How to Choose Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

Easy Wordpress Hosting Comparison

WordPress Hosting Companies Comparison by Up Time, Speed, Security, SSL Certification, Customer Care Support & Reputation

1. Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost has fastest customer care support, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain, SSD Cache Storage, $200 marketing credit and many more. Bluehost is the largest hosting company having very competitive pricing with great features and support. The major cons are the renewal rate. Almost all hosting companies give a discount to a new user and take full charges in renewals.

Speed Fastest Possible Speed
SecurityBlue Sky Security
BackupCodeGuard Basic Backup

Free SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
Customer Care 24x7 Support Available by Phone, Chat & Ticket.
Top-Rated customer satisfaction.

Marketing Credit
$200 Marketing Credit
MigrationAutomatic WordPress Install and Updates

2. HostGator Hosting

HostGator is founded by Brent Oxley at Florida Atlantic University. It is leading hosting company having headquarters in Austin and Houston, Texas. The biggest pros of Hostgator is, even a starter plan can acquire 100,000 visits per month.

In my list, I mark Hostgator to 2nd rank.

Speed 2.5x Faster load times.
Super Charged Cloud Architecture.
CDN and Multiple Cache Layers.
Cloud Hosting Turbocharges
SecurityAdvanced Security.
BackupAuto Backup with1-click restores.
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL With all Plans.
Customer Care 24x7 Customer Support 365 Days.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.5 by
Rated 4.0 by
Rated 4.5 by
MigrationFree Migration According to plan.
1 Site Free Migration for Starter Plan.
2 Sites Free Migration for Standard Plan.
3 Sites Free Migration for Business Plan.
ConsMore than 1 migration cost fee.
High Renewal Rates as usual.

3. FlyWheel Hosting

Flywheel founded by Dusty, Rick and Tony at 2012. Flywheel has grown very fast with quality service.

Considering Price and Traffic, I gave flywheel to 3rd Rank in my List.

Speed Blazing Fast Speed.
No Need Caching Plugins.
SecurityHacker-Free Security.
Cleanup malware for free.
BackupAutomatic Backup Every Night with 1-click restoration.
Free SSL Certificate100% Free SSL Certificate.
Customer Care Support 24x7 and 365 Days.
24x7 Phone Support for Agency.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.8 by
MigrationFree Migration.

4. WpEngine Hosting

Wpengine is the company who provides 100% uptime with Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes.

UpTime100% Uptime.
Speed Global CDN.
SecurityGlobal Edge Security.
BackupAutomatic Backup every night.
Free SSL CertificateAutomated SSL Certificate.
Imported SSL Certificates for Growth & Scale Plan.
Customer Care 24x7 Customer Support.
24x7 Phone Support to Growth & Scale Plan.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.5 by
MigrationFree Migration.
ConsVery expensive

WordPress Hosting Comparison by Price, Monthly Visits, Storage & Bandwidth

1. Small Business Group

If have visitors under 100,000 then you are under Small Business Group. If you are starting your new business then you should select “Unlimited visits per month” at $5.95 per month charge, because it takes much time to increase traffic and whenever you want to upgrade the plan you can upgrade easily. Therefore small enterprises, freelancers and small companies should choose Bluehost considering its budget and visitors count per month.

Plan NameBasicStarter PlanStarterStartup
Storage50 GB SSD StorageUnmetered5 GB10 GB
Bandwidth--50 GB50 GB
Monthly Pricing $5.95$5.95$15$30
Complete Plans

2. Medium Business Group

If you are having multi sites and you want to acquire traffic under 200,000 per month. You should see Table 2.0 below. In the comparison of multi-site facilities & pricing, Bluehost wins.

Plan NamePlusStandard PlanFreelanceGrowth
Visits/monthUnlimited Visits200,000100,000100,000
StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered20 GB20 GB
Bandwidth--200 GB200 GB
Sites uptoUnlimited2105
Monthly Pricing $5.95$7.95$115$115
Complete Plans

3. Large Business Group

If you are having multi sites and you want to acquire traffic under 200,000 per month. You should see Table 2.0 If you are a business owner or owner of a website which consumes traffic up to 500,000, you are in this group.

Plan NameCHOICE PLUSBusiness PlanAgencyScale
Visits/monthUnlimited Visits500,000500,000400,000
StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered50 GB30 GB
Bandwidth--500 GB400 GB
Sites uptoUnlimited33015
Monthly Pricing $6.95$9.95$290$290
Complete Plans

How to Add a Free, Valid SSL Certificate to Your WordPress Site?

case you don’t know, Google displays all websites as “Not Secure” which doesn’t
have SSL certificates. It means you might lose customers’ faith. As SSL
certificate is here to protect your data, it is actually needed to accept online
payment. Normally, you may have to pay a hefty price to buy SSL certificates
individually. If you are just making a business website or start a blog, you
might want to keep costs down. There are different ways to save more on website
by getting a free SSL certificate. Here’s how to get free SSL certificate for
WordPress site and get started.

About SSL

refers to Secure Sockets Layer. It is basically an internet protocol to secure
data transfer between the website and browser. By visiting a website, every
user transfers information. This information can be sensitive sometimes like
card details, bank information or login. Information can be hacked if you use
the normal http. This is where you need to use https or SSL. SSL certificate
should be issued by a recognized authority. It is highlighted and verified in
the address bar of your browser with padlock sign and https.

Do I need SSL
Certificate for WordPress Site?

is needed for all websites to be used on the web. But it is especially
recommended for websites that collect user info like payment information, login
details, and credit cards. If you are going to run membership website,
ecommerce store, or need users to login, SSL certification is needed right
away. A lot of online payment services need your site to use HTTPs/SSL before
getting payments.

with security, SSL certificate also leads positive impression of brand among
users. It is also recommended to use SSL by Google and, according to research,
SSL enables websites to rank higher. If your website doesn’t use SSL
certificate, users’ browsers show that the website is not secure. It affects
user’s trust and brand image on your site.

How SSL Certificate

that you have learned about SSL and why you need it, you might be wondering how
it works. SSL secures information as it encrypts the data transfer between the
website and user’s browser. When a user visits HTTPS/SSL website, their browser
verifies if SSL certificate of the website is valid. If everything is fine,
browser uses the public key of the website to encrypt the data. Then, the data
is sent back to the server where it is decrypted with secret private key and
public key.

Cost of SSL

SSL certificate cost varies from one authority to another. Their pricing could be from $50 to $200 per year. Some service providers offer add-on services with certificates which may affect cost of SSL certificate. If you are about to buy SSL certificate, it is recommended to use Siteground. They are one of the best domain registration providers in the world.

hosting plans are also very affordable. After buying a hosting plan, you can
ask them to install SSL certificate for you. Make sure you get hosting plan
with SSL certificate for free.

Getting SSL
certificate for free?

are many website owners who avoid SSL because of additional cost. So, a lot of
small websites become vulnerable to information and data theft. Let’s Encrypt
is a non-profit project which can fix it by adding a free certificate. This
certificate authority provides a free SSL certificate to the website owners. If
maximum websites use SSL, internet can become a safer place. It quickly earned
support of several leading companies like Facebook, Google,,
Shopify, etc.

the problem is that installing free SSL certificate is difficult for a beginner
by Let’s Encrypt as it needs server systems and coding knowledge. Luckily,
there are many WordPress hosting companies that offer free SSL certificate
included in hosting plans. Some of the top hosting companies offering SSL certificates
are Siteground, HostGator, WP Engine and others. 

you are using one of these hosting providers, you can simply turn on SSL
certificate for free from hosting dashboard. Login to your cPanel in your
hosting account and go to “Security” section.

to your hosting company, the control panel of your web hosting may be different
than the process above. If you can’t find the free SSL option, you may ask
hosting provider to activate it.

If you don’t get the free SSL from your hosting company and wondering whether you should switch to another web host, you can read our guide about 7 Signs to Change Your Web Host.

Steps to Install
Free SSL Certificate and Set up WordPress

you have free SSL certificate enabled, you may have to set up WordPress to use
HTTPs rather than HTTP in all URLs. Install and activate the plugin named
Really Simple SSL on the website.

it is activated, plugin will see if SSL certificate is enabled. Then, HTTP or
HTTPs will be turned on and change your website settings to use HTTPs/SSL. To
make your website secure, you need to ensure that URLs of the site loads with
HTTPS protocol. With this plugin, you can fix the URLs when page is being

though a single URL loads with insecure protocol, browser treats the whole
website as not secure. To fix your URLs, you will have to use the inspect tool
function of the browser to find them and replace with correct HTTPS URL.

Really Simple SSL, you can easily set up SSL certificate for free in WordPress.
This is why it is recommended for all users. 
When page loads, it can catch the insecure URL. So, it may increase the
load time of your page a bit. So, it is wise to use the manual method to set up
free SSL if you are worried about WordPress speed.

hope this guide has helped you to get SSL certificate for free with your
hosting plan for your WordPress site.

7 Signs that Prove It’s the Right Time to Switch to a New Web Host

Are you done with your existing WordPress hosting provider? Don’t know whether you need to change host? If so, keep reading as we are going to discuss seven signs to know when you need to change your web host.

Face Your Biggest Fear

Most beginners avoid switching hosts as it needs technical skills to move a website without any single downtime. If you’re a kind of savvy, you may like our guide How to switch to a New Server or Web Host without any single downtime.

Even though it doesn’t need any coding knowledge thanks to several plugins out there, it is a bit doubtful for many beginners. Luckily, there are many hosting companies which take responsibility to migrate your site, especially if you request them.

What are the charges? It is up to the size of your website. It is free in most cases. However, you may pay a small fee sometimes. But this service is available even though it is not promoted. You can simply ask them.

Now that you have relieved your biggest stress, it’s time to look at the main instances when you need to change your hosting provider.

Constant and Unexpected Server Downtimes

For your overall SEO rankings, web traffic, and overall reputation, downtimes do more harm than good. No one wants to land a site which doesn’t open most of the time. If your site remains down most of the time in a week, it is clear that it’s time to switch.

How do you know your site is running down? As you cannot visit your site 24×7, you may never know until you use a monitoring service. Luckily, there are several services out there to help you monitor the uptime of your site for free.

Uptime means your server which is being online. Downtime refers to the instance when your server is unreachable. If there is 99% server uptime, your site has had minor outrages in a particular month. You can even inquire about the downtime from hosting support team if it occurs. If they don’t give reason that is convincing, you are free to switch.

Unusual Internal Server Errors

Internal Server error is one of the most common errors on WordPress and is quite very frustrating at all. The error message itself cannot point user towards the right direction to resolve the same. If you are frequently seeing these internal server errors on your site, it is not a good sign. You need to find a hosting provider who is knowledgeable and experienced in setting up their servers for WordPress.

Error Making Database Connection

If you are constantly seeing the “Error Establishing Database Connection”, it means you have a large plugin or you are exceeding the limit of your host servers. In any of those cases, the host support team should help you. If they cannot help, host support should be available for you. If they cannot help, it is better to switch to someone else.  

Site is Suspended

A lot of web hosting providers have the right to take your site down, especially when there is illegal activity detected. However, there are some hosting companies that can suspend your accounts without notifications for unwanted things like overages. Your host should be able to care of your website as you are relying on them with your digital space. If your site is suspended by a hosting company without notification, you should have serious talks to them. If that conversation has no point, it’s time to switch to a hosting provider who is helpful. You also need to keep backups as some hosts have access to your data hostage.

Bad Customer Support

There is probably no web host which has 100% record of exceptional customer service. Keeping everyone happy is next to impossible. It is quite obvious that the users who leave reviews are usually pissed off. With that said, good customer service is very vital in terms of web hosting. So, it is important to ask these questions yourself – Is your hosting support helpful and knowledgeable? Are they fast to respond? The hosts often deny helping with WordPress while claiming that software support is not included in their policy. If you don’t get much support, you need to move.

Slow Speed

Page speed really matters when it comes to optimize your site to ensure higher search rankings and better user experience. Slow sites are usually caused when there are too many users or too many requests on the server. In any case, your host must be able to figure out the cause of slow speed of your site. If you are getting too many requests, you can fix it with some changes, be it optimizing the server or removing a plugin. But if the issue is having too many users on the same server, it’s time to upgrade your plan with your host.

You’ve outnumbered your account

If you have been blogging for a long time, there are chances that you have outnumbered your hosting account. If your site is hosted on a shared platform, it means it shares resources with several other sites on same server. Though you can limit and control the resources you use, you cannot control what other sites do. If your site remains busier than other sites on a server, you will be slowing down the websites. A lot of shared hosting providers will terminate your resources without any sign. If you are having problem with slow sites or you end up spending more time explaining your problem, it’s time to switch to a new host.

So, are you ready to move?

If you are reading this post, there are chances that you may have decided to move to web host. Finding a host can deal with all scenarios, offering best in class support and great network uptime.

For doing this, we recommend to switch to Siteground. Their servers are optimized well and are WordPress ready. They offer CDN support, in-built caching, and best support.

How to Switch to New Server or WordPress Host without any single Downtime?

Do you want to move your WordPress site to a different server or a new host? When migrating your site or switching web host to a new server, the major risk is potential downtime and data loss. Here, we will discuss how to migrate your WordPress site to a new host without any single downtime.

Choosing New WordPress host

If you have ended up with a slow host, even when your WordPress site is optimized, you need to switch to a new host which can handle increasing traffic. Choose the new host wisely to avoid the chances of moving again soon. If you are looking for the best-shared hosting, officially recommends Bluehost.

But if you are looking for location-based providers or cloud hosting, it is better to go with Siteground, as their datacenters are located in 3 continents.

If managed WordPress hosting is your choice, it is recommended to go for WP Engine as they are the well known-hosting service providers.

First Option – Site Migration Tools

Siteground and Wpengine provide free migration tools to their customers. If you want to get very high speed hosting with free migration tools, you must switch to siteground hosting or WpEngine hosting. As WpEngine is little expensive due to its VIP features. You must know about the features of WpEngine from WpEngine Review

Rest, I believe if you have a limited budget then you should try siteground hosting. There is no match with siteground hosting.  

Second Option – Have a Duplicator to Migrate Smoothly

First of all, install a free Duplicator plugin on your website before migrating. It is a free plugin also used to move your website to a new domain without compromising your SEO efforts. However, we will discuss how to use it with no downtime.

  • After installing and activating Duplicator, go to Duplicator > Packages.
  • Click “Create New” button on the top right side.
  • Click Next and follow the steps.
  • Scan results check out and click the Build button.
  • This process may take some time.
  • It will show download options once the process is finished for Archive and Installer package. Click “One-click download’ to download both.
  • The archive is the copy of your site and installer will make the installation process smoother.

Import WordPress Site to a New Host

Now that you have removed both the installer and archive files, the next step is uploading them to a new web host. You can connect to a new web host with FTP. Usually, you will want to enter the domain name of your website as host when it comes to connecting your FTP client. As your domain name is pointing to old host, you have to connect by entering the IP address of your server or hostname of the server. You can get this info from cPanel dashboard of new hosting account.

Change Host Files to Avoid Downtime

Once you upload both files to a new web host, access the installer.php file in the browser. You can access the file with a URL like – Well, it will take you to the old web host and it will show 404 error, which means your domain name still open at an old web host. Normally you will want to change the domain name servers and point to a new host. But it will result in users getting broken website as you migrate the same.  

You can access a new site with a hosts file on your PC. It can map domain names to particular IP addresses. With those changes, you can access files on a new host with your own domain name and the rest of the world can still access your site from the old host and it has 100% uptime.

Create MySQL Database on New Host

Before running installer on the new host, you first have to create MySQL database on a new account. If you have created MySQL database already, you can enter the next step.

Create a database in cPanel

  • First of all, click on MySQL database on Databases section in the cPanel dashboard of your new hosting account.
  • You can create a new database in a field. Enter your database name and click on “Create Database”
  • Scroll down to MySQL Users after creating MySQL database. Enter user and password for new user and click “Create a user” button. You have to add a user to your database which will give the username all the permissions to work on the database.
  • Go to “Add user to a Database” section, select database user created from the dropdown next to the user, select database, and click on add button. 
  • Now your database is ready. Note your database user and password.

Start the process of Duplicator Migration

Now we are all set to run the installer. Go to this address in your browser and replace with the domain name. The installer will run certain tests and show you the option “Pass” next to validation and archive tests. Check the checkbox of “Terms and Conditions” and proceed by clicking on the Next button.

You will have to enter MySQL host, username, database name, and password. The host is usually localhost. Later on, you will enter details of the database created by you in the last step. Click “Test Database” button to ensure that you have entered the right details. If duplicator can connect, you can see a string mentioned with Pass. You will see the details of the database connection. Click on Next button. Now your WordPress database will be imported by the Duplicator from archive zip in the new database.

Next, you will need to update the URL or Path. You don’t have to change anything if you are not changing the domain name. Click Next to continue. Duplicator will run the last steps and show the login button. Now you can enter the WordPress site with a new host to ensure that everything is going well.

Update Your Domain

Now that you have created a copy of the WordPress database and files on the hosting server, your domain still points to the old hosting account. You have to switch DNS name servers to update your domain. Your users are taken to the new address of the website when they type domain on the browsers. Once you register your domain with your host, it is ideal to transfer the domain to your new host. If you have used registrar like Namecheap, Godaddy, etc, it is time to update name servers. You can get the information from the new web host. It may take up to 4 to 48 hours to change DNS for all users.

When Do You Need to Go for WooCommerce Hosting? Pros and Cons

You need to look for the best hosting solution to manage WooCommerce stores right thre. WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It is widely used by millions of large and small businesses across the world. You will definitely need a WordPress hosting provider which supports WooCommerce.

Well, you will also need domain name (for example, and SSL certificate if you accept online payments. Back-end servers are also needed which are upgraded to support WooCommerce. With the growth of your online store, you will want to find out how to handle the traffic without any downtime.

Choose the WooCommerce hosting provider which has all these facilities for you. It is something you will not get with a shared hosting platform. In addition, you will get support from well-trained staff with WooCommerce hosting on regular basis. The key is to offer stress-free and smoother way to establish your online store. This gives you the freedom to focus on your business growth. It is a platform designed to launch your ecommerce store with a range of hosting staff working behind the scenes.

WooCommerce Hosting Pros and Cons

WooCommerce hosting seems to be great but it has its own pros and cons. Before making any decision here are some of the pros and cons of WooCommerce hosting.

Pros of WooCommerce Hosting

  • High Performance – Speed is not the only need for user experience but it is also important for SEO. WooCommerce hosting offers faster load times to provide smoother transactions.
  • Supports WooCommerce – WooCommerce hosting providers have WooCommerce pre-installed with design that is ready to use.
  • Security – WooCommerce hosting plans are available with SSL certificate. It adds another layer of security for data transfer from the browser to your site.
  • Customer support – Every now and then, we need help. You will get support from WooCommerce experts live via chat, phone or email as part of WooCommerce hosting.
  • Hosting – Along with specific features in WooCommerce hosting, you get the usual features like ample disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and email accounts.

Now you would feel that it seems so great. Well here are the disadvantages.

Cons of WooCommerce Hosting

  • Pre-Installed Program – Some of the high level users would like to install WooCommerce. WooCommerce ready designs and extensions may also be included in pre-installed software which may not be required by some users.
  • Price – For WooCommerce hosting, prices are a bit higher than normal shared hosting plans.
  • Maintenance – Automatic updates may not be available in all WooCommerce hosting plans. But you still want to set up backups and install manual updates.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of WooCommerce hosting. Now you might be wondering if it is the best solution for you.

When is the Right Time to go for WooCommerce Hosting?

If you are starting out and you don’t want to sell more than few items, you can easily go for shared hosting. If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting companies, we recommend using Hostgator.

If you are running a small function and want to kick start your full-fledged online store, it is better to go with WooCommerce hosting as it can save you a lot of time if you choose the right plan. If you are a business owner, there is a choice to go for limited shared hosting and hire someone to manage complex aspects or learn things as you grow. It will take your time and you will possible end up paying more than expected.

Another option is going through the stress-free way by choosing WooCommerce hosting plan. As a result, you will have rapid fast online store which is ready to go without any technical skills needed. Well, it is up to your own preferences. When keeping it affordable is very vital factor, it is better to go for regular hosting plan. On the other side, cost of WooCommerce hosting makes more sence if you want to sell faster and it is easily justifiable and makes more sense.

Now that you have learned all about picking the best WooCommerce hosting plan, it is the right time to make decision. As the best resource platform for WordPress hosting, we have the chance to work with a lot of leading hosting companies out there. After having years of experience and helped over 100,000 users, we have handpicked some of the best and most reputed WooCommerce hosting platforms for you.

Each of these hosting providers provides great performance, knowledgeable support and excellent infrastructure. We honestly give each of these hosting providers 10 on 10. Here is our list of best WooCommerce hosting platforms.

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most widely used WooCommerce and WordPress hosting platform. They provide 1-click staging, managed updates and in-house performance optimization.

Liquid Web

It is yet another best choice among the WordPress and WooCommerce community. They offer multi-level WooCommerce hosting plans, such as cloud sites, VPS, dedicated and managed hosting plans with 24×7 support.


It is one of the leading web hosting providers in the world and has been officially recommended as WooCommerce hosting provider. It is highly recommended for your WooCommerce store if your target audience is mainly based in the US.


It is obviously one of the top rated WooCommerce hosting providers. They offer great in-house performance optimization as well as security. This is the reason they are officially recommended as WooCommerce hosting platform. It is the best choice if your audience is based in Asia or you want to switch to Asia-Pacific servers.


It is one of the leading web hosting providers. HostGator has a record to host more than 8 million domains. There are many reputed websites hosted on dedicated servers provided by HostGator. For shared hosting environment, it is quite common to share server resources with other sites on the same server. With the growth of your WooCommerce store, you will definitely have to switch to managed or VPS hosting plans.

What are Your Needs for WordPress Hosting? How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider?

Web hosting is one of the important aspects of every successful website but it is often overlooked by many. It is very vital to choose the best WordPress hosting to fulfill your needs to boost sales and improve your SEO. There are different WordPress hosting options out there, including Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting. We will help you pick the best WordPress hosting in this guide.

WPEasier is the leading WordPress resource where we have helped millions of users with our years of experience with WordPress hosting providers. Read on to know things you should consider before relying on a WordPress hosting provider.

What is Required for WordPress Hosting?

You will be shocked to hear that WordPress is extremely lightweight and it supports all good hosting providers. Here are some of the common requirements for WordPress hosting –

  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • PHP v.7 or higher

Thanks to the popularity of WordPress, all of the leading hosting companies have 1-click WordPress install options. All hosting providers provide complete support for WordPress site.

What to consider when Picking WordPress Hosting Provider?

Security, speed, and reliability are some of the key factors you need to keep in mind when going for WordPress hosting. You should consider your needs which are the very important factor to keep in mind. You should evaluate your needs before investing in WordPress hosting to save hundreds of dollars yourself.

Types of WordPress hosting and Your Needs

As discussed above, there are different hosting options out there, including Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed hosting. Here are the best solutions for you –

Free WordPress Hosting

You can easily avail free web hosting for yourself but virtually all of them have some issues. You can usually find free hosting offered in small groups or online forums. They are managed by a person who is reselling small space of their server to gain some revenue. Another issue is that you need to have their banner ads to their site. Some may even ask you to add text links in the footer of site. They will sell text link or banner ad to cover the cost of free space while making profits. The major downside of free host with ads is that they are not reliable. You never know when they will stop offering free hosting. If you want to start your website or business, choose one of the below options.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is indeed the most popular WordPress hosting used by the startups. It is quite a good point to start and is very affordable for new users. Shared hosting is where you can share large server with plenty of sites. With several sites on one server, you can offer service at very affordable price.

When it comes to shared hosting, the major problem is limited resources. You have usage limits even though it says unlimited. If your site starts taking a lot of load, they will obviously force you to upgrade account. If they don’t take such action, it can have adverse impact on overall performance of site hosted on one server.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual machine which refers to partitioning physical server into several servers according to the needs of customer. Even though you share server with several others, you can have much control as dedicated server. It has ample privacy of separate server which can be configured to run specific programs.

Intermediate users, developers and medium-size bloggers often use VPS to scale websites. If you don’t have any technical knowhow, you have to buy managed VPS. WordPress hosting provider is responsible to manage all upgrades and they can help you when needed.

Dedicated Server Hosting

It is actually a physical server you can lease from hosting provider. It means you can have total control on the server, along with choice of hardware, OS etc.  You don’t need to have dedicated server when starting out. Once your site starts getting specific traffic, you can upgrade to dedicated server. We recommend using a dedicated server from Hostgator.

If you don’t have experience with servers or don’t have system administrator, you can go with managed dedicated server. The hosting providers have full-time administrators who are assigned to manage your servers. Apart from software updates, they also provide phone support and are also responsible for server monitoring. A lot of leading websites use clusters of dedicated servers. If your blog receives very high traffic, it is ideal to choose WordPress dedicated servers.

Managed Hosting

With a lot of people using WordPress, there is no lack of web hosting providers who have been offering managed WordPress hosting solution. You can have account with one of these hosting providers to host WordPress sites. You don’t have to worry on anything. You just sit back and relax if you have managed WordPress hosting.

They have full-time staff to optimize your site performance, ensure security of your site, and ensure regular backups. They also advise you if you need to fix a specific plugin.

All in all, managed WordPress hosting is the fast and convenient WordPress hosting with best staff support with years of experience. When it seems great, managed hosting plans are on higher side.

If you are a well-established blogger who can bear expenses with your revenue, you can definitely go with managed hosting. If you don’t have skills or time or even staff to deal with complex technical aspects of the server, it is better to go with managed hosting. For managed hosting, we recommend you to go with WPEngine.


Now that you know all the options available for WordPress hosting, you need to make your decision. Relying on a specific web hosting provider is not that easy especially if you want to start a blog. There are lots of bells and whistles when you have small or medium sized website.  So, we recommend you to consider the above factors before choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

How to Change Web Hosting of Your WordPress Website or WordPress Migration?

When it comes to change web hosting of your WordPress website or wordpres migration, it kills mind and gives huge frustration. At first, the user tries to use several plugins. You might have also used several plugins then move to go for manual methods. The manual method is not too tuff as it looks to people. In managed wordpress hosting, you need not to do manual migration. All things are latest and you will migrate easily just with few clicks. So, this article is not for managed wordpress hosting users. It is for manual migration method.

Follow the steps

1 – Go to C-panel, click on file manager and download the config.php file. Open config.php file into notepad and copy the user database name.

2 – After then back to c-panel and click on MySQL databases, there you will see your database name which you copied from a config.php file. Click on the database and you will be redirected to phpmyadmin and then you will see the export option and then go to export the database. Just import the database and keep in your hard-drive.

Till now, you have config.php file and MySQL database. Now you have to copy media library means images, files, videos.

3. Now, Go to again File Manager and then click on Wp-admin then you will see Upload folder. Just copy the whole Upload folder into your hard drive.

Now you have config.php, database, and upload folder. Here, you have taken all the important things now you have to migrate to another hosting. Here, we have to change the DNS server name and migrate successfully website one place to another place

4. Go to you Domain Manager. Go to DNS Manager and change the IP or name server into your domain provider panel. In DNS Manager, you will see Type, Name, and Value. All boxes will be editable which will be below and it may change according to different hosting providers. But most of the information is the same. In Type column, you can see A. In Name, you will see @ and in Value, you have to put new hosting providers IP. By this way, you change IP.

You can also change nameserver but it is not necessary because IP is main but if you would like then you can go to Name Servers and put your New Hosting name servers there.

Till this point, you have successfully pointed your domain to another hosting provider and you have a complete database in your Hard drive.

5. In the other hosting provider, click on C-panel and then go to WordPress Installation. Make a new installation. After then, Go to File Manager rename the uploads folder and copy paste the upload folder which you have in your hard drive.

6. Now go to Cpanel again and go to MySQL Database. Here, open the database, it will redirect to Phpmyadmin and then you will see the import option. Just click on that and import the database which you have in your hard drive.

7. Now go to File Manager, open the config.php file in file manager and Old Config.php into notepad. You will see a Prefix ‘_wp’ or anything may be last few rows. In the New Config.php file, put the old prefix. It is just a small change and now you have connected your database with your file system.

Now you have successfully migrated to new hosting. I prefer to use siteground for wordpress hosting. You must check my review on Siteground.

What is Web Hosting, Web Server & Web Host? And Which Web Hosting you should buy?

All the time when you go to buy web hosting, you see many options and get confuse which is best for your requirement. This article will tell you which one you should buy. Before starting, I would like to clear some basic facts which may rise in your mind while choosing best hosting.

What is web hosting?

Hosting term is use to host your files, database and important configuration. Web hosting contains of files, databases, emails, application, securities, bandwidths and etc. Each website needs a web hosting to store their files, images, videos and etc. Hosting is just like a CPU machine which works 24×7 and 365 days without hassle. Suppose, you have one computer with local data, your website can run on local host until your computer is ON, and in hosting case, it never shuts down. It is used to show your files, database to user through internet.

Now web hosting may clear to you. Web hosting is consists of web server and web hosts. Now, move to web serve…

What is web Server?

In web server, you can store your files, database and important configuration. It works all the time 24×7, 365 days. You might have listened that server is down or server is not working. It means, Server has heavy load that’s why it is showing down time or due to some technical issues it also shows down time and server sometime OFF. It is rare condition but it still happens therefore you should choose web hosting wisely.

Now move to Web host…

What is web host?

Web Host is a company which provides you space and services to host your database and files. Web host has their own data centres and space. It may store in a large building equipped with backup and power supplies and securities to secure data all the time. Web host provide you many facilities to either buy server for you or resell to your customers.

I think I have cleared web hosting, web server and web host. Now let’s move on types of web hosting…

Types of Web Hosting

Web Host Company provides you many options to choose best hosting according to your budget and requirements.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Linux Hosting
  6. Windows Hosting

Now, I am going to share vital information for each hosting one by one.

Shared Hosting

If you have small business, you want to start a website for testing or you have small budget, you can go with shared hosting. Here, one hosting is shared with multiple users therefore you can get shared hosting at low cost. In shared hosting, processor, disk space, RAM and bandwidth is shared with multiple users. It is having limited ability to handle traffic and sometime it opens slowly due to loads of other website. You may get it with any website hosting reseller. Here you will get all important applications to install different platforms like wordpress, joomla, drupal and etc. Here, you can make emails, databases and you can get access of File manager. It provides you all facilities, one cons is that it is shared with multiple users. However one pros is, you can get it at small budget.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server

If you run small business or large business, you can go with VPS hosting. VPS divides their server to multiple virtual servers and each server has their root access. You get dedicated IP address, RAM and disk space. It works like Virtual dedicated server because it has all functionalities like dedicated server. It is available at low cost compare to dedicated server. You can run multiple websites on your one VPS Server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are running an application open to all, software or a shopping website, which consumes higher traffic, bandwidth, and space and needs to open too quickly. You should go with dedicated server. You get entire server and you can control and access your web server completely. It provides faster performance and higher processing speed. You get all resources like bandwidth, disk space, processor and high level of security. You need not worry about downtime because other website’s traffic can not affect your website. It is expensive and best.

Cloud Hosting

If you don’t want to buy all resources at once, and like to buy resources according to future demand, you should go with cloud hosting. It is new technology where user pays when he needs service. You need not hardware equipments. At cloud hosting, multiple servers are connected to each other and you can access data anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity.

Linux Web Hosting

If you like to run PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL and other Linux Supporting Languages then you should go with Linux web hosting. It is very popular because it is open source and cost effective.

Linux operating system runs on Linux web hosting. You can make your application with use of Linux open source platforms and use in your website and application.

Windows Web Hosting

If you are ASP.NET Programmer, then you should go with Windows Web Hosting. It is more users friendly then Linux Hosting. One good thing is the website which is designed to host into Linux Hosting can be also Host at Windows. It is expensive then Linux Hosting.

I have given you all data which is needed to you to choose hosting services according to your business. One last thing, you can get different prices of each hosting in different websites. Choose wisely, because support is very important at the time of trouble shooting. Firstly see web hosting reviews and decide which helps you to solve your need. You can choose hosting from popular hosting providers like Siteground, Hostgator, Wpengine, Flywheel and etc.

I hope I gave you ample of information to solve your website choosing options. Thank you for reading till here.

What is best Woocommerce Hosting & what features do you see before buying?

When you plan to start your e-commerce business, you see many options to setup website. However, the most fascinating option is WordPress forever because it is free and you can get most of the important plugins at Zero Cost. Therefore, you always go with a free and hassle-free platform which is non-other than WordPress.

In WP, Woocommerce has changed the way to make shopping websites. Now, everything becomes in your control and you can setup theme, payment gateway, shipping costing, email facilities and other important things at zero cost. Woocommerce is easy and gives all solution of shopping platform, so nowadays most of the shopping website started using Woocommerce Service.

Now, when you are starting a woocommerce website, so why not go for Woocommerce hosting plans which is better than other hosting plans. How? I let you know everything in the next few paragraphs. Just dive with me here…

Benefit 1 – Easy Start (Preinstalled StoreFront Themes + Woocommerce)

Who doesn’t want the easy start of a website, almost everyone, isn’t it?

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting gives you Preinstalled Storefront themes. This is really amazing, now you don’t have to buy e-commerce themes which may cost $50 to $450. Themes are preinstalled, you have to just pick the theme of your choice according to your business nature. When I started an e-commerce website in 2015, I picked normal hosting. I had to buy a shopping theme and setup everything manually with the help of an expert, which cost me a lot of money. At the starting of my e-commerce business, I had no money in hand but to setup everything I had to borrow money. It took lots of time and money. However in the current scenario, when you have ample plugins and Woocommerce hosting, you need not worry a lot.

Benefit 2 – Premium E-commerce Features (Free SSL, PCI Compliance etc.)

In the current scenario, whenever a person likes to buy from the website. He/she first checks the authenticity of the website whether a website runs at HTTP, https or Premium https. With normal HTTP, people fears whereas with SSL (https), people feel comfortable to buy things. It is now mandatory to use SSL Certificate on the website to make your website more authentic. It also helps you rank better in Search Engine results. If you keep a normal hosting and buy SSL Certificate, it may cost you high $5 per month to $25 per month according to your demand. You get Free SSL Certificate with “Siteground Woocommerce Hosting”.

Along with SSL, you get PCI Compliance which means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It helps your customers to trust you to pay you through Card Payment.

Benefit 3 – Hassle Free Management (Auto Update, Daily Backup, Managed WordPress)

This benefit helps you a lot; it should be on the first number but others two has their different benefits. It is a time-consuming process to take daily backup and update plugins considering security. Whether you have your own website or you are managing your client’s website. Your customer always demands daily backup and update of plugins for security purpose. These important things are automatically done by Woocommerce Hosting.

Benefit 4 – Unique Supercacher (Fast Website)

No one has time to wait for a slow loading website. People do not wait for 2, 3 seconds even because they have ample of other options. If you are new and you have a slow website, you may lose most of your potential clients just because of a slow loading website. Even search engines do not like slow loading website and don’t give top ranks.

With an e-commerce website, it is a drawback that you need to put high pixels images so that your product looks very beautiful when someone magnifies product. High pixel images load slow and the whole website becomes slow due to heavy graphics and images. You need a proper solution and thus Unique SuperCacher comes with Siteground Woocommerce Hosting. You get custom cache based on Nginx and Memcached which opens your website too fast, which helps you to engage your customer to the website.

Benefit 5 – SSD Servers

The fastest server you have the fastest website you will be having. Server loads time is another big issue for slowing down a website. Many servers load slowly, even if your website is having very less load. To solve this problem, now you can go with SSD Server which is fastest Possible SSD Hardware for your Woocommerce Website.

Benefit 6 – Anti Hack System

The hack is a serious problem of this era. When a business starts booming, someone starts trying to hack the website. After getting hacked, everything whether your name, your credibility, your customer information, search engine ranking and etc, can be ruined. Therefore, it is very essential to take Anti Hack System from starting. Siteground Anti Hack System helps you to prevent hackers from your website. Every year WAF (Web Application Firewall) makes many rules to protect WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other application. Siteground records the rules and apply the same day and protect your website from Hackers.

Apart from these major 6 benefits, you get Unmetered Data Transfer, Free Drag & Drop Builder, Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL & Sub/Parked Domains, cPanel & Softaculous, Customized Server Setup, Free CDN with each Account, SSD Storage, LXC-Based Stability, FTP Account, Free SSH & SFTP Access, Perl & Python Support and many more things.

Last but not the least feature is Support, which is necessary for everyone whether you are new or pro. You get 24*7 Support via phone, chat & tickets. Your all issues are sorted out in the minimum time frame.

Hope you enjoyed the Woocommerce Hosting Features. Know more from Siteground Review her.  I am in this field from 2009; hope my knowledge helps you to pick the right hosting plan for you. I suggest you take advantage of these features to save you time and money. Even if you are new to e-commerce website making, with the help of super easy tools, you can make your website in minutes. Thank you once again. Hope you will be healthy and fine always.

Why you should go for Managed WP Solution rather than Normal Hosting?

It was old days when a WordPress platform user has to upload WordPress manually into the hosting server. These days everything can be done in a few minutes even more secure than previous era hosting.

If you are WordPress Platform user who is looking for a best hosting service, you have many choices of Managed WordPress Hosting like Siteground, Flywheel, Wpengine, and Hostgator. I have written more reviews for these hosting and liked Siteground Hosting a lot. View the Siteground Review here.

Why you should go for Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are many features which fascinate you and worth to buy Managed hosting rather than Normal Hosting. See why?

  • Easy Site Launch – Either you are new to Managed Hosting or Experienced, you want to launch your website easily. In Managed WP Solution, you can launch your website just in few clicks without any hassle of transferring files and making database manually. You have to just put email, phone number, title, username, and password and in few clicks, you will launch your website. After launching, you have to just put a nice theme and you will also get very good plug-ins options.
  • Auto-Updates – In normal hosting, most of the work is done manually like updates of the plugin, WordPress versions, theme updation and etc. However with Managed WP Solution with Siteground, you will get all updates automatically without even clicking on the Update The main problem with the update is, if you forget to update, your site may show error or may be hacked if you are not going with current updates but with auto-update function, everything is with your favor all the time.
  • Free Site Transfer or Migration – If you are prior WP user and like to migrate website, it is a big mess with files and database. You have to install and try many of migration tools to migrate database and files. Some tools are free whereas some are paid highly. However with Managed WP Hosting, you have to just put wp-admin username, password and URL of the website and everything is done with just a few Previously, It took my lots of time to migrate one website, one location to other location. I had to solve many errors which come after migration. I have to change the siteurl, site name through wp-options and I personally spend hours and days to migrate a website. It is just like a nightmare with huge downtime of the website. Now, everything is on control through Managed Services. With managed services, migration or you can say site transfer is totally free. You may even take customer care support for the same.
  • Site Speed with SuperCacher – With Siteground SuperCacher, you get 3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site speed. For improving site speed, I personally invested lots of time and tried hundreds of plugins. Some works whereas some fails but in this mess, I failed in saving my time. Every time, I install a plugin and test it with Google Page Speed tool and sometimes I get improvement in speed but with another plugin, I get a decline in speed. It’s frustrating, which is good and which is bad. I went through most of the top ranking articles and found almost nothing because all do not work in a similar Everyone has different sets of articles, images sizes, videos, and themes. Everything cannot be solved with just one plugin. Some plugins really ruined my website by synchronizing images and zipping the files, and I got lots of errors which took many days and hours of the solution. To overcome from these situations and to increase the site speed, I found Siteground SuperCacher is superior to anything. As we all know a high-speed site gives you high rank and now it is on your hand with siteground.
  • Auto Backup – Backup your WordPress is another challenge for you if you are having a big database and images. In normal condition, I backup the database (I mean MySQL database from Phpmyadmin), config.php and Uploads (which contains all media files like images, files, and videos). It takes huge time because if you have a big database I found that exporting the database crash most of the time and I had to backup the database in many parts which is another challenge because I have to again restore the database when I have to migrate or any hack attack on the website. This is the first part of the database and the second part of files is very much time-consuming. I had to open FileZilla and had copy config.php and uploads folder to my hard drive. With Managed WP Solution, you need not worry for backup of MySQL, config.php or files because everything is getting backed up daily by the Managed Hosting services of Siteground.

If you are taking backup for a client then it may be frustrating to explain and restoration is also a big challenge which consists of many human hours and frustration with errors. With Managed hosting, life becomes too easy and satisfied because everything is in your control.

  • Tough Security – In normal hosting, security becomes a big issue because no one is verifying plugin before using it. You just find a problem or you need a function, you search and find a plugin and you just install without looking for security issues and it becomes a breach of your security many times. Actually, no one wants to mess all time checking and then installing, because at the time of installation of the plugin you have different mood which doesn’t allow you to change your focus from functionality to security. With Tough Security, Siteground monitors WordPress related vulnerabilities and protect your website from unwanted virus and hacks. Hack has become the major problem and every hacked wants a path to access your server which can be possible with plugins, therefore a hacker first hacks the plugin and then hacks all website which uses that plugin. And you never know which plugin is going to hack. You need a watchman all the time with your website which is presented by Siteground.

This article is not all about Siteground Managed Hosting or I even don’t want you to go with any verdict before checking other hosting services. I tried to share my experience with hosting problems and I found almost all solution with Siteground, therefore I wrote my experience with you. Thank you for reading. Hope you will enjoy life without much tension of hosting.