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Best SEO Tool for 2021: Discover Backlink Opportunities, Audit your site and Know your Competitor’s Strategies

Either you are new to SEO or Experienced?

You are always behind the best SEO Tools where you can do high level of keyword research, check your backlinks, competitor’s backlinks, and competitors positioning. 

When….. you Google “SEO Tools”!

Either you get useful paid tools or awful free tools. There are 3 most useful paid tools Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz, where SEMrush scores high due to its features. 

I started my career as a SEO between 2007 to 2009. Ranking was very easy till 2011 before Google’s Panda Update, which bashed my head on the wall and made me realize that, GRanking is not easy as I was thinking till now. I lost my website ranking for most of the keywords and 95% traffic gone. 

This was the time when I wanted a SEO Tool that can help me and tell me my mistakes that vanished my business. But the hope was nowhere…

I got no experience with this…. because I didn’t know the mistakes. 

Today, many bloggers, and website owners are not getting search engine ranking, even after doing SEO, Link building etc.

but they have no experience because they don’t have access to their mistakes. 

“Problems are important because it leads Success.” The biggest bad luck is – not knowing the problems/mistakes. 

Now just come back to the story…. 

I used awful tools and got nothing. Finally i tried everything manually which took my time and efforts; The time passes and miraculously Ahref, Moz and SEMrush grow together. It is a hard decision to choose one among these top three. I tried the premium version of all three for a long time. 

I will not criticize any of the tools but I found SEMrush is a MIRACULOUS tool. 

Want to know My Reasons….

Let’s Dive into Reasons 

Reason 1.

What comes in your mind when you ‘SEO audit’ your website?

Your Searched Keywords…
Your Organic Position by Searched Keywords..
Your Competitors by Same Keywords
Who is your exact competitor, AND from where he gets backlinks?

All you get when you write your website and HIT Search….

Reason 2.

You want to know the “Backlink GAP”. You want to know the exact places from where if you get backlinks, you can chase your competitor. The same can be obtained from SEMrush. 

Try & just put your keyword and your competitor domain, you will realize your problems and mistakes, and you can lead to success. 

Reason 3.

You care for your website’s health seriously but you never know the reality of your website’s health until your site is diagnosed by a real doctor ‘SEMrush’. Your website health score, errors, warning, notices and everything you get just by a click. This is the big reason for using SEMrush. See all insights report of your website like MRI report. 

Site Audit

These are three big reasons, each reason consists a sea inside it. Almost everyone has direct-indirect these three reasons while thinking of usefulness of SEO Tools.

This not the end of Features & Benefits; Entire SEO Universe is Inside SEMrush -

1. Use Local SEO Tool – Here, you grab listing management, position tracking and check your ON Page Data.

listing management

2. Advertising – Do Advertising Research, get PPC Keyword tool, Position Tracking tool and also SOCIAL MEDIA ADS tool.

ppc advertising toolkit

3. Social Media Dashboard – Schedule your social media post, get insights and about competitors performance, boost your post and the best part CREATE YOUR ADS.

social media toolkit

4. Content Marketing – Want to know what your audience want to see in your content. Miraculous !!!

“I bet no other tools can give this much. Grab the deal and get everything free for 7 days. “

Pricing can become the factor before using but they are really helping their users. 

The pricing is as low as you can think, at just $99 per month when you billed yearly. 

Mark my words, you will thank to SEMrush. 

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