first, we know how important it is to maintain a sound online presence, that can nurture your business and ultimately bring more conversions and traffic to your website.

But, while choosing the best hosting platform for your business that you can trust and your audience will linger upon, you’ll have to do some research before that.

We know how hard it is to research the best possible hosting when there is so much content online which will only confuse you over time. 

What do you need to look for?

You will have to look for compatibility, reliability, and many other technical aspects for you to be able to trust a hosting provider to support your business.

Hushh!! It’s one big tiring process. 

So here we are with all the details and facts that you would need to know.

Surely, If you’re doing your research right, Bluehost will be on your radar very quickly – it’s widely- used and well known in the WordPress world.

 Yet, what separates Bluehost from the pack? Does it have precisely the things you’re searching for, or would another hosting platform will be a superior fit?

Let’s dive in and see what Bluehost has in their basket to cater to you, 

So in case you’re presently using WordPress or wanting to use WordPress for your site, it bodes well to put a bid on the best WordPress hosting.

Now you must be wondering, what features to look for while choosing the best provider for your business.

Don’t worry we’ve got it covered, here are the traits that determine the performance of various topmost WordPress hosting platforms for you.

Be keen and check all the boxes while choosing the best WordPress hosting provider.

Following are the areas you need to look for:-



The speed of your host will determine how fast your website loads and how fast it loads can mean a lot more business and dollars coming in or how less you lose by the hours.

Because 33% of your site visitors (read potential customers) will leave your site if it doesn’t load under 3s. Hence, this should be one of the most important factors to choose the best WordPress hosting.

To give you a good rule of thumb to go by, you should look for good loading times while choosing a hosting.

We love Bluehost in this matter as their loading time is mind-blowingly fast at 641ms.

Next, it's the performance that matters a lot.


Do you know performance and metrics are the key indicators to judge while choosing the best website hosting, it’s important to compare the overall website performance for a particular plan because in the future you don’t want your site to experience downfalls under a traffic rise?

Now, when you know how well your website will perform, what about its activeness, it completely depends on how reliable your provider is?


Before opting for a provider you should question, Will your website be active all the time without any downtime?

If not, this will hurt your site real badly that's why choosing the best option is very important in the long run.


Do they have the best fitting pricing in the industry, is the plan you’re eying at have all the possible features your business wants?

For Bluehost, The plan starts at ₹199.00/mo*, $3.95/mo*

Customer Support

Do the provider tech support is technically sound, how helpful and action-oriented is the support team? Because trust me you will need a lot of help and guidance from them.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting Plan

Your technical experience will help you determine if you want a managed WordPress hosting plan or an unmanaged WordPress plan.

Prices for managed WordPress plans are higher than fundamental shared or VPS hosting solutions.

However, for the help and additional items, you're getting, the expense is certainly legitimate.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

With a dedicated WordPress hosting plan, you'll have your server for your site. This outcome is the most noteworthy conceivable performance, the capacity to oblige huge volumes of traffic, and extreme customization alternatives at the server level.

So, now that you know what things to ponder upon while choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website let’s talk about the best available option in the market, that we have personally used and have got great and satisfactory results.

Keep guessing!

Yes, We’re talking about Bluehost. is supporting it since 2005. They promise you to get all the features and great deals of WordPress with premium plugins, attractive and quality themes, and everything that makes your website user-friendly.

All that with the best of class Performance, Reliability, Security, and Support to become the technology backbone of your business online.

These highlights make Bluehost the best provider to forge, develop, and deal with an engaging WordPress site.

Why do we recommend Bluehost?

Let’s see how Bluehost provider can help you keep your site healthy, secure, and outperforming.

Bluehost has made a name for itself with extraordinary server performance and in the previous 16 years, they have contributed a great deal to the WordPress framework.

Even WordPress endorses Bluehost as the most compatible hosting provider for your website.

Features that Bluehost offers:

It promises to be the fastest, easiest, and fully secure WordPress Hosting provider available in the market.

.64 seconds
Shared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Servers
Unmetered bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, and Storage, Free Domain 1st Year, Free SSL Certificate, Spam Experts, Domain Privacy, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Email, Knowledge Base
99.96% (Recent)
The plan starts at ₹199.00/mo*, $3.95/mo*
30 Days money-back guarantee

Our 2 cents on Bluehost hosting

We find it the best for the price and the value offered.

According to us, If you’re running a WordPress site you should consider the best-suited Bluehost plan that is advanced for WordPress and also considers your business needs. 

But now you’re guessing which plan would be the best for you? 

It relies upon what you’re searching for. In case you are a complete newbie to this you can consider reading this Bluehost blueprint to start with.

If you already have a web host and are looking to switch after reading this review, you can count on Bluehost with your website as they provide superior migration support as well.

Have any other queries related to WordPress Hosting? 

We are always here to help you out, just write them below in the comments. Also, share your best and/or worst experience while choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

Best SEO Tool for 2021: Discover Backlink Opportunities, Audit your site and Know your Competitor’s Strategies

Site Audit
Either you are new to SEO or Experienced?

You are always behind the best SEO Tools where you can do high level of keyword research, check your backlinks, competitor’s backlinks, and competitors positioning. 

When….. you Google “SEO Tools”!

Either you get useful paid tools or awful free tools. There are 3 most useful paid tools Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz, where SEMrush scores high due to its features. 

I started my career as a SEO between 2007 to 2009. Ranking was very easy till 2011 before Google’s Panda Update, which bashed my head on the wall and made me realize that, GRanking is not easy as I was thinking till now. I lost my website ranking for most of the keywords and 95% traffic gone. 

This was the time when I wanted a SEO Tool that can help me and tell me my mistakes that vanished my business. But the hope was nowhere…

I got no experience with this…. because I didn’t know the mistakes. 

Today, many bloggers, and website owners are not getting search engine ranking, even after doing SEO, Link building etc.

but they have no experience because they don’t have access to their mistakes. 

“Problems are important because it leads Success.” The biggest bad luck is – not knowing the problems/mistakes. 

Now just come back to the story…. 

I used awful tools and got nothing. Finally i tried everything manually which took my time and efforts; The time passes and miraculously Ahref, Moz and SEMrush grow together. It is a hard decision to choose one among these top three. I tried the premium version of all three for a long time. 

I will not criticize any of the tools but I found SEMrush is a MIRACULOUS tool. 

Want to know My Reasons….

Let’s Dive into Reasons 

Reason 1.

What comes in your mind when you ‘SEO audit’ your website?

Your Searched Keywords…
Your Organic Position by Searched Keywords..
Your Competitors by Same Keywords
Who is your exact competitor, AND from where he gets backlinks?

All you get when you write your website and HIT Search….


Reason 2.

You want to know the “Backlink GAP”. You want to know the exact places from where if you get backlinks, you can chase your competitor. The same can be obtained from SEMrush. 

Try & just put your keyword and your competitor domain, you will realize your problems and mistakes, and you can lead to success. 

Reason 3.

You care for your website’s health seriously but you never know the reality of your website’s health until your site is diagnosed by a real doctor ‘SEMrush’. Your website health score, errors, warning, notices and everything you get just by a click. This is the big reason for using SEMrush. See all insights report of your website like MRI report. 

Site Audit

These are three big reasons, each reason consists a sea inside it. Almost everyone has direct-indirect these three reasons while thinking of usefulness of SEO Tools.

This not the end of Features & Benefits; Entire SEO Universe is Inside SEMrush -

1. Use Local SEO Tool – Here, you grab listing management, position tracking and check your ON Page Data.

listing management

2. Advertising – Do Advertising Research, get PPC Keyword tool, Position Tracking tool and also SOCIAL MEDIA ADS tool.

ppc advertising toolkit

3. Social Media Dashboard – Schedule your social media post, get insights and about competitors performance, boost your post and the best part CREATE YOUR ADS.

social media toolkit

4. Content Marketing – Want to know what your audience want to see in your content. Miraculous !!!

“I bet no other tools can give this much. Grab the deal and get everything free for 7 days. “

Pricing can become the factor before using but they are really helping their users. 

The pricing is as low as you can think, at just $99 per month when you billed yearly. 

Mark my words, you will thank to SEMrush. 

7 Days Free Trail of SEMrush

Get Complete Access for 7 Days.

Get Free Trial