Premium SEO Pack for WordPress – An Ultimate Tool to Optimize Your Site

By default, most of the WordPress themes work really well without any add-ons. This is why it is the most widely-used CMS system in the world. But site owners should work on their own to get their website SEO-ready and optimize for speed.

Premium SEO Pack for WordPress is the one-stop solution to optimize your site for Google, Bing, and other modern search engines. It has all the features you can get in lots of other plugins, along with other add-ons that are not found anywhere else.

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Key Features

Link Builder

With this plugin, you can improve the internal link building of your site. The list of URLs and keywords can be generated automatically. There is nothing to worry about modifying each post with this Premium SEO plugin. Simply insert URL and keyword and links will be published in all the articles.

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Google Analytics

The plugin features WordPress dashboard to perform custom analysis. It has interactive dashboard to keep track on all the vital aspects of the performance of your site from the admin area of WordPress.

Page Speed Module

This plugin provides page speed analysis to improve user experience, website speed, as well as search ranks. With this feature, you can run quick testing on page speed on several pages at the same time. You can also test the page speed one by one and view full report and score on mobile and desktop.

Local SEO

If you want to optimize your website, you can rank it locally to be found by your local customers and on Google Maps. You can insert shortcodes with ease, such as Address, Google Maps, phone etc. in any posts or pages and configure custom location.

Error Pages Optimization

Keep track on 404 error pages to improve the user experience of your website. You can find out the URLs which are referring visitors, along with the number of hits and the likeliness to divert them to any other page. You can maintain the ranking with it and avoid downgrading it.

Facebook Scheduler

You can control on what to publish directly to Facebook pages, profiles and groups. You can auto-complete page or post data, schedule posts, and publish to privacy option or publish the posts right away on Facebook.

Google+ Integration

Add personal touch to your content and link it to Google+ profile. You can validate and get your content ahead in search results, help more users choose quality content, and access more Google+ followers.

Rich Snippets

When users browse through Google, Rich Snippets are helpful to grab their attention. These are actually extra details that can be featured on result pages, affecting click through rates (CTR) and visitor behavior. They are compatible to Bing, Google, Yahoo and all the widely-used search engines. You can use these rich snippets as events, reviews, products, people, and recipes.  

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ModuloBox – A Modular Lightbox Plugin to Create Responsive Slideshow

ModuloBox is a cutting-edge Lightbox plugin for WordPress so you can create elegant and dynamic slideshow in popup to flaunt your heart’s media in a responsive manner. The plugin is compatible to HTML5, images, and embed videos (on Vimeo, YouTube, Wisitia and Dailymotion), HTML and iframe contents. You can blend all types of contents in one gallery.

Do you want to keep track on your website rankings? Choose Rankie WordPress rank tracker plugin.


ModuloBox is designed on world-class and latest technologies, such as multi-gesture. It is best performing and smooth plugin which is easy to navigate with swipe, pinch and drag content just like with native view. It is also easy to navigate with mouse wheel to zoom or slide or keyboard. It also looks like most of the well-known UIs like Android, iOS, Google Drive etc. so users can easily get accustomed with Lightbox and check out the galleries.

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It has a lot of amazing features with intuitive and powerful options panel. It is the only lightbox which combines all of the possibilities in one plugin. You can easily open your galleries in ModuloBox as well as your Woocommerce Product galleries. For instance, it also allows you to access any custom element from class name of CSS. It also has customized and justified gallery to replace the Gallery shortcode of WordPress. Also read our guide to add Mega Menu to WordPress.

Key Features

Intuitive, Responsive Design

It is a modular lightbox plugin for WordPress to create intuitive, versatile and responsive slideshow in popup. It provides best performance as it is built with JavaScript.


ModuloBox supports most of the widely used gallery plugins, such as Jetpack, NextgenGallery, ENVIRAGALLERY, Visual Composer, Essential Grid etc. So, you can easily open your desired gallery in ModuloBox plugin as well as custom elements.


Flaunt your heart’s media in a very responsive and elegant manner as it supports HTML5, images, and embed iframe, videos, and HTML contents.

Multi-touch gestures

The plugin is easy to navigate with different fingers on your device. You can easily drag, swipe, or pinch content in easy way, just like with any native view that is easy to swipe.

Power-Packed Features

ModuloBox is designed with a lot of awesome features to fine-tune your Lightbox. It has all the unique possibilities gathered, such as thumbnail navigation, endless scrolling, multiple galleries, slideshow mode, social sharing, and fullscreen mode.

Innovative UI

The best part of ModuloBox is that it is designed like various widely-used UIs like Android, iOS, etc. Hence, you can easily get comfortable using this plugin. It is fully responsive with HTML caption, vector icons, keyboard and mouse wheel support.

Innovative Options Panel

ModuloBox is packed with power-packed and innovative options panel to setup your litebox with ease. You can easily import/export settings and live preview the settings through dashboard quickly.

Rankie WordPress Rank Tracker to Keep Track on Your Rankings

Rankie is an exclusive plugin for WordPress to keep track on your website ranking on Google and monitor the position of each keyword. WordPress Rankie is a WordPress rank tracker plugin to update the positions of keyword ranks on day to day basis and to generate effective reports.  It also features an effective research tool which is used to generate important list of keywords that are widely used by users.

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Track Your Website Ranking on Google

Rankie can keep track on keyword ranking and these ranks can be updated every day. Hence, you can use it as SERP plugin for your WordPress site.

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Generate Daily Report on Ranking

You can generate report on ranking per month, by all time, or per year basis so you can know your ranking, with proper details on every change on position for each keyword. You can also download such daily reports on PDF format.

Keyword Research

Rankie is more than just an SERP tracker plugin for WordPress which also adds an effective tool for keyword research which is used to generate vast list of keywords one can target with ease. You can easily catch Google suggestions to generate keywords for your specific list by appending all the characters to the main keyword. For example, if you are looking for keyword related to weight loss, the plugin will search for weight loss and return up to 10 results as suggestion for this term and returns another set of 10 results for weight loss a, weight loss b and so on till it gets 10 results for weight loss z. You can show the keywords as a list.


Track Searched Keywords Automatically

If your WordPress site is visited by someone via Google, you will get the keyword searched by the visitor. Then, add this keyword to its dashboard to track on.

Locate Keyword Positions

The Rankie has four different ways to locate the position for keywords on Google –

  • Google Custom Search API – It uses official custom search API for Google to fetch over 100 results and check its position.
  • Google Directory – You can search for first 100 results on Google Directory for keyword and check its position.
  • Via – You can fetch over 100 results by visiting to access Google.
  • com – You can use the proxy to fetch up to first 100 Google results. Rankie uses proxy while using Google as a Google rank plugin.

Daily Email Report

You can get daily report using this plugin about each position from up to down. Plugin keeps track on ranking and generates a unique graph for tracking each keyword. Every single action in this plugin is recorded in the WordPress rank checker.

Easy Filtering

With the rank tracker plugin on this plugin, keywords that are tracked can be filtered quickly by search term or by site group.

WPBakery Page Builder – Bestselling WordPress Plugin with Backend & Frontend Editor

Don’t want to manually code layouts anymore? Are you stressed out of trial and error with CSS or shortcodes? You need something that can design anything for any page. This way, WPBakery Page Builder plugin is here that works with any WordPress theme. 

It is one of the most widely used and bestselling WordPress plugin. It is user-friendly, drag and drop page builder to create virtually any layout you like without any hassle of trial and error in coding.

You can access Inline or Frontend editor and Backend editor anytime you want. WPBakery Page Builder plugin is bundled with two different types of editors so you can pick the view you like. The backend schematic editor allows you to create your favorite WordPress website you like or move the process of page building to frontend to see your website in action.

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In addition, WPBakery Page Builder plugin gives total control to you on responsiveness. You can adjust your own preferences and create responsive website with few clicks to ensure its best performance on any screen size. This plugin has everything you need to design a responsive website. With WPBakery Page Builder Responsive Preview, you don’t have to borrow or invest in different devices.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Grid Builder

There are up to 40 predefined grid templates in WPBakery Page Builder to display your pages, posts, media, and custom post types in masonry grid or simple grid. Craft your personalized grid element with Grid Builder out of the box if you didn’t like default templates.

Innovative Drag & Drop Interface

WPBakery Page Builder features user-friendly, lightweight interface that will be appreciated by both you and your clients. With this plugin, creating posts and pages has never been so easier. You don’t need to have any programming skills.

Backend Editor

Love to work behind the scenes? WPBakery Page Builder is ready for your native content management with all the options and vital features available at your fingertips on the backend.

Frontend Editor

Want to see everything in action on the moment you create? This plugin has amazing frontend editor for innovative page building experience. See how your content would look on frontend, without any extra switches or clicks.

WooCommerce Ready

Are you going to run an absolute online store? No issue! WPBakery Page Builder plugin is all set to work with WooCommerce. The WPBakery Element Menu covers all the WooCommerce shortcodes you would ever need after installing both plugins.

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Template Library & System

Reuse or copy all the existing pages, save parts of pages or full page as templates with its template library. You can set templates as default for post types. It has free to download layout templates in Template Library that are created by several web designers and library is updated daily.

Responsive Design

It allows you to check how content is displayed actually in real time. On both mobile and desktops, it is sure that your content will look beautiful. You can have total control on responsive design by defining offsets, column size, and display options.  

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Webba Booking – Booking and Appointment Plugin for WordPress

Webba Booking is a very user-friendly and efficient appointment and reservation plugin for your WordPress site, especially designed for service providers who want to optimize their schedule and ensure comfort for their customers. Webba Booking plugin has been coded to make it as easy as possible with endless options.

No matter what kind of service you provide which needs appointments or booking system, your business will run smoothly all thanks to Webba Booking.

Webba Booking is an all-inclusive plugin which supports multiple bookings on one session, group bookings, padding times on appointments, varied appointment durations, early booking limits and booking cancellations, unlimited schedule, customized feel and look, unlimited appointments, endless staff members, online payment, and even more in between, without any extra add-on required.

Are you looking for a clean, responsive blog theme for WordPress, choose Sahifa.

This theme has got the full power of shortcodes, plugins, features and options. You can use everything you need, from social plugins to awesome layouts. You can use this theme to create any business website. Use up to 150 shortcodes, create custom layouts with one click, and make awesome blog, shop, gallery or portfolio with grid options.

Fully Customized

You can choose from 79 presets or design your own form from the very beginning. There are 80 options in both cases (such as CSS as margin, padding etc. for each element) and refine the design and get the desired result. You can use all form’s labels, your own wording, just like editable reminders and notifications. You may choose to display the booked time slots or not. You can even display the time as time range on the slot or start time.

Do you know you can also add “Delete Account”option on your WordPress site? Here’s how!


This section represents the details about various areas of activities in the company. You can create endless services with their own booking rules and schedule. You may provide early access to your staff with the schedule of service. You team can also access their own schedules and you can access all appointments from schedules mentioned in the appointment table.

From there, you are allowed to filter date range and services and access all the data, such as name, date, email, phone, Service, etc. and display by the desired data as a table sorted.


For grouping various services, you can create endless categories. Setup a shortcode to show only services on front end from one category. Limit the room of auto lock with this feature.

Auto-lock Appointments

Want your Services to be connected in between? The Auto-Lock appointment or chain booking feature locks the time slots automatically in all services. For example, equipment is used by a couple of service providers. Here, it is better to make services inaccessible for a certain period if services were booked. Auto lock has no limit of business hours or duration as algorithm automatically analyzes the connections of time slots in between.

Cutting-edge Appointments Status

Suppose you have five statuses to categorize the steps of booking and use them as per your own needs, such as Approved, Awaiting approval, Paid (approved), Arrived, and Paid (awaiting approval). You may combine these with sending notifications as per their status to manage your schedules to the fullest.

Accept Online Payments

You may approve online payments using PayPal. When needed, you may set your tax and choose your currency. According to the price assigned and number of items, it will calculate the amount to be paid.

WavePlayer – Fully Responsive, HTML5 Ready Audio Player Plugin for WordPress

WavePlayer is a completely customizable WordPress audio player plugin which supports HTML5 and WP Media Manager integration. Its responsive interface is designed around the audio file waveform which is playing back.

You can host your favorite tracks without any limitations imposed by several free music services out there. You can customize its modern player to match the overall look of your website.

Major Highlights

  • Best for your Podcast and Music websites
  • Modern style and responsive interface
  • HTML5 support
  • Peak files for quick access to audio waveforms
  • Full Media Manager integration as well as visual playlist creation
  • Full WooCommerce support with batch creation of tracks and albums

WavePlayer 2.1.0 – What’s New in this Version?

WavePlayer has been rewritten with attention to detail to make it more efficient, faster, and to add all the key features that were the major highlights on public demand during the last year.

Playlist Panel – Finally WavePlayer adds a visible list of all tracks incorporated in one go. The administrator can configure the buttons and info with ease on each row.

Peak Files – Audio tracks are analyzed just after being uploaded to Media Library. Hence, there is no need to wait to render waveform while using the track for the first time, which is very helpful for very large files. In addition, Maintenance section is well renovated which enables users to manage peak files with ease.

More Efficient and Quick – All player instances are loaded at the same time in one page. So, it cuts the load time to a great extent and it makes interaction with server a lot quicker and efficient. For instance, if there are 10 instances on one page, the older WavePlayer version sent 10 calls and playlist of each instance has been achieved at a time.

WavePlayer 2.1 analyzes existing page and sends it a single request to the server for all the instances on a page. This way, the interaction becomes even more efficient on the server and it cuts the page load time significantly. Starting from v2.1, it creates only one Audio Element in each page. So, load time is even faster and improves efficiency of memory management.

Fully Customizable – WavePlayer is highly regarded by its users for its amazing capabilities of customization. By using the flagship version 2.1, the possibilities are endless. With the new playlist panel, now you can customize the details appeared on both playlist rows and Info Bar. It has expanded the number of placeholders to customize. Now webmasters can customize both the playlist and Info Bar by adding stats and buttons for the most common tools, such as social shares, likes, play counts, download, and runtime. The system is very flexible and simple, so you can decide what to show.

WooCommerce Support – All types of products have been integrated with WooCommerce support. It is designed to automate the creation process as much as possible for music products, such as music albums or singles. The new feature covers the creation of Meta value which stores the type of music product like album or single, etc.

Cost Calculator – A WordPress Plugin to Make Price Quotes Even Clearer

Cost Calculator – A WordPress Plugin to Make Price Quotes Even Clearer

WordPress has literally made it simple for most of us to develop fully-functional websites. You can do even more with your WordPress with plenty of plugins. In order to provide cost estimates, you may want to give a quick look to Cost Calculator plugin. It is an interactive script with dropdown menus, textbox, numeric slider and anything you would want to display on a cost calculator.

Cost Calculator is a minimalistic, clean, project price/quote/estimation WordPress plugin which easily creates price estimation forms and quotes for your site. The price estimation and quotes give clear calculation of your product or service cost.


Cost Calculator is a very simple and by far, the most user-friendly plugin which is used to quote, estimate price, project cost, etc. It is very simple to use as it has responsive shortcodes and it can be used with Rapid Composer or Visual Composer.  It features the form elements as follows –

  • Dropdown menus and image icons
  • Textbox
  • On/off switch
  • Numeric slider

In this plugin, you can freely assign a value to each form element and it will add or multiply the assigned item price to the total value. The Slider control features price offset property with which you can provide fixed cost despite the volume.

Cost Calculator includes accent color property with which color scheme changes can be made as easy as possible. It is also a great lead generation tool. It has Contact Form which sends all the information of the user in Cost Calculator to a specified email address.


PayPal Integration

Cost Calculator comes with PayPal support. It includes each form element in final statement as a separate item. Keep in mind that only items that are added to the sum total will be included in PayPal (whole group is considered as one item of PayPal if group of elements is used).


Another best thing is that Cost Calculator can work on any device, whether it is smartphone, iPad or desktop. It supports both Rapid Composer and Visual Composer. It also has support from free updates and highly qualified team.


4 Demos

Cost Calculator is fully responsible and customizable. Please check out the four versatile demos to see it in action and get the idea of options to configure. The plugin also includes a Demo XML. Here are the four demos for your businesses to choose from:

  • Car Wash Cost Calculator
  • Dentist Cost Calculator
  • Renovation Cost Calculator
  • Hosting Cost Calculator

It allows you to assign a value to all the form elements and it cares for the rest in itself. It features PayPal integration and shortcodes. It needs Visual Composer. This premium cost estimation plugin is built by Elite Author.


Ultimate Membership Pro – Add Value to Your WordPress Site It Deserves

Ultimate Membership Pro – Add Value to Your WordPress Site It Deserves

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could make money from your content? For doing it, you may want to start your official membership site. It was a challenging thing in the past, especially for those who were not so technically excellent.

Luckily, WordPress developers have made it easier for you. Where would you find the right blend of features with something which is still simple to set up and use?

Ultimate Membership Pro is the best solution. It is a membership plugin with huge range of features. It is made by Indeed Development which has made huge list of premium plugins for WordPress.

Key Features

Allows Restricting Content

Based on user levels, you can show or restrict content. You may protect posts, pages, products, posts, categories, content sections, URL, menu, videos, images, etc.  Drip content for pages and posts based on subscription level, block content based on keywords, replace or redirect content, hide menu items on the basis of user levels, create custom redirect links, and get content locker protection in one plugin.

Subscriptions & Levels

It consists of unlimited paid and free subscription levels along with subscriptions plan options and page. For level access, it includes multiple options like Lifetime, Date Range, Limited, Regular Period, and After Expire Level.


Payment Options

Ultimate Membership Pro features multiple payment options like Ongoing, Limited, One Time, and Trial Period and supports multiple payment gateways like Bank Transfer, PayPal,, Stripe, and 2CheckOut. You can accept single payment or recurring like weekly, daily, monthly etc. It also allows you to accept offline payments via bank transfers and set paid or free trial periods. You can also have to choose currency for transactions.

Templates, Forms, Shortcodes

There are many templates for login, registration, account pages, content locker, member lists, and email notifications including custom CSS. For profile forms, it has unlimited custom fields like Profile Image, Upload Files, Date Picker, DropDown, Checkboxes, etc.  It supports nine platforms for email marketing to manage email and registration campaigns, such as MailPoet, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, MyMail, Constant Contact, iContact, Mad Mimi, GetResponse etc. with double sign-in verification for added security.

It supports seven social networks for social registration or login, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Tumblr, and Instagram. It features fully customizable templates for email notifications and five social button layouts and special fields for avatars.

Other Features

  • Professional account pages, such as tabs for Profile, Overview, Transactions and Subscription
  • Custom dashboard access
  • Overview section for account pages
  • Members list showing pagination and slider
  • Instant access to the stats for levels, users, and transactions in dashboard.
  • Synchronize members with WordPress users
  • Restrict users from other scripts or platforms like bbPress, WooComerce or BuddyPress to content according to their subscription level
  • Supports WordPress page builder and Visual Composer
  • Translation Ready


Social Locker – A WordPress Plugin Gives a Reason to Share Your Content

Social Locker – A WordPress Plugin Gives a Reason to Share Your Content

Do you have social buttons on each page on your website, but visitors don’t share or like your content as much as you’ve expected?

It’s time to give them a reason why they should share or like your content on your site. Sometimes, even after loving your content, fanpage or website, they don’t click the Like or Share buttons just because they don’t care about your traffic, your profit, and your business.

To spark people’s attention to do just that, ask them to pay back with a Tweet/Like/+1 to access your content, for example, to claim discount, to read a full book, watch a video, see a cool picture, or to download an eBook.

How Would You Do That?

A WordPress plugin, named “Social Locker” can do it for you. It just locks your most important content behind a few social buttons. It never unlocks until visitor shares, likes or tweets your page. It helps you build social performance, builds quality followers, gets more shares or likes, and attracts more traffic. You just have to choose the most attractive part of content you would like to lock and you are all set.

How Social Locker Could Benefit You?

You can lock any video, article, image, audio, coupon codes, download links, or anything you think is most important for your audience to gather shares or likes. Here’s how it works –

Improves Social Traffic – Social Locker can add genuine traffic to your site, your sales page, or opt-in funnel. Once users tweet or share your content to access to the locked content, their friends will also see it, and hopefully, some of them may visit your site. It will multiply your traffic again and again.

In order to improve traffic, you should ensure that your website loads faster. For faster turnaround time, choose a reliable web hosting solution.

Build Quality Followers – Every online entrepreneur and blogger understands the difficulty to attract followers and fans, especially on new websites that started with low budget. Now every visitor can be lured to follow you on social media. You can build loyalty and get in touch with them. All you need to lock your important content and tell them that only your followers and fans can open it.

Boost SEO Ranking – The search algorithm in Google considers around 200 factors when it comes to determine the results to show up in search query. This way, social media is one of the vital factors to consider and it has great influence on the ranking of your site in search engine. Along with it, there are several other SEO must work on.

Make Content Transparent, Blur or Completely Hide It

Add spark to your visitors’ mind with overlay effects featured in this plugin. In this plugin, you can choose how to display the locked content, partly visible (blurred or transparent) or completely hidden. It literally attracts large number of visitors and grabs a lot of attention. If visitors could see and find out what they can get once they unlock, it really works well.


Top 7 Video Gallery, Background WordPress Plugins

When a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is capable to tell a million more. You can enhance the overall look of your content and add life to it while embedding and sharing videos on the site or contents to convey your message.

With these plugins, you can do more than just embedding video. There are several other options like video playlist, video slider, and video background. You can perform everything you want with the upsurge of WordPress plugins. The process of adding videos to your WordPress site is very simple. When it comes to adding video gallery to WordPress, you will want to have plugin to work with it.

These plugins don’t only display videos in gallery, but they can also optimize the load time for SEO and speed. Listed here are the best WordPress video gallery plugins to meet the needs of embedding videos at various places in your site.

1. WordPress Video Teasers with Layout Builder

WordPress Video Teasers is the ultimate video teasers plugin for WordPress that comes with Layout Builder. You can choose from over 20 customizable Video Teaser layouts created to meet all your needs. It is really an amazing pack which is unique in its usability and design.

Key Features

  • Over 20 Video Teasers
  • Fully compatible with WordPress
  • Special Colors
  • Fully Responsive
  • Over 1000 icons
  • Editable fields
  • CSS3
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • Multiple Video Teasers

2. StickyVideo for WordPress

StickyVideo for WordPress is the best video plugin to improve viewability with a technique that most reputed sites employ, such as DailyMail, CNN, The Washington Post, etc. They pin videos to the side while scrolling.

You may try StickyVideo for free before buying the pro version. With this plugin, you can embed any video hosted in YouTube, WordPress Media Library, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Brightcove, Facebook, Youku, JW Platform, Tudou, Break, Wistia, Schooltube, Metacafe,, and Liveleak. You can fully customize it under “Settings” option.

Key Features

  • Auto detect videos in posts and pages
  • Minimal configuration and easy setup
  • Easy to customize with options panel
  • Compatible with several video hosts like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and even more.

3. ICarousel

ICarousel is a WordPress carousel slider and touch-based responsive WordPress plugin which is designed on jQuery OWL Carousel. With this plugin, you can create attractive and responsive carousel slider. It also features fancy-box plugin to show the larger size of image carousel in lightbox.

Key Features

  • 100% responsive to work with any device
  • Advanced swipe/touch support
  • Unlimited slides with video, image and HTML content
  • In-built fancyBox
  • User-friendly with Vimeo and YouTube videos
  • HTML slides
  • Auto play feature
  • Several carousels in one page
  • Custom colors for navigation
  • Pause slideshow on hover
  • Over 10 types of navigation buttons
  • Enable/disable dots pagination
  • Supports shortcode
  • Options to set several images to move
  • Supports browsers like Chrome, Firebox, Safari, Android, iOS and IE9 or up
  • Easy customizable
  • Up to 30 settings to manage slider

4. WP1 Slider Pro

WP1 Slider Pro is a 100% responsive WordPress Touch Slider for beginners. Generally, slider plugins are too complex and need more time to make or configure a slider. So, WP1 Slider Pro is the first-ever plugin which is made for non-tech users and non-programmers.

The plugin is very user-friendly and comes with all the attractive features and you are able to create appealing sliders within no time, with no coding required.

With this plugin, you can smoothly create content sliders, image galleries, post sliders, slideshows, video sliders, WooCommerce product sliders, team slider, testimonial slider, slider in mobile/laptop/frame, partial view slider, SoundCloud slider, auto-width and full-width slider, and even more. It can also have Kenburn effects on the images.

Along with it, you can easily design galleries/sliders with Instagram and Facebook images.

Key Features

  • Video Background, Image, Video, and SoundCloud audio slider
  • WooCommerce Slider
  • Content, Post Type slider
  • Over 15 attractive navigation layouts and thumbnail pager
  • 25 amazing templates for animated slider
  • Social Media slides
  • Carousel Layout, Image Gallery, and Lightbox effects

5. Niso Carousel

Niso Carousel is an advance carousel box which includes all kinds of carousels for you. Niso Carousel is among the most user-friendly plugins for WordPress. You can create endless carousel with plenty of options. It also includes support for image lightbox. It comes with plenty of icons for arrow button. It supports dots, arrow button, center mode, variable width, Caption, Animation, Lazy load, hover caption, RTL, and Mousewheel.

Key Features

  • Includes Image carousel, Post Carousel, Video Carousel, Service Carousel, Product Carousel, Team Carousel, Testimonial Carousel and much more
  • Plenty of styles in each carousel
  • Unlimited options.

6. VideoTNT

With VideoTNT, you can smoothly and quickly add high-quality video to your pages and pages and grab the users’ attention.  Whether you like to enhance engagement or to keep people stumbled upon your pages or to get them subscribed or buying, this plugin has some useful features to improve your site rankings.

With VideoTNT, you can bounce your video out on the visitors. You can get these videos to be played more, get watched for longer to drive engagement time in SEO, and viewers may also convert into subscribers and you can offer more videos to their email.

Key Features

  • Interactive Video Embedding
  • Attractive mid-content pop-outs
  • Add another channel for Buyers, Subscribers, and Sharers
  • Attract 10 times more views to your video
  • Improves engagement for visitors
  • User-friendly settings panel

7. vCast Button for WordPress

Versatile Chromecast or vCast button allows you to send video from WordPress website to the Chromecast. It works with all the players, scans WordPress site for video and configure display and video options with clean interface.

Key Features

  • video playlist to choose URL and cast from detected media URLs
  • Change cast button to any image you like
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Supports PHP5 and WordPress 3.3+