7 To-Do Things if you use WordPress in 2020

7 Pro Tasks & Plugins wordpress

If you are using WordPress or you want to use WordPress for your website. You should do these 7 Pro Tasks. After many years of working with WordPress, I found these 7 essential tasks and plugins to do with WordPress. 

1. WordPress 

sucuri plugin

WordPress is an open-source platform. Millions of people are using WordPress and thousands of developers are continually working to upgrade WordPress and its functionalities through plugins. We all know these facts, and install plugins even without knowing about security matters. Some plugins keep serious malware, phishing viruses, and bad redirections, which not only affect your website but also can ban your website at Google. 

After WordPress Installation, your first work should be the installation of WordPress Security plugins. You can install these plugins…

  1. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan  
  2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  3. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  4. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening
  5. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

2. WordPress 
Website Designing


It was the old days when you need a developer to make your site according to your desire. Now with plugins, you can make your website in a few hours. With the developer, if you are unable to convey your exact need, through Elementor Plugin, you can design your website in your own ways. 

Elementor Plugin is so good and easy to use. Elementor has many pre-made templates and blocks. You can make a template according to your need and use in many pages. Everything can be done by Elementor. Apart from Elementor, there are also many plugins that do the same as Elementor. 

Elementor has free and paid both the version. You can even use all functions at Elementor free version. Most important tools are free with Elementor. 

Elementor Page Builder 

3. SEO 


After security and designing, the most important part is SEO. Before moving to SEO, you should use check your content with Grammarly(A free grammar checking tool). You have many options for SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math and etc. 

I go with Yoast SEO. I am using Yoast SEO for the last 5 – 6 years to my website. You get many functionalities in free version like: 

Good SEO Tools are : – 

  1. Yoast SEO 
  2. All in one SEO 

4. Page 
Speed Improver

page speed

Check your website at https://gtmetrix.com/ or https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/, if you are getting a minimum score then you should minify CSS, minify javascript and reduce image sizes. The most important part is server speed if your server speed is good other things do not matter a lot but if you do not have good hosting speed then you should use these plugins. 

You should use Best Servers like Siteground, which gives higher speed. Through Siteground, you need not work a lot for the page speed.

For Compressing Image – Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images 

For Cache – Wp Fastest Cache, Wp Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache 

For Cleaning Comments, Database, Images, and Cache – Wp Optimize

5. Contact 

chat plugin

Email Form – Now, you should install those plugins that are easy to use for quick contacts. “Contact Form 7” is one of the best free plugins for making contact forms. Here, you will be notified by email. 

Contact Form 7

Whatsapp/Mobile Chat – In 2020, you should install those plugins that help your customers to Whatsapp or Call you just in a single click or tap. “Chaty” plugin is a free plugin for adding Whatsapp and Mobile Number to your website. 

Floating Chat Widget – Chaty 

6. Insights 
Tool - Analytics


You did everything, but you need to check the analytics of your website to improve. You must verify your website with Google Console and Google analytics. Apart from this, you should take the help of https://neilpatel.com/ website. This website will give you keyword suggestions and everything that you should know about your website. This service is totally free. You must use this. There is no hidden game for selling anything on this website. 

When you search keywords, then you can log in via google account and access your google console. You will see deep data analysis. 

Apart from this, you can install one WordPress plugin called MonsterInsights. For this, you need to verify your website with google analytics first. 

7. Google 
Reviews Widget

Add Google Business Reviews to your website. It is user tendency, he searches and get your name and then search your footprints over the internet. You can make your user’s work easy to put google reviews on your website. It will improve your conversions.

You have to just install the code, follow the documentation where you have to get API and Place ID. You can use this plugin at your widget area, or copy the code to paste any area to the website. 

Google Reviews Widget is extremely helpful for me. 

Solved – Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site

Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site 

This is the most common error because almost all WordPress website has an initial upload file size limit is up to 2MB. 

To solve this error, we need to just increase the file size limit. For this, you have to just upload a plugin called “Tuxedo Big File Upload”. You can download this plugin from here. https://wordpress.org/plugins/tuxedo-big-file-uploads/

There are also many manual solutions where you have to change upload_max_limit at php.ini file, make changes in wp-config.php and make changes in .htaccess file. These all are time-consuming and sometimes, you get another error while doing this manual troubleshooting. 

Before this plugin, I used to do this manual troubleshooting, which used to take 1 hour to many hours. 

This plugin “Tuxedo Big File Upload” increases your file upload size to 826GB. You can upload anything now. 

TotalPoll – Responsive and Effective Poll Plugin for Your WordPress Site

TotalPoll is a very effective and responsive poll plugin for WordPress to integrate and create polls with ease. It comes with a lot of features and options so you can get complete control on the polls and it has been made easier to use. You may also like – Flow-Flow, best-selling social media WordPress plugin.

User Friendly

TotalPoll is completely a user friendly plugin which is able to create polls quickly and easily. It is very easy to use and it is designed well to make it easy and stress-free to make polls. It is the best way to raise user interaction and engagement in your WordPress site.

Also read our guide to use Google Analytics to set up customer tracking in WooCommerce.


TotalPoll enables you to achieve more user engagement with great viewing experience to the visitors. Your polls will also look great, be in tablet, laptop or smartphone.

You may also like ROSA, the Bold and Beautiful Restaurant Theme for WordPress.


SEO Friendly

In each website, SEO is a very important factor. Without SEO a website is no longer able to survive these days. So, TotalPoll is here to make polls more Google-friendly to get more traffic to your website. Hence, it is always a best plugin when it comes to SEO for your website.

Easy to Customize

Are you looking for “Thank You Message” or “Welcome Message” to greet your visitors? This poll plugin will get you covered?  It consists of around 5 customization settings.. So, you will get complete control on the overall look and feel of the website.

Custom Fields

You can easily collect other information from your voters. It consists of 5 unique field types to collect almost anything.


With TotalPoll, proper vote tracking has never been so easier. You can easily keep track on your votes on daily, monthly, and weekly basis. You can even use votes to track custom field values.


TotalPoll has been developed by considering website’s performance. It works in WordPress without a single lag.


Add more glance to your polls with image, text, video, audio, HTML or shortcodes and make it even more attractive to the visitors.


You can easily trace every vote with its unique and innovative logs, including IP, status, time and browser, to easily track any attempts of cheating.


TotalPoll is also easy to integrate polls with almost everywhere, such as widget, shortcode, or direct link as well.


TotalPoll is a very flexible plugin and is extensible as well. It can make those templates and extensions possible. Developers can easily make the polls a step ahead to meet your needs.

Voting Limitations

TotalPoll is able to reduce results and votes and making it simple to specify the conditions according to which visitors can vote in poll or get the results.


TotalPoll supports other technologies and plugins, such as Polylang, WPML, WP SUPER CACHE, ACF, HHVM, Varnish, W3 Total Cache, etc.


If you have any plans to switch to TotalPoll, you can easily migrate from YOP poll and WP-Polls and other plugins.

Knowledge Base

It covers each aspect of the functionality of TotalPoll and it offers step-by-step guides to start with TotalPoll in no time.

Key Features

  • Custom Background
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Fully Customizable
  • Custom Content Width
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Powerful MegaMenu
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Unlimited Skins and Colors
  • Custom Sliders
  • Over 150 Shortcodes
  • Contact Forms
  • Smooth Scroll Option
  • Advanced Header/Footer Options
  • Advanced Blog options
  • Custom CSS
  • Unlimited Icons Manager
  • Google Fonts Manager
  • Testimonials Ready
  • Polls Ready
  • MailChimp Widgets Ready

FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin

FormCraft is the most versatile, comprehensive, and customizable Drag & Drop form builder plugin for your WordPress. It has been trusted and used by over 12000 customers.

You may also check out Justified Image Grid, Premium Photo Gallery WordPress plugin.

Key Features

Drag & Drop Feature

Powered by the native drag & drop feature of editing, using FormCraft plugin is a breeze. It features clean user interface to work in the backdrop. Simply drag any item from the menu you need and drop it at any place you like in the form. Everything is smooth here. So, you can easily move it with the cursor and drop it. It is very simple for you to create awesome, complex forms.

Also read our guide to use Antispam Bee to Block Spam comments on WordPress.

Familiarity with WordPress

To create attractive user interface, FormCraft has the look and feel which gives the experience of using WordPress Dashboard. You will see a new menu item, once activated, in WordPress and user-friendly dashboard with menu forms to make it smoother to build forms. You can easily build items at the top and text fields in the navigation. You can manage everything with drag and drop and has the native feel of WordPress. So, it is simply get-go and learning curve is almost zero.

Also check out Photography, Bestselling Theme for Photography in WordPress.

Huge range of Add-ons

Go beyond the basics and extend the functionality of your plugin, or integrate your current Payment Gateways with the forms. You can make it possible with a long list of add-ons that are available, such as GetResponse, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

Make it Stylish

Who said forms are simple? Are you sick of integrating a form which ends up looking like the boring MS DOS? FormCraft will get you covered.  It has huge range of customization features so you can update layouts, change fonts, place logo or also add custom CSS to make changes to the feel and look. You can even add the whole custom colors, change the width, add background image, or update the base color.

Scalable and Responsive

FormCraft has been developed and designed from scratch with responsiveness and scalability in mind. FormCraft will always have a display resolution ready for every device size, be it smartphone, laptop, PC or even smart watch. Your web forms will always look crisp. It has been coded and optimized to be lightweight and with valid HTML5 coding on AJAX framework. So, no page reloads will be required. It creates beautiful and attractive forms for every device.

Conditional Logic, Triggers and Mathematical formulas

It is the most advanced, fourth-generation form builder which has been developed with no stones unturned. You can easily embed your forms to popup on almost any page or trigger it with existing element. The conditional logic will help you go even further and show/hide fields, trigger integrations, send emails, or use expressions to update shopping cart live.


Your marketing team will love this. It shows you form views as well as submissions, payment conversion rates, and check conversion rates on monthly, weekly, or annual basis.

Justified Image Grid – Premium Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Justified Image Grid is a fully responsive and effective photo gallery plugin for WordPress which is designed well to present your images in the most authentic and pleasing way possible. Whether you are good at capturing creative designs, getting innovation, amazing architectural marvel, magical wedding season, creative portraits,, or a journalistic research, your pictures will share a different story and it truly deserves well to be showcased in their complete glory.

You may also learn about StuffPost – a Professional WordPress Theme for Magazine.

Unlike several other gallery plugins out there in the market, Justified Image Grid for WordPress is designed well to keep all your images well organized in the horizontal grid which is balanced well to capture your attention from left to right, just like one reads a story. It’s a natural flow of your story in pictures and these will work well as a complete insight. In addition, your images will retain their aspect ratio and they would display it actually how you want.

You may also check out WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin for your WordPress site.

In addition, this premium gallery plugin completely supports existing sources. You can load your images from Flickr or Facebook and get it turned into a world-class gallery display, thanks to jQuery. This gallery plugin is truly versatile so one can easily remodel existing NextGen galleries completely for a great display.

Even better, Justified Image Grid smoothly supports WP Real media Library, which is another premium plugin to fill the gap between your gallery and your collection, so you can easily access your native library and organize all your folders and collections.

For even more attractive and personal gallery experience, special effects can also be added to the pictures, including softening, desaturation, or black and white. It is a complete gallery plugin to add a lot of premium and free lightbox features in your WordPress gallery so you can easily decide how you want to display your photos after thumbnail click.

Justified Image Grid is both retina-ready and responsive. It ensures total confidence for you to perform on any device flawlessly, with any pixel density and aspect ratio. Well-there’s something more to the Justified Image Grid on WordPress.


Justified Image Grid is very user-friendly and gives complete control on all aspects of image gallery. You don’t need any coding skills. All you need to set it to take over the current galleries automatically or experienced users may want to access detailed settings in all aspects. Thanks to the bundled add-on, Visual Composer can easily live preview any change of your galleries.


You can easily access extensive documentation to get the most of what you have got. We also offer genuine, personal and detailed support, including compatibility and technical issues, and get fast response guaranteed.

Also read our guide on how to switch between accounts smoothly in WordPress.

Flow-Flow – No.1 Social Media Stream Plugin for WordPress

Flow-Flow is the No.1 premium social plugin for WordPress which displays your social feeds in responsive, creative galleries or walls. It is designed to make any social feeds combination. For example, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, and Twitter feed can easily be blended in same stream. This plugin is a superior alternative to services which charge for the same features per month. With Flow-Flow, there is no monthly subscription charged.

Also read our guide to switch between user accounts quick and fast.

Without any slow loading, you can deliver content extremely fast with smart caching with background server. It is especially true when you have huge traffic and several networks are pulled. Plugin really works well on smartphones and is fully responsive. This plugin is also the best choice to stream your photos, news, videos and reviews and any content you want in multiple social networks. You may also like Applauz – A Digital WordPress Theme for App or Startup.


Plugin will keep your private details private (including app IDs, tokens, and app secrets) to the browser and it will be kept on server to ensure 100% security for your sensitive data. Plugin also comes with monitoring tools and it is very simple to check status of all the feeds connected and troubleshoot issues easily.

Supports dozens of social feeds

Flow-Flow is compatible to 16 sources of stream, i.e.  14 widely used social media sites + RSS + WordPress. It has total 40 types of feeds which are huge. Suppose only one plugin can be used instead of all those mono network plugins, you can use just one plugin rather than other feed plugins.  It also has great unified design of all kinds of content, such as image, posts, or videos. Without any limitations, you can add life to your social media walls.

Moderate Social feeds

You can even moderate your social media feeds using this plugin, except posts by username, URL and words. Make portfolio, broadcast news, and show testimonials by the tag of your company and even do more. It also includes social sharing buttons to increase user interaction and engagement. You can boost several use cases for plugin.

How plugin works?

In Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream admin, you can create streams and copy the shortcodes generated. Post them in any block on the page. It gets cached once social stream is displayed for the first time (it takes some more time for caching but it will show literally fast) and this cache will be seen to the rest of the visitors.

If 20 minutes are set for cache and 10000 users are visiting your site during this time, plugin will request for API only one time to pull data. Users will see cached items mostly. The server runs the task of cache renew in background to give great performance of the plugin.

You may also want to try your hands on Pinterest Automatic Plugin – another social media plugin to pin images from WordPress automatically.

Global Gallery – Creative Responsive Gallery Plugin for WordPress

With Global Gallery plugin, you can craft fully responsive, adaptive and filterable galleries on your site. Global Gallery is designed to manage unlimited image sources and it has 10 lightboxes and 4 gallery layouts which are ready to use and designed for all devices. It has fully featured carousel and slider and even more. Also read our guide to choose the best WordPress hosting provider.

Endless Image Sources

With Global Gallery, you can create amazing galleries from image sources like WP custom elements, WordPress, Flickr, Facebook pages, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Drive, Google+, Instagram, 500px, nextGEN galleries etc.

Image Tags Filter

Turn on the galleries filtering engine to tag each image. With just one click, you can find images faster. You can also filter in paginated galleries.

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Four Gallery Layouts

It seems you have four different plugins to access Global Gallery. You can see galleries with columnized disposition, fixed image sizes, masonry engine or also with great photostring layout.


You often want to trigger the whole gallery with a small image box. There is a dedicated system in Global Gallery. It includes six different layouts and several combinations.

Looking for the best WordPress Hosting provider? Choose SiteGround.

Responsive Slider

The plugin also features a responsive image slider. This slider is fully responsive with touch interactions. You can tune almost anything, including sliding effects, responsive behavior, and timings.

Images Carousel

Want something more than sliders and galleries? Now you can access fully featured carousel in Global Gallery. Slider is now more flexible. You can create stunning logo carousels with a special mode.

10 Lightboxes

Plugin features 10 ready-to-use lightboxes which are also ready to configure. Especially LC Lightbox has various premium features like image zoom, fullscreen mode, and deeplinking engine.

Comments in Lightboxes

Visitors can now comment on your pictures with LC Lightbox. To get your photos comments-ready, you can integrate with Facebook or Disqus to login.


You can now add watermark to your pictures to make them your own in Global Gallery. You can completely hide the path of original picture. Simply choose your image, its position and opacity.

Create Galleries Automatically

Hate selecting images one by one as it takes a lot of time? With just one click, you can create galleries automatically. You may decide which data to show and pictures will be added automatically.


All the galleries are grouped together and arranged well in the collections. These are known to be filtered and categorized well. You may get the most of deeplinks or add an excerpt or just link item.

Integrated with WP Galleries

Plugin integrates with WordPress galleries smoothly and acting for selected pages or globally. Global Gallery can seamlessly manage WordPress shortcode.

1-click Setup

There are 6 pre-defined styles for plugin, leaving behind all the stress of picking a startup system. Using Global Gallery is fast and simple with one click.

Fully Responsive and Adaptive

Each and every aspect of the plugin has been created to be fully responsive and displayed according to screen size. It is automatically adaptive to be used everywhere.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a plugin which allows you to boost your recommendations on the basis of your keywords. For example, if you are offering Apple products, you may seek suggestions on what other products you can import. It also searches for key phrases and sets them automatically to import, on keyword click.

Auto Import

It is a whole new model which imports products automatically. Set a keyword, define number of pages to import and add to Queue. You may also setup recurrence and how frequently you want to import products. Cron will import products at your pre-defined time.

You can even see auto-import status, publish/unpublish, delete, see if products were imported or there was any error, when it ended, started, and run next.

Choose the best theme for your food blog with this step-by-step guide.

Advertise Products

You can transform your WooCommerce store into money powerhouse. Promote Amazon products on your affiliate site and make money as commission from qualifying purchases. You can also make money with advertising from all products that are bought and visited. With On Site Cart, your customers can easily checkout with several products on Amazon and you can make multiple commissions.  

You may also like EightyDays, an appealing WordPress theme to launch your Travel blog.

Great on-page optimization

The WooZone module takes all the information for all the products available on Amazon, such as Prices (sales prices, regular ones, and price changes), Title, product reviews, attributes, and full descriptions to create SEO-friendly content for your products. You can import hundreds of products in bulk with WooZone plugin from Amazon in your WooCommerce store within less time. It has superior and fast import system in latest version so you can import the products within a second. It is designed on custom AA-Team framework which is very simple to operate and use. You can also optimize your site with Premium SEO Pack for WordPress.

Bulk Import and Advanced Search Module

You can easily start your search on Advanced Search and Bulk Import module by keywords, categories, and subcategories, choose your desired product, and click import. According to the category, you can also filter these by condition, brand, manufacturer, minimum/maximum price, and merchant ID. You can also Mass Import products from Amazon with CSV module. Here, you need ASIN Grabber to get them.

Keep Amazon Products Up-to-date

The prices of Amazon products change all the time. The Synchronization module of the plugin can keep your Amazon products always fresh with custom Cron Job. 

Amazon CDN

Now you can use images of the products directly from Amazon CDN or Amazon CloudFront. It is a universal CDN (content delivery network) which promotes the delivery of websites, video content, APIs, and other website assets. It works with other products of Amazon Web Services to allow businesses and developers to promote content to the end users without any major commitments.

This way, you can optimize your website with faster load time and import products a lot faster from Amazon.


Pinterest Automatic Pin Plugin to Pin Images Automatically from WordPress

Pinterest has the power to grab more traffic than the combined traffic from LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. This is where this plugin comes to your help. It can pin images automatically from your post to your Pinterest profile. Simply install and leave your account as it will take care of all the pinning jobs for you.

This theme has got the full power of shortcodes, plugins, features and options. You can use everything you need, from social plugins to awesome layouts. You can use this theme to create any business website. Use up to 150 shortcodes, create custom layouts with one click, and make awesome blog, shop, gallery or portfolio with grid options.

Key Features

Pin endless number of images

With the help of Pinterest Automatic, you can pin from one to all images from the post to your Pinterest account. You may also like Academix, a WordPress theme for your institution.

Automatic Image detection

This plugin can automatically detect images from the post and list the same, where you can find out which image you want to pin.

Auto-detection of boards

It will automatically detect the boards in your account so you can pick the right board to pin images. You may also read our guide to add interactive Travel Maps to your WordPress.

Queuing System

The images are queued with this plugin which are eligible to pin in the queue and you can pin them individually in random intervals. This way, you can pin endless number of images without any trouble.

Auto-link pins to the post

All of the pins are hyperlinked directly to the posts. It means it can redirect the users to your post when they click on the pin. Pin link can be a link from custom field or a fixed set link. You can also upload the images without link back just the way images are uploaded from the PC.

WooCommerce Integration

If you have WordPress site based on WooCommerce or WooCommerce plugin, you can easily pin the products to your Pinterest account.

Pin bots posts

With Pinterest Automatic, you can easily pin the bots posts, such as specific set of images, featured image, or all images in each post.

Supports custom field images

If image URL is stored in the custom field, you can easily specify the plugin to pin image from the custom field.

Detect images that can pin from front end

Pinterest Automatic can easily detect the images if they don’t appear in backend. With a shortcode, some galleries can be seen in the backend.

Bulk Pin

You can queue the posts to pin in bulk. Choose the posts you like and they will be pinned one after another as per the specific schedule. You can set the specific number of images per post.

Set default pin board and pin text

Default pin board and pin text can be set where you want to pin all the images. This way, there is no need to enter text all the time.

Pin full-size images

You can pin full images from thumbnails with Pinterest Automatic. It detects the full-sized image to pin rather than thumbnail.

Set specific category to Pinterest board

You can easily set the board to pin the image to, as per the category. You can set endless categories to the rules of board. Keep in mind that the image will be selected  to a specific board. Create responsive slideshow with Modulobox Lightbox plugin for WordPress.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress – Best-Selling Social Media Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the No.1 bestselling social media plugin for WordPress and it is the most optimized and complete package of social share buttons. This single plugin can bring the whole social media sharing to you and let you grow your profile, boost your shares, add new subscriber’s base, build your following, and drive added traffic. You can also add stats to your Dashboard with our step-by-step guide.

It is the extensive social media plugin designed for WordPress to provide added flexibility and exposure in social media for you to share on over 45 leading social networks, along with the huge range of optimized messengers. Along with it, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also has the most extensive and best package of 52 templates for social sharing, and complete set of over 30 attractive customizations and animations and 27 design positions. This plugin covers all the areas to display your social sharing buttons. If you are looking for an amazing theme for Travel blog, we recommend EightyDays.

All in all, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a true trend-setter for WordPress in social media for the next four years to come as it is trusted by over 100,000 clients, along with the top tech brands.

WordPress Social Media Plugin has more power to you…

One Social Media Plugin, Many Solutions

With Easy Social Share Buttons, it is very easy to swap or change plugin functional modes. No matter you are looking for plain sharing buttons or advanced social functions, this plugin can get you covered. Don’t you like default modes? No problem! You may go with custom mode or all options mode where you can switch on or switch off everything you want. To boost the SEO of your website, we recommend Premium SEO Pack plugin.

Other Features

This social sharing plugin is packed with several attractive features. This single plugin covers everything you need to improve your social experience. It has some of the appealing features you need but doesn’t know about before you use this plugin.

Pinterest Images

Get the most of Pinterest and boost the success of your content by uploading the description and Pinterest worthy image.

Shareable Quotes

You can create quotes that are tweetable in the post and people can easily share it with one click.

Optimize Social Sharing

With Easy Social Share Buttons, you can deliver the right message to your audience as it has social share optimization module with which you can easily customize the information shared. It also has effective optimization fields on the post, automated tune up of Tweet message, and customized Tweets with images.

Share Analytics

It is the most cutting-edge module of social share analytics. You can keep track on the actions of visitors based on display method, post, or type of device. You can also get covered if you use Google Analytics. It also has options to activate the tracking campaigns of Google Analytics.

Social A/B

You can easily choose what’s suited to your site. There are three different configurations to set up for the share buttons and you choose the best.