What is best Woocommerce Hosting & what features do you see before buying?

When you plan to start your e-commerce business, you see many options to setup website. However, the most fascinating option is WordPress forever because it is free and you can get most of the important plugins at Zero Cost. Therefore, you always go with a free and hassle-free platform which is non-other than WordPress.

In WP, Woocommerce has changed the way to make shopping websites. Now, everything becomes in your control and you can setup theme, payment gateway, shipping costing, email facilities and other important things at zero cost. Woocommerce is easy and gives all solution of shopping platform, so nowadays most of the shopping website started using Woocommerce Service.

Now, when you are starting a woocommerce website, so why not go for Woocommerce hosting plans which is better than other hosting plans. How? I let you know everything in the next few paragraphs. Just dive with me here…

Benefit 1 – Easy Start (Preinstalled StoreFront Themes + Woocommerce)

Who doesn’t want the easy start of a website, almost everyone, isn’t it?

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting gives you Preinstalled Storefront themes. This is really amazing, now you don’t have to buy e-commerce themes which may cost $50 to $450. Themes are preinstalled, you have to just pick the theme of your choice according to your business nature. When I started an e-commerce website in 2015, I picked normal hosting. I had to buy a shopping theme and setup everything manually with the help of an expert, which cost me a lot of money. At the starting of my e-commerce business, I had no money in hand but to setup everything I had to borrow money. It took lots of time and money. However in the current scenario, when you have ample plugins and Woocommerce hosting, you need not worry a lot.

Benefit 2 – Premium E-commerce Features (Free SSL, PCI Compliance etc.)

In the current scenario, whenever a person likes to buy from the website. He/she first checks the authenticity of the website whether a website runs at HTTP, https or Premium https. With normal HTTP, people fears whereas with SSL (https), people feel comfortable to buy things. It is now mandatory to use SSL Certificate on the website to make your website more authentic. It also helps you rank better in Search Engine results. If you keep a normal hosting and buy SSL Certificate, it may cost you high $5 per month to $25 per month according to your demand. You get Free SSL Certificate with “Siteground Woocommerce Hosting”.

Along with SSL, you get PCI Compliance which means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It helps your customers to trust you to pay you through Card Payment.

Benefit 3 – Hassle Free Management (Auto Update, Daily Backup, Managed WordPress)

This benefit helps you a lot; it should be on the first number but others two has their different benefits. It is a time-consuming process to take daily backup and update plugins considering security. Whether you have your own website or you are managing your client’s website. Your customer always demands daily backup and update of plugins for security purpose. These important things are automatically done by Woocommerce Hosting.

Benefit 4 – Unique Supercacher (Fast Website)

No one has time to wait for a slow loading website. People do not wait for 2, 3 seconds even because they have ample of other options. If you are new and you have a slow website, you may lose most of your potential clients just because of a slow loading website. Even search engines do not like slow loading website and don’t give top ranks.

With an e-commerce website, it is a drawback that you need to put high pixels images so that your product looks very beautiful when someone magnifies product. High pixel images load slow and the whole website becomes slow due to heavy graphics and images. You need a proper solution and thus Unique SuperCacher comes with Siteground Woocommerce Hosting. You get custom cache based on Nginx and Memcached which opens your website too fast, which helps you to engage your customer to the website.

Benefit 5 – SSD Servers

The fastest server you have the fastest website you will be having. Server loads time is another big issue for slowing down a website. Many servers load slowly, even if your website is having very less load. To solve this problem, now you can go with SSD Server which is fastest Possible SSD Hardware for your Woocommerce Website.

Benefit 6 – Anti Hack System

The hack is a serious problem of this era. When a business starts booming, someone starts trying to hack the website. After getting hacked, everything whether your name, your credibility, your customer information, search engine ranking and etc, can be ruined. Therefore, it is very essential to take Anti Hack System from starting. Siteground Anti Hack System helps you to prevent hackers from your website. Every year WAF (Web Application Firewall) makes many rules to protect WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other application. Siteground records the rules and apply the same day and protect your website from Hackers.

Apart from these major 6 benefits, you get Unmetered Data Transfer, Free Drag & Drop Builder, Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL & Sub/Parked Domains, cPanel & Softaculous, Customized Server Setup, Free CDN with each Account, SSD Storage, LXC-Based Stability, FTP Account, Free SSH & SFTP Access, Perl & Python Support and many more things.

Last but not the least feature is Support, which is necessary for everyone whether you are new or pro. You get 24*7 Support via phone, chat & tickets. Your all issues are sorted out in the minimum time frame.

Hope you enjoyed the Woocommerce Hosting Features. Know more from Siteground Review her.  I am in this field from 2009; hope my knowledge helps you to pick the right hosting plan for you. I suggest you take advantage of these features to save you time and money. Even if you are new to e-commerce website making, with the help of super easy tools, you can make your website in minutes. Thank you once again. Hope you will be healthy and fine always.

Why you should go for Managed WP Solution rather than Normal Hosting?

It was old days when a WordPress platform user has to upload WordPress manually into the hosting server. These days everything can be done in a few minutes even more secure than previous era hosting.

If you are WordPress Platform user who is looking for a best hosting service, you have many choices of Managed WordPress Hosting like Siteground, Flywheel, Wpengine, and Hostgator. I have written more reviews for these hosting and liked Siteground Hosting a lot. View the Siteground Review here.

Why you should go for Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are many features which fascinate you and worth to buy Managed hosting rather than Normal Hosting. See why?

  • Easy Site Launch – Either you are new to Managed Hosting or Experienced, you want to launch your website easily. In Managed WP Solution, you can launch your website just in few clicks without any hassle of transferring files and making database manually. You have to just put email, phone number, title, username, and password and in few clicks, you will launch your website. After launching, you have to just put a nice theme and you will also get very good plug-ins options.
  • Auto-Updates – In normal hosting, most of the work is done manually like updates of the plugin, WordPress versions, theme updation and etc. However with Managed WP Solution with Siteground, you will get all updates automatically without even clicking on the Update The main problem with the update is, if you forget to update, your site may show error or may be hacked if you are not going with current updates but with auto-update function, everything is with your favor all the time.
  • Free Site Transfer or Migration – If you are prior WP user and like to migrate website, it is a big mess with files and database. You have to install and try many of migration tools to migrate database and files. Some tools are free whereas some are paid highly. However with Managed WP Hosting, you have to just put wp-admin username, password and URL of the website and everything is done with just a few Previously, It took my lots of time to migrate one website, one location to other location. I had to solve many errors which come after migration. I have to change the siteurl, site name through wp-options and I personally spend hours and days to migrate a website. It is just like a nightmare with huge downtime of the website. Now, everything is on control through Managed Services. With managed services, migration or you can say site transfer is totally free. You may even take customer care support for the same.
  • Site Speed with SuperCacher – With Siteground SuperCacher, you get 3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site speed. For improving site speed, I personally invested lots of time and tried hundreds of plugins. Some works whereas some fails but in this mess, I failed in saving my time. Every time, I install a plugin and test it with Google Page Speed tool and sometimes I get improvement in speed but with another plugin, I get a decline in speed. It’s frustrating, which is good and which is bad. I went through most of the top ranking articles and found almost nothing because all do not work in a similar Everyone has different sets of articles, images sizes, videos, and themes. Everything cannot be solved with just one plugin. Some plugins really ruined my website by synchronizing images and zipping the files, and I got lots of errors which took many days and hours of the solution. To overcome from these situations and to increase the site speed, I found Siteground SuperCacher is superior to anything. As we all know a high-speed site gives you high rank and now it is on your hand with siteground.
  • Auto Backup – Backup your WordPress is another challenge for you if you are having a big database and images. In normal condition, I backup the database (I mean MySQL database from Phpmyadmin), config.php and Uploads (which contains all media files like images, files, and videos). It takes huge time because if you have a big database I found that exporting the database crash most of the time and I had to backup the database in many parts which is another challenge because I have to again restore the database when I have to migrate or any hack attack on the website. This is the first part of the database and the second part of files is very much time-consuming. I had to open FileZilla and had copy config.php and uploads folder to my hard drive. With Managed WP Solution, you need not worry for backup of MySQL, config.php or files because everything is getting backed up daily by the Managed Hosting services of Siteground.

If you are taking backup for a client then it may be frustrating to explain and restoration is also a big challenge which consists of many human hours and frustration with errors. With Managed hosting, life becomes too easy and satisfied because everything is in your control.

  • Tough Security – In normal hosting, security becomes a big issue because no one is verifying plugin before using it. You just find a problem or you need a function, you search and find a plugin and you just install without looking for security issues and it becomes a breach of your security many times. Actually, no one wants to mess all time checking and then installing, because at the time of installation of the plugin you have different mood which doesn’t allow you to change your focus from functionality to security. With Tough Security, Siteground monitors WordPress related vulnerabilities and protect your website from unwanted virus and hacks. Hack has become the major problem and every hacked wants a path to access your server which can be possible with plugins, therefore a hacker first hacks the plugin and then hacks all website which uses that plugin. And you never know which plugin is going to hack. You need a watchman all the time with your website which is presented by Siteground.

This article is not all about Siteground Managed Hosting or I even don’t want you to go with any verdict before checking other hosting services. I tried to share my experience with hosting problems and I found almost all solution with Siteground, therefore I wrote my experience with you. Thank you for reading. Hope you will enjoy life without much tension of hosting.

7 Signs it’s Time to Change Your WordPress Web Host

Irritated with your current WordPress host? Wondering whether it’s the right time to switch hosts? Let’s discuss the major signs to know when to change your WordPress web hosting.

Dealing with Biggest Fear

Most beginners avoid switching hosts. It needs a lot of technical skills to move a site to another host without any single downtime. If you are a kind of internet savvy, you may learn some tricks and tips to move your WordPress host to a new one without any problem. Even though you may not need any code, but it is still frightening for many beginners.

Luckily, a lot of hosting companies help you switch your site to a new host (especially on your request). How much would you pay for it? It is up to the overall size of your site. It is free in most of the cases. Sometimes, it charges a small fee. But you can definitely get this service even though it is not promoted. You need to ask. If you are relieved of this kind of fear, here are some of the common signs you need to change web host.

Frequent Database Connection Errors

If you constantly come across the error in establishing connection of database on your site, it means you are having bad plugin or outgrowing host servers. You must be able to get help from your host support. If they cannot help, it is better to look for someone else.

Constant Unwanted Downtimes

For your overall reputation like traffic, SEO rankings, etc, downtimes are very harmful. No one wants to visit site which remains down most of the time. If your site doesn’t open most of the time, it is clear that you have to switch your web host.

How do I know if there is a downtime? Since you don’t visit your site all the time, you may not know about it without a monitoring service. Luckily, you can use certain services to keep track on the uptime of your site for free.

Uptime is your server system which remains online. On the other side, downtime is the time when your server is inaccessible. If you witness 99% uptime, it means your site has seen small outages in a month. You can also ask about the hosting support why that downtime took place. If their answer doesn’t seem convincing or if they don’t answer about it at all, you need to move on.

Unusual Internet Server Problems

Internet server errors are very common errors on WordPress and it is usually the most frustrating one. Even the error message cannot point us to the right path to resolve it. If you are frequently seeing these internal server errors on your site, consider it as a red flag. Look for a WordPress hosting provider who knows how to fix their WordPress servers.

Site gets suspended a lot

A lot of web hosting providers can take down any website especially when they suspect any illegal activity. However, there are some hosting companies suspend accounts too much without notifications and there also give silly reasons behind this, like exceeding the period.

Your host should pay proper attention to your website as you trust them by sharing your digital space to them. If your site is suspended by a hosting company too frequently without notification, it’s time to have some serious talks to them.

If that discussion doesn’t go into any conclusion, you need to switch to a better web host who cares. Also keep your backups handy as some hosts will want you to hold your data.

Slow Speed

When it comes to optimize your site for higher search ranking and better user experience, speed really counts a lot. Slow speed is usually caused by a lot of users and too many server requests. Your host must be capable to help you find out the main reason behind slow speed of your site.

If too many requests are the issue, you can fix it with some changes, whether it is optimizing the server or removing a plugin. If having too many users is an issue, you may want to upgrade your plan.

Poor Customer Support

A host can never have 100% best customer service track record. It is not possible that everyone will be happy with you. Keep in mind only those users who have been pissed off the most leave reviews.

With that said, it is very important to get good customer service in terms of web hosting. You should ask yourself some questions –

  • Is their support staff helpful and knowledgeable?
  • Do they respond quickly?

The hosts just deny the help with WordPress sometimes and claim that they don’t cover software support in their policy. It is best to move to another host if you are unable to get good support.

Your site has exceeded the Limit for your host

If you have been doing your business or blogging for a long time, there are chances that your site has exceeded its hosting limit. Your site shares resources of the service with several other sites that are hosted on one individual server. Though you can limit and control resources on your site, but you cannot control other sites.

If you are on a shared hosting server and your site remains busier than other sites, it is true that other sites may remain slower. Due to this reason, a lot of shared hosting servers terminate your resources eventually without any notification. If you have to spend more time to clarify your problems or issues regarding slow sites to your customer support, chances are high that you have outgrown the host.

Do you want to switch now?

If you are here, chances are you want to switch your host. Are you searching for a host who can provide high uptime, best support and can deal with all those issues?

It is recommended to switch to Siteground. Many popular blogs and websites have switched their site to their platform. They offer in-built caching, best support, CDN service and, most importantly, their servers are optimized well to run your WordPress site. Even better, their plans won’t charge you higher as they serve all types of users. If you are a WPEasier user, you can get up to 70% off on Siteground web hosting.


An Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Hosting is not everyone’s cup of tea or favorite subject. So, it is better to get a clear insight on what to expect. In fact, choosing the best WordPress Hosting is quite time-consuming. You need someone who can provide rock-solid performance, do justice to your website, and hopefully not charge dearly.

To get things easier here are some of the features to look for in a robust WordPress hosting plan.

(If you are up for the chase and dive into the best WordPress hosting provider, do read our yet another post about SiteGround website host.)


These days, web users can’t wait a while. So, page speed is your first consideration. Google also ranks the pages which are lightning fast. So, you won’t want to lag behind in this area. It is particularly important in terms of WordPress hosting. If it is left without optimization, there’s nothing worse than resource-heavy WordPress. So, having a top-notch hardware is a must.

Fully featured

Obviously, it is not specific to WordPress host but it is true that your hosting provider must offer proper mail server access, email accounts and forwarding, and great tooling on admin area.


Security is another major aspect you shouldn’t compromise. Getting your site hacked is a nightmare in business world. Make sure your host has foolproof systems to avoid cyber attacks.


WordPress has its own specific peculiarities and needs. Not every host is designed to handle it well. Basically, WordPress needs at least PHP 5.6 or higher as well as MySQL 5.5 or higher to work smoothly and avoid broken features and security breaches. So, you should choose a host who is well known to support WordPress sites.


Great support is something you always need in a hosting provider. You must be ready to reach knowledgeable and friendly support team at any time of the day. You may not want to wait for hours and days on email tickets if something wrong happens.


Super secure and superfast server and awesome and dynamic site are all you need to run your online business smoothly. But it shouldn’t cost ten times more than it’s worth.

Why SiteGround is Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

SiteGround follows all the advanced security measures to mitigate loads. They have great staff to fulfill all customer requests when any issue takes place. When you submit any support request, you will better be able to access your personal profile and talk to the customer support team. You can check technical background, years of experience and other details of the reps in this profile.

SiteGround has support staff which has huge knowledge base to help you in all major and minor issues you may face. Network uptime is one of the key features of SiteGround as they have very reliable servers to keep your site active all the time.

One more thing they are known widely is fastest turnaround time. The server is loaded within seconds and its Uptime Robot shows its response time constantly.

Which Hosting Service is best for WordPress?

Founded in 2004, SiteGround is based in Bulgaria and serves hosting markets across the world and offers well-crafted, high quality hosting solutions, such as shared hosting to Dedicated hosting for larger businesses.

When your website’s address is entered, the browser sends request to the hosting server to load files. Though website speed depends on different variables, your hosting server sends the files to the browser as efficiently and as quickly as possible. SiteGround offers great speed to the site. Time to First Byte (TTFB) is one of the major factors that play a vital role in site speed.

Features and Integrations

SiteGround has robust set of features, especially if you are a beginner. They have endless email accounts and databases. They backup every day. So, you won’t need to worry in case your own backup fails. It also has top-class cPanel to manage server and has simple user account.

They have free domain name, perform free transfer and have free website builder. In addition, they are integrated with some of the widely used content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. Their integrated features give better results in both Joomla and WordPress.

It also has a free SSL which rolls out quickly. It offers a huge range of hosting solutions. It grows as your site grows from startup to Enterprise Dedicated Server. SiteGround is very amazing if you are dedicated to what your hosting is capable to do.

24×7 Customer Support

Telling about customer support provided by someone is very difficult. You never know when issues are due to customer or when someone just faced a horrible employee. Luckily, it is not so with SiteGround.

It does really good with their clients. They are responsive and transparent in all channels, even phone. They have virtually custom knowledge in customer support and comments. It is also clear that their staff is very talented to help developers.


It is true that SiteGround staff is really transparent and friendly in the industry. It’s great to work with as company that is so supportive and straightforward rather than a giant that is short on information and aggressive on marketing. Signup process is also very simple. On their main navigation, they also have an uptime monitor.

They also have IP addresses of their data centers so you can test speeds of them from where you are without any registration. Their community support and transparency are another pro as it shows deeper sense of faith in the long run.

Global Support

It is the last major benefit of SiteGround. They are based in Bulgaria, which is not that much English-speaking region or a tech hub. It seems they go far and beyond to create global positioning and feel that works for all, not only American small business. They offer several specific domains and local toll-free lines and accept multiple currencies, such as GBP, USD, AUD, and EUR. The hosting industry is usually US-based. Hence, it is a welcome change for them.

For more info, we recommend you to please visit our SiteGround Review.

Hostgator Review: An Honest Insight to a Web Hosting Giant

Think of web hosting and HostGator is the first name that strikes in mind. Well, this web hosting giant has never been free of mixed reviews, which is quite common these days, as different users have different expectations and needs, as you see.

Overall, HostGator is one of the most popular and leading hosting companies worldwide. It provides VPS hosting, shared hosting, managed and dedicated WordPress hosting plans.

In this honest review, we will test their promises and we will look into the following areas –

  • Plans and Pricing – Are plans according to your budget?
  • Customer Support – Do consumers get quick support when they need it?
  • Features – Is it easy to create and manage your WordPress site?
  • Reliability/Uptime – Will it avoid downtime completely and make your website available all the time?


Don’t have time to read further? Let’s come to the point! To sum up, HostGator is a customer-friendly, reliable hosting solution. With best 24×7 Customer service, HostGator is something you should trust on.

HostGator Web Hosting

Want to know how? Let’s come to a more detailed review of HostGator and find out if it is the right choice to host and manage your website.

HostGator – Company Background

Founded in 2002, HostGator grew exponentially as one of the biggest hosting providers in the world. The credit for this shocking growth goes to their amazing and attractive shared hosting plans, excellent customer support, and unmatched web hosting services.

Today, the company has up to 400,000 happy customers in more than 200 countries and distributed over 8 million domains worldwide.

With foundation stone laid in Florida, the company has quickly expanded and moved to Texas after five years, i.e. in 2007.

Currently, the company’s headquarter is located in Houston, Texas. With over 850 employees, the company provides round-the-clock support and serves all kinds of businesses.

It also has a Brazilian subsidiary and has an office in India.

In 2012, it served Endurance International Group (EIG) and got massive $225 million for its services. EIG also owns HostMonster and Bluehost. Hostgator has a great blend of hosting services to offer, but they have always become ultra-competitive in affordable shared hosting offers.

On shared hosting, they have three plans to offer – Hatchling, Baby, and Business – by considering the comprehensiveness of support and service options. Along with it, HG also has reseller plans – dedicated servers and VPS hosting, and an affiliate program.


Pros & Cons

Like any product and service in the world, each hosting provider has some pros and cons. So, let’s take a look on both sides of the coin –


  • Reliability – With 99.99% uptime on average, reliability is the major strength of HostGator. Even if you get downtime, the company provides one month credit on its customers’ accounts. Isn’t that awesome?
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee – When other web hosting providers offer around 30 days money back guarantee, Hostgator allows 15 more days to test its reliability.
  • Flexible Billing – Another best part of HG is that it offers monthly and annually billing options to choose. With longer billing periods come with more discounts.
  • Free Migration – All new accounts get free migration service. During the first 30 days of registration, you will get your website transferred from the last host for free.


  • Lacks in Free Domain – Unlike its hosting competitors, HG doesn’t provide free domain registration when you sign up.
  • Forceful Up-selling – It will ask you to review other services that are pre-selected during the process of signup. You have to uncheck them if you don’t know about them. When needed, you can include them later.


Plans and Pricing

HostGator provides different types of hosting plans, such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. All of these plans are suited for different hosting needs and budget and have a lot of features. Let’s take a look –

  • Shared Hosting – If you are just starting up with a small online business and low traffic, shared hosting is your best bet. Here, the resources will be shared to other websites that are hosted on the same server.
  • Cloud Hosting – When shared hosting is restricted to one server only, cloud hosting uses several servers. If your website’s traffic hikes suddenly, you may go with this plan.
  • WordPress Hosting – It is another shared hosting plan which is dedicated to WordPress websites. It is designed to protect your website from some malware attacks and boost performance.
  • VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server manages all your virtual resources on a cloud platform. It is best suited for websites that are growing with huge traffic hikes.
  • Dedicated Server – As the name suggests, you will have a server that is dedicated solely to your website. But bigger benefits come with bigger responsibility. You will be liable to manage it yourself.


Types of Shared Hosting Plans

For startups and new websites, shared hosting plans are the best way. You can set up your website easily and work on growing your online business and attracting more traffic. Later on, you can upgrade your hosting with the growth of your website.

There are three different levels of shared hosting plans and all of them have unlimited bandwidth and storage. It is up to the number of websites a customer can host –

  • Hatching – In this plan, you can host one website only. It has 1-click installer with standard features.
  • Baby – You can host multiple websites with this plan. It has all the benefits of hatching plan. It also allows you to use private SSL and other add-ons.
  • Business – It is another suitable option for small businesses. It has free dedicated IP for e-commerce website and SSL certificate.

Customer Service & Support

With ticket-based email support and 24×7 Live Chat and Phone support, HostGator is known to provide the best customer service in the industry. Their support portal is provided in your hosting dashboard. With this portal, you can get your answers quickly from over 500 video tutorials and 680 articles.

Every account is fully checked by Adam Farrar, CEO. If you still got an issue with support, get your ticket to be referred to Adam. He will, himself, respond to each ticket.



speedometerThere are four leased facilities where HG operates their data centers from, and all of them are owned by The Planet, Texas. Fire detection, 24×7 Monitoring, and UPS power supply are something that HG ensures in their data centers. They have the in-house technical staff to care for the safety and security on site. The company is networked with 10 different fibre-optics providers and use hardware provided by AT&T and Time Warner.

They provide 99.9% of guaranteed uptime. Customers may opt in for frequent RSS feeds for more service updates. They perform backups every week at their data center for all accounts. To restore every backup, the company charges $15 as a fee. It doesn’t involve any levy if you have a backup file.

The company which hosts up to 8 million domains is quite transparent on its resources, staff, and services. Some of the high profile companies that HG is partnered with are AT&T, Cisco, and Dell.

The company also has a strict policy to keep it from overselling. Hence, you can stick to it. In the case of dedicated or VPS server, you can have total control on capacity.


Control Panel

It includes cPanel without failure for all Linux plans and it includes several options of themes. It provides universal access points to all features in this package, such as 1-click backups, webmail, and DNS settings.

Both WHM and cPanel are bundled for reseller accounts. If your plan includes Linux dedicated server or VPS, WHM and/or cPanel will be optional. It includes Plesk 11.x for Windows Server.

For service administration, users would get Virtuozzo on VPS plans. HostGator provides separate billing and customers can download invoices and organize payments.


What Else Does HostGator have to Offer?

The business plan includes a toll-free number to benefit US callers. It charges a fee for a call to Canadian users. After canceling hosting plan, customers won’t be able to access call support.

However, you can contact the company and make way to access it for a fee. You would have to do at least one call per month to keep status alive.

Most of their packages include some features like WordPress, osCommerce, Joomla, 1-click installs, SiteStudio, SiteBuilder, Fantastico and other stats.

If you choose their dedicated plan, you can allocate separate SiteBuilder accounts as well as templates to the clients. For shared hosting plans, a great benefit is $100 credit for Adwords. They are provided as a free upgrade for reseller accounts to eNom reseller account.

You may need some manual setup but the process is quick and simple. You can also get it done within 2 minutes.


Cancellation Rules/Money Back Guarantee

No matter what you choose (reseller, shared, or VPS), you are entitled to get the full refund if you cancel the plan within 45 days. Remember, it doesn’t work with dedicated servers. In addition, the paid items like installation and admin fees and domain purchases are non-refundable.

You will have to send the cancellation request through a specific online form to the company. Is usually takes 2 days to complete the process.

To get a refund, request it with cancellation email from the company to get first priority. Your refund will be credited to your PayPal account or credit card.


Our Verdict

Should You Go with HostGator?

Now that you know how HostGator works and you may be thinking if it would work for your business?

HostGator provides different hosting plans for all of your needs and budgets. You will get all the tools required to build a website. Hostgator has been the trusted brand and recommended by over 2 million customers, who definitely can’t go wrong.

With their well-designed cPanel and widest range of tool, I don’t think you would need support to create and customize your website. And there is also no complaints about their customer support. So, you should definitely go for it.

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned webmaster, you will find everything to get your online business to a whole new level.

FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting – Beautiful yet Functional for Designers

Flywheel has been the market leader since 2012, offering designers with plenty of hosting options. They are based on the world’s most popular content management solution, WordPress. Whether you are creating a site only for family and friends or want to introduce a new online portal, they also provide different creativity tools, design publications, ROI calculators, video tutorials and even more.

The company has customers from different parts of the world. All of their team members have an official profile on the site. This way, you can definitely know the hosting partner you are going to work with. Overall, they can meet all your hosting needs as one of the best hosting providers.

About FlyWheel

Founded in 2012, FlyWheel is the WordPress hosting company, headquartered in Nebraska, United States. It started with an aim of making the lives of WordPress developers and designers easier when it comes to hosting the WordPress sites of their clients.

Along with offering some of the easiest and affordable pricing plans for your portal, Flywheel has started offering customized hosting options for very high volume sites.

This company covers various scalability options from the scratch. Whether you are into creating small blogs or fully dynamic e-commerce website, Flywheel is supposed to cover it all. Flywheel has always been focused on empowering developers or designers and on design with all the recommended tools to build attractive and feature-rich WordPress sites. A quick look at Flywheel’s official website shows how well they are focused on simplicity and design.

Key Features


For a web host which is supposed to be the best at hosting several websites for the clients, keeping the website up and running most of the time is one of the most important considerations.

It is almost impossible to have 100% uptime for any web host. But it is vital to have a web host which should showcase its potential to keep downtime lower.

In a case of unscheduled downtime, it is important for a host to have a very reliable and active support provider that can keep things back to normal within the shortest period. Flywheel is also supposed to be a winner when it comes to uptime.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t guarantee any uptime, which doesn’t mean a lot, some customers have used it as a hosting platform who suggested that the actual uptime has been amazing.

According to most of the results, Flywheel has up to 99.99% of network uptime and the same goes true for one of the websites of our clients that was built around a year ago with this platform.

Easy to Collaborate

Thanks to its easiest collaboration process, Flywheel deals with several pain points for the developers and designers off the bat and it tracks and manages client’s passwords. It is something which instantly becomes a major issue for anyone who has several clients. All in all, managing client’s accounts and passwords has never been so easier.

With Flywheel, you can manage collaborators in your account. You can easily invite someone and add their email address. Once they establish their free Flywheel account, they will get quick access to sFTP and site as well.

The best part of the software is that you no longer have to share your passwords. Instead, you can assign your clients and coworkers as collaborators and allow them to manage their accounts individually while managing total access to the shared website. You can easily remove access at any time as an owner.

Performance & Speed

speedometerAlong with network uptime, the page load time and speed of the server are very important to determine your choice as a premium hosting provider. With Varnish caching engine, Flywheel optimizes each and every portion of your WordPress site which provides a huge boost to the loading speed of your site.

For your Flywheel hosting account, you can easily perform the Content Delivery Network (CDN). This factor is also important to improve your page load time and server response time.

Flywheel also comes with in-built performance tuning along with server-side caching to boost your website further.

The cloud-based, robust infrastructure provided by Flywheel also plays a vital role in improving the consistency of your site and to deliver high performance.

Every Flywheel server is tuned well to improve performance all the time and it can be done. This web host is capable of supporting custom configurations.

Hosted with Flywheel, our client’s site has been measured to find out whether the online reviews showing positives for the fast performance of Flywheel. On average, the post caching and average website load time at various junctures were clocked under 2s. It also managed to give quick server response time within 400 ms, even during the very high time.

Another important factor which leads to speed and high performance for your site is that it has an option to host your site around your users. The secret is its 10 data centers located across various continents, including, Europe, Asia, and North America.



Billing features are not that attractive like accounting. But I must tell you that the billing features look quite interactive, convenient, and user-friendly. Once you have verified your account, either by submitting your credit card details or a mobile number, you can set up a new WordPress website. Now you can choose one of these options –

  • You may pay now and set up a whole new billing account.
  • You may list your site to a bulk plan that has already been configured.
  • You may create the website now and let your client pay later. It is the most convenient option. With this step, you can create a demo site which won’t go live until the client pays for hosting account. It means you can set up your whole site on the server and email your client once it is ready to review. To get your site live, your client can pay the hosting bill and you are all set to go. Usually, the demo sites are valid for just 14 days.

After passing through this process on a typical shared hosting server, I will tell you that this feature is not enough to save a huge time for you along with multiple emails again and again between your hosting provider and your client as well.

One Account for All

Though it is a small package, it comes with a big deal for you. If you are ready to manage your client websites, you may have sFTP accounts listed as well as their passwords and usernames. You just have to manage one login with Flywheel. sFTP access is provided with each site you collaborate on and you have with primary login. It means you have one password to access several sFTP accounts.

User Friendly

FlyWheel offers a user-friendly dashboard which lists all the sites you can access along with your profile information. In your profile section, you can get all your billing history, personal details, as well as payment options. It is organized well and easy to find.

On the main dashboard section, you can find the most important things including the list of websites you either manage or own. You will also find an option to launch your new website. In your dashboard, you can open the specific settings by clicking on a site where you can get various important elements, such as –

Overview – It lists all the collaborators, domain information which is applicable and whether the website is password protected or not.

Stats – It includes a chart which showcases the total visits for several time frames along with the total CDN and storage use.

Add Ons – It includes CDN, SSL support, as well as Multisite Network.

Backups – It lists each backup along with details, such as pages, posts, plugins, comments, as well as total uploads. You can also download a copy, add notes, or restore a backup.

Advanced Settings – With it, you can disable the cache, remove cache in each development, export server logs, or enable WP_Debug. With this screen, you can modify your database.

WordPress Support

Flywheel’s support feature is very simple and it enables you to stay rest assured, even you are suffering urgent issues for any of the websites of your clients. They provide 24×7 Emergency support for any issues that occur with time. During the standard support periods from 9 am to 7 pm, you can easily contact your support provider.

You can also contact your Flywheel experts in different ways –

  • Call them at toll-free number (888) 928-8882
  • Send email to the helpdesk help@getflywheel.com and submit a support ticket
  • Through a live chat option during standard hours

You can easily access different articles about getting started with domain names, Flywheel, plugins, security, billing, and databases.



Flywheel configures your servers in a secure way and ensures great protection from your site against hacking attempts. Flywheel conducts smart IP blocking on security systems which can detect any intruder and keep them from accessing the site.

Even though your WordPress website is hacked, the experts will be there to fix the bugs for free. It clearly shows their confidence and efficiency in security attempts.

Flywheel also includes malware protection and monitoring features to ensure even more security on your website. In association with Sucuri, a leading WordPress security provider, Flywheel always stays up-to-date against latest security threats. It is also recommended to run the latest or updated WordPress version, which is usually most secure. You don’t have to worry about anything in Flywheel. You also don’t have to remember to update your WordPress. Their team will take care of all your major updates.

Flywheel also provides malware scanning or monitoring features which are helpful to ensure more security for your website. Since Flywheel is now connected to Sucuri, it has become even more secure.

Plans and Pricing

A major update is that Flywheel now offers. Basically, it offers two different types of plans. The first plan is dedicated for single WordPress installation. There are three price ranges for it –

  • Tiny – Starting at just $15 per month, this plan supports around 5000 visits per month, 250GB bandwidth, and 5GB of disk space.
  • Personal – Starting at $30 per month, the plan includes 25k visits per month, 500GB bandwidth and 10GB of hard disk space.
  • Professional – Starting at $75 per month, the plan includes 100,000 visits per month, 1TB bandwidth, and 20GB of hard drive space.

Another category of plans is bulk plans offered by Flywheel. These are designed mostly for the resellers and those who need to install WordPress several times. It includes two plans –

  • Freelance – At $100 per month, this plan offers around 10 WordPress installs, 40GB of hard disk space, 150,000 visits per month and 2TB bandwidth.
  • Agency – At $250 per month, this plan includes 30 WordPress installations, 120GB of hard disk space, 600,000 visits per month, and 8TB of bandwidth.

For an extra charge, some other features are CDN, SSL Support, and Multisite for each site. If none of these options work, you may also get custom plans.

Our Verdict

All in all, Flywheel is the best hosting provider. They do things in a different way than several other options, which is not a bad thing. Well, we have come across several satisfied customers who are pleased with overall experience. In our verdict, we have come across these pros and cons –


  • Usable and clean user interface
  • Amazing and attractive website, and it is fun to use
  • Designer and developer based
  • A lot of advanced and WordPress-friendly features


  • Lacks in round-the-clock support
  • Lacks in in-built Git deployment
  • No SSH support

All in all, you don’t have to achieve any technical skills to conduct your website hosting. Flywheel is quick and reliable. This platform comes with great features and user-friendly interface. With great customer support in malware attacks, you are almost in a win-win situation.

SiteGround Review – 3 Big Reasons, Why I switched to SiteGround?

siteground review

You are here, means “you like to buy SiteGround hosting and just confirming from other users at last”. You came to the correct place this time. 

malware statistics
Image credit - https://www.safetydetective.com/blog/malware-statistics/

At the start, I spent much money but finally, I had to change my server because Google might blacklist my website.

Therefore I got relaxation from my getting hacked nightmare. Now, Sucuri protects SiteGround Server and its Websites.

Apart from this, if you have more concern about SiteGround Security Levels, check the image below.

siteground security
siteground loadtime

Big or Small, Greenhorn or Unicorn—WpEngine has a Hosting Solution for All


Why Switch To WpEngine?

When you consider the 60-day money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, disk space free site migrations, at the only dime of dozen… wpengine.com would appear as the best hosts defying the decree of deceiving providers.

"Simply, you should choose a web hosting with a purpose. Meaning that which hosting services are more favorable for your business, available from an array of options such as"

How to choose which is the best one: the Web Hosting

For your online business, look for a host that’s not just limited to the Linux operating system but offers multiple tiers of cloud hosting. Reach out for a web host that not only offers the choice of Linux- or Windows-based hosting but powerful, flexible plans. Just like those @wpengine offers. Your business can buy just space and hosting services it requires now and broadens anytime with no disturbance to business.

What are the things unexpected from other Hosting providers?


Popular Brands (e.g.: GoDaddy, Hostgator)

Fast page loading speed - 0.36ms

Relatively slow page loading speed— just above 0.50ms

Ideal uptime of 99.98%

99.97%-- Not ideal uptime

Unlimited website storage

100GB of website storage

unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificates, site backups, email accounts, the demo for the website builder and more – ‘ALL for FREE’

Extremely expensive upsells and foxy marketing tricks (like charging for SSL certificates, site backups, email accounts, and more

Round the clock support through live chat, call, email.

Unreliable technical support

Fully equipped, feature-rich, fast, and bug-free website to grow your online business

The great many features for domain registration but not hosting. As well some features like uptime are good enough but not too great a deal at that huge cost

Robust option for the neophyte as well as adroit with less money to spend on web hosting

Solid option for experienced users with big-budget.

Also, if your business gets hacked WP Engine will fix it for free.

After getting studio press benefits, go ahead and learn the cons…

Is there any setback of WPEengine?

Well!  There are no setbacks of hiring WPE. However, you might feel a bit disappointed due to the lack of a few features. But the deficiency has reasoning to it. Like:

Disallowed Plugins – WP Engine disallows installing certain plugins on your WordPress site. It is debarred because either they cause collision or replication of WP Engine’s features. Another reason for dismissal is because of high server load.

No Domain Registrations – WP Engine offers web internet hosting, not domain registrations. You can easily get your domain registered with another company.

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis theme Framework is remarkably easy to use that accredits its users to rapidly quickly and easily build phenomenal websites with WordPress. It is so simple that it eliminates the need to hire a web developer thus saving you hundreds of dollars. To buy a Starting Genesis framework would cost somewhere around $60. Even so, WPEngine has delegated its users with free inbuilt Genesis.

WpEngine offers a range of free tools that otherwise cost a bomb such as:-

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) — Incredibly fast loading of digital content and lead generation— No matter the geographical location. Users request is quickly routed to the nearest CDN edge server (in a matter of milliseconds), which substantially reduces the latency. All thanks to WPEngine for Using CDN in partnership with MaxCDN.
  • WordPress Themes Genesis Framework— It is responsible to handle a variety of elements ranging from visual appeal, endurance, to aerodynamics. Genesis offers a safe and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you could have never imagined.

Premium StudioPress Themes— A hosted version of Genesis framework, StudioPress themes empowers users to employ just about anything that can make for an incredible, SEO friendly WordPress site.

Inbuilt Security Control— Free Inbuilt WordPress security plugins for prevention system against hacking, malicious cyberattack by blocking DDoS attacks, and more. Keep a check on the web and data security through regular security audits and code reviews.

Bottom Line: Packed with features, WpEngine is a web hosting service that’s more than worthy of being the base as well as premise for your business website, particularly if you’re looking to use WordPress.