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How to Block Spam Comments with Antispam Bee in WordPress?3 min read

Is your WordPress blog loaded with spam comments? Spam comments eat up a lot of unwanted space in your hosting database. There is nothing worse than approving a spam comment by mistake and it is adding wrong impression to your brand.

Though you can delete them by reading them one by one, it takes a lot of time if you have hundreds of such comments. It is better to use Antispam Bee plugin to block the spam comments automatically as per your defined rules. You may also buy a responsive gallery plugin, Global Gallery.

Methods to use Antispam Bee

First of all, install and activate Antispam Bee and go to Settings > Antispam Bee in your admin area. The settings are categorized into Antispam Filter, Advanced Tools and More Options.

Antispam Filter

These are the basic settings to detect spam comments and filter and review comments before they appear on blog posts. Here are some of the common options in this setting –

Trust approved commenters

This option will approve comments from trusted and regular commenters automatically. They may pose valid comments and build conversations. Plugin keeps them into consideration and approves their comments quickly.

Trust commentors with Gravatar

With the help of this setting, you can approve comments from users who have specific Gravatar image and can post valid comments.

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Comment time

The filter considers the comment time. But it is not recommended for websites or blogs with page caching.

Block comments from specific countries

Filter spam comments out from specific countries by listing them. This setting provides the Whitelist and Blacklist ISO codes to declare the country codes in their sections.

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Advanced Tools

Here, you can further set options to block, manage and remove unwanted comments. There are certain settings enabled by default. But you can make changes when needed.

Mark as spam, don’t delete

It will keep spam comments and will not remove them until this setting is enabled.

Notification of spam by email

If this option is enabled, you will get notification of email for each spam comment. This setting is not recommended as it will become very annoying quickly.

Don’t save spam reason

This setting won’t store the suspicious values of comment in another column, if it is enabled. These values can be comment time, formatted links, and more.

More Options

Now that you have set up advanced settings, have a look on the reporting options to display the spam updates on daily basis on WordPress admin area. You can also analyze between numbers of unwanted and useful comments.

Generate statistics as dashboard widget

It creates spam report in interactive widget for the dashboard area. These statics can give you insight about spam comments on the blog.

Spam counter on dashboard

It will display total comments that are marked as spam in a right style. If you are going to delete spam comments, it will show up the number of comments deleted in additional column.

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