Top 10 Galleries WordPress Plugins

There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress gallery plugins these days. They all provide attractive features which improve the overall look of your site, i.e. from adding Lightboxes to setting 3D display. With a lot of choices, there comes confusion. To get professional outcomes with huge range of features, we have listed the top 10 best Gallery plugins for WordPress.  

Some of these themes are lightweight while some are fully featured, and some are super smooth to use while others come with steeper learning. We have covered it all below.

1. Everest Gallery

Everest Gallery is a fully responsive and versatile gallery plugin for WordPress designed with great designs and features. Everest Gallery is the one-stop Gallery plugin which supports video, audio, images, mixed gallery, posts and Instagram.

It allows you add as many items as you like, manage and edit them quickly. The plugin includes several layouts, such as blog layout, grid layout, masonry layout, slideshow layout, carousel layout, and filmstrip layout.

Along with it, each layout features various configuration settings and sub-layouts. You can disable/enable hover effect for the gallery. It comes with two types of hover effects – overlay and filter image.

Key Features

  • Over 30 Layouts
  • Supports various gallery items
  • Column Configuration Options for Masonry and Grid Layouts
  • Over 35 Hover Effects
  • Over 10 Image Filters
  • Pagination Configuration
  • Lightbox and other options
  • Custom CSS insert
  • Drag & Drop Gallery Ordering

2. WP Gallery Evolved

Now you can power up your WordPress Gallery with this integrated plugin WP Gallery Evolved. Once it is installed, you can add some new settings to Gallery Settings and take full control over responsiveness over the gallery columns.

All you need to set the breakpoint and the number of columns should be broken on the gallery on it and you are all set. It comes with two breakpoints and covers mobile devices and tablets.

With just one click, you can easily add custom lightbox features for the galleries and change the layout to load by rendering as carousel and as a dynamic gallery. It has added some hooks for developers to add more control on its features and add more customization.

Key Features

  • Lightbox setting
  • Fully Responsive
  • Layout settings – carousel and dynamic grid
  • Hooks for customizations

3. Smart Logo Showcase

Smart Logo Showcase is the fully responsive plugin for Clients Logo Gallery in WordPress. This logo showcase plugin features over 30 attractive templates. It is a fully responsive logo showcase maker to display logo images, in a way you like and configure it. It has different layouts to use and it presents your sponsor, client, brand logo, and partner in an attractive way.

Key Features

• Explore endless possibilities with Social Links, Adding Links, Logo Showcase, and Title/Description
• Over 30 Pre-designed attractive responsive templates
• Grid Layout
• No Coding skills needed
• List Layout
• Carousel Layout
• Flipster Layout
• Full View Integrations
• Filter Layout
• Tooltip Options
• Overlay/Hover effects
• Additional Fields
• Display Popups
• Images Gallery
• Supports Major Browsers
• Compatible with All Themes

4. AlbumsGrid 2.2

AlbumsGrid 2.2 is one of the widely used photo gallery WordPress modules. You can add images to gallery easily. It is a gallery module designed for Gmedia plugin. It is excellently designed with AJAX that can play audio files. It is very user-friendly and simple module that needs no coding knowledge to set up and use. It is optimized well for any widget.

Key Features

  • Compatible with any widget area
  • Includes Gmedia Tags Cloud
  • Splash gallery for Categories, Albums, and Tags on Gmedia Library
  • Mobile friendly and fully responsive
  • Built with AJAX
  • Ability to share separate photo or collection
  • Play audio files
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Several settings
  • Enhanced preloading
  • Easy to use

5. Portfolio Minimal

Designed for Visual Composer, the Portfolio Minimal Shortcode has been launched. It supports to display your gallery, portfolio project, and more in your work with several hover and layout effects. It is an amazing plugin which shows your image gallery, projects, and will resolve virtually every problem to introduce and showcase about your work. This plugin comes with several shortcode options to customize the display as you like.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and configure
  • 100% responsive
  • Supports several Portfolio layouts – Masonry, Grid, Landscape, Squared, and Portrait
  • Supports 6+ Portfolio layout, 5+ Filter styles, 6 Hover styles, 5 Padding options, 5 Columns options, 3 Lightbox options or li, WPML ready, and Animation for all shortcodes
  • And even more

6. lightGallery

lightGallery is a fully modular, customizable, lightbox, and responsive plugin for WordPress gallery. It is a fully featured video and image gallery plugin for your WordPress site. It is very smooth and user-friendly plugin which allows you to upload your videos and images to add to your gallery.

It also allows you to add current files from media library. All the module and plugin options can easily be designed and customized from the main interface. It literally works well with default image gallery. It is designed and integrated with attachments and has captions from its media library.

Key Features

  • 100% responsive theme
  • Drag and Drop navigation
  • Comes with pre-defined modules like full screen, thumbnails, zoom etc.
  • Animated thumbnails
  • Vimeo and YouTube support
  • Over 20 animations
  • HTML5 videos
  • Smart preloading
  • Social sharing

7. FAT Portfolio

FAT Portfolio is a world-class portfolio plugin that can showcase gallery, portfolio and even more. This plugin supports WPML and visual composer. It is capable to change all the font sizes, colors, image size, and spacing from effective plugin settings panel and shortcodes.

Key Features

  • Changeable image size, spacing, colors, font sizes, and hover color through settings panel
  • Clean and fully responsive design
  • Customizable portfolio archive
  • Social gallery includes Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube etc.
  • 11 animation effects
  • Shortcode builder
  • Supports Visual composer
  • Cross Browser support
  • WPML ready
  • Well Documented
  • 8 shortcode styles – Masonry, Grid, Metro, 3D Carousel, Carousel, Flipster carousel, and Flipster coverflow
  • 10 item skins
  • 3 types of pagination
  • 2 types of filter

8. Desire Slider 1.2

Desire Slider v1.2 is a premium gallery module for Gmedia WordPress plugin. It features a lot of attractive features. It is mobile friendly and fully responsive module which supports all major browsers. It comes with native and user-friendly mode.

Key Features

  • Native full-screen mode
  • Mobile-friendly and 100% responsive
  • Swipe with your mouse or finger
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Full-screen mode
  • Optional, Custom Link, Download, and Comments button
  • Views, Likes counters
  • Show terms and image tags
  • Easy to sort
  • Photo EXIF details
  • Optimized preloading
  • Geo-location for pictures
  • User-friendly

9. WP Grid Gallery

WP Grid Gallery is a user-friendly and 100% responsive WordPress gallery plugin to sell both tangible and digital products and create galleries. You can add your mage and attract your customers to the gallery. WP Grid Gallery is easy to meet your needs and set-up.

It takes just a couple of seconds to add gallery or images. You can supplement your pictures with extra details like description, title, and tags, add parameters etc. You can further modify the uploaded images with different editing tools. You can easily flip, crop, and rotate images with it.

It allows you to make all the important customizations in the shortcode for the view in advance to add album or gallery to the pages or posts. With File Manager, you can upload, rename, remove, or copy image directories and/or images with few easy steps.  It is compatible to several view options. It will display the images/products with stylish lightbox where users can easily know the product usage dimensions, license, and price.

Key Features

• Stripe Integration
• Thumbnails Gallery View
• Compact Album
• Multiple Pricing
• Edit Themes and styles
• Shortcode generator
• Front-end image selection and Search Box

10. WD Portfolio Galleries

WD Portfolio Galleries is a WordPress plugin for BASIK Portfolio theme. This portfolio plugin is used to design over 20 styles. It is completely mobile ready and responsive plugin which can fit to all screen sizes. It supports Visual Composer which is built on 100% responsive Bootstrap 3. It includes endless color options with backend color selector so you can quickly and easily change the color across the whole theme.

Key Features

  • 100% responsive
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Over 20 styles
  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Integrated with Font Awesome Icon
  • Unlimited Color
  • Translation Ready
  • Easy to Customize


Many people argue that you should use the in-built functionality of WordPress. But it is not always true. You shouldn’t limit yourself with basic functionality when you have so many plugins available to stand out.

Top 10 Forms Plugins for WordPress 2017

An appealing and attractive form gives a professional look to your site. It also boosts your online presence. A contact form allows your readers to connect with you and you don’t have to provide your email address.

When most WordPress themes have in-built contact forms, it is even better if you create your personalized form with a plugin. You can customize the feel and look you want by creating your own plugin for your site and add any other fields to have complete control over the forms.

There are different premium and free form plugins offering widest range of features according to your need. If you are looking for something basic, you may choose a free plugin like Contact Form 7. If you want something more comprehensive, choose premium plugins like GravityForms for more customizable and flexible forms. Listed here are the top forms plugins to get your work easier –

1. Contact Form 7 Redirects

Contact Form 7 is truly the free and most popular forms plugin with over 18 million downloads. It is very simple to use. You can use it to manage several contact forms and customize them with any mail content using HTML flexibly.

It also supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and Ajax-powered submission. Along with managing several contact forms, you can easily customize the mail contents and forms with just a simple markup flexibly.

On the other side, Contact Form 7 Redirects features Failed and Thank You page. As the name suggests, it redirects visitors to thank you pages, success pages or failed page. You can create your own thank you page.

Key Features

  • Supports all versions of contact form 7
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Custom URL page
  • Custom failed page
  • Custom Thank You Page


Gravity Forms is undoubtedly the most popular plugin used these days. According to a data released by Datanyze, this premium plugin is used on over 53% of sites ranked top by Alexa. With GravityForms you can build and design your own forms with an attractive forms editor.

Some of the attractive features are custom settings, multi-page forms, advanced and standard fields, ability to schedule forms and control entries, and advanced pricing, fields, and post fields. 

For personal license, unlimited forms, entries and support, the prices of this theme start from $39 per year. It also includes lots of add-ons with developer and business licenses to integrate the theme with PayPal, MailChimp, Survey and various services.

Key Features

  • Custom Settings
  • Advanced and Standard Fields
  • Multi-page forms
  • Ability to control entries and schedule forms
  • Advanced post, fields, and pricing

3. FormEditor

With the help of FormEditor, you can create attractive signup forms, contact forms, payment forms, as well as other types of forms for your WordPress site within minutes. It is 100% mobile friendly contact solution for your website. It is compatible to all the mobile devices, laptops, and tablet and desktop.

Key Features

  • Easy to create
  • Custom Form
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Easy to edit fields
  • Allows you create attractive signup forms, contact forms, payment forms and other types of forms
  • 100% responsive
  • Optimized for server and web performance
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Includes all the features you need to succeed
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • SEO friendly, mobile ready, and optimized for speed

4. eForm

eForm is designed to supercharge your appealing contact form and to help you get creative with surveys, quizzes, and payment calculations. In addition, the plugin is easy to customize with up to 35 inbuilt form elements and 100 fonts.  You can add mathematical forms, conditional logic in forms, and allow file uploads. With eForm, you can edit submissions and categorize forms in admin area.

Key Features

  • In-built quiz system
  • Survey analytics
  • Stripe and PayPal integrated
  • Drag n’ drop builder
  • Feedback, Contact and Survey
  • Excel and CVS Reports
  • Timer, Quiz and Leaderboard
  • User Registration, Update, and Login
  • WooCommerce Ready

5. eForm easySubmission

eForm easySubmission is a premium add-on that provides a lot of functionality to manage your submissions for eForm form builder plugin in your WordPress site. You can generate a new shortcode type to publish forms to show edit form if it has been submitted already. If not, you can easily showcase an empty form simply to get your first data for submission. It is helpful to bypass the portal completely and trackback the page for submission editing.

It is the best bet for 1-time review forms as well as profile update forms. It allows developer to limit the form to registered users only. Show the login form with your custom message and ask users to login if they are not logged in.

Now version 1.1.0 comes with referral-based edit form. You can publish the same form with various names. If you have to use same review form on multiple products, it is handy. It can automatically sense the submission which was done from the existing url by the existing user.

eForm also comes with lots of format strings to add custom data in messages and email. With eForm easySubmission, you can take it one level up by adding format strings over form elements. You can add value from any element in messages and emails.

Key Features

  • Create product review form
  • Create profile update form
  • Users cannot submit the form two times
  • According to submission, you can add custom message on email

6. Super Forms

Super Forms is the unique plugin that is built to meet all your needs in contact forms. It is the WordPress plugin which is simply a user-friendly plugin to build forms. You can have endless options to create all types of forms. With Multipart elements, conditional logic, and lots of customizable settings and options to adjust the color you want in any element according to your needs.

This add-on will let you to increase subscribers’ base for Mailster once the user clicks on “Submit” button. Users can also choose their interests and save custom fields in Mailster.

Key Features

  • Custom Fields supported
  • Subscription to multiple lists
  • Allows users to choose their lists

7. ACF Form Builder

With ACF Form Builder plugin, you can design frontend, multipurpose submission form with flexible fields. No coding knowledge needed. You can create a beautiful form with just drag & drop.

Key Features

  • Users can create new posts to specified type of post on frontend
  • Supports 24 field types, which is highest in the market
  • Supports repeated fields to make a table
  • Upload files and save to WP-Uploads where you can use its uploader or just basic uploader on the browser
  • You can create multiple subscribe forms to aWeber, MailChimp, ElasticEmail, Responding, and ManDrill
  • With Smart Compare System, it creates several conditional logics with And/OR
  • Drag & Drop plugin. No coding knowledge required. Good for those who cannot code but still want to develop their business website on their own

8. Ninja Forms Public View

For NINJA Forms, the Public View add-on is the best option to show your form submissions to your users. Ninja Forms is the best forms plugin out there. It can be used to show quick data previews, share details collected via private pages and local updates via forms and show list of attendees and entries for sports meet.

Key Features

  • Assign the form you want to display via form parameter.
  • Sort view by choosing Field Key through ‘sort’ parameter
  • Hide the selected fields submitted through exclude parameter in shortcode. Just enter Field Key of the element.
  • Set table style through add-on admin panel

9. Form to Post/Page for NEX-Forms

For NEX-Forms, the Form to Post/Page is the add-on to enable you to create pages and posts from any form which is designed with NEX-Forms. It consists of WP post settings/page. You can also set the featured images for pages or posts from mapped field of file upload.

NEX-Forms feature a grid-layout system to create endless functional and stylish forms. It is packed with lots of options to customize design, including around 660 icons, 70 animations, and 1200 fonts.

It has around 40-form elements as well as features, such as conditional logic, file upload, and conditional logic options. Along with it, it has several form styles, for example, sticky forms and pop-ups.

Key Features

• Create WordPress pages or posts from form submissions
• Multi-step forms
• Sidebar widget
• Email auto responder

10. Formi

Formi is the most powerful and premium form builder plugin for WordPress. It is the mythical multiple-column drag & drop form builder. It is easiest plugin for WordPress which builds interactive forms from elements over several columns with draggable layouts. It allows you to create forms with few clicks.

Key Features

• Completely resizable and draggable Visual Form Builder
• Over 50 Awesome form templates
• Style almost everything without coding knowledge
• Create your own forms
• Conditional Logic, Statistics, Auto Responder and many more.

Top 3 Forum Plugins for WordPress 2017

These days, keeping readers and shoppers stumbled upon your site is a big deal. But there is a way to give them a reason to bookmark your site. Once you gain a solid retention of the readers, you can sell whatever you want.

Yes, we are talking about WordPress forum plugins, which have been around since the prevalence of internet and they literally work well to keep people hanging out and chatting for a while now on your site. It takes a lot of time to manage a forum but returns you can get are worth a while.

You can create your own social network around a single topic that other people may like. Here are the best forum plugins for WordPress to setup a forum quickly and make your own community –

1. Groups Forums

Get a lightweight yet powerful forum system with Groups Forums for your WordPress site. Based on free plugin groups, you can maintain unlimited forums where every member of the group or user can post and reply to any forum topics, while forums can be seen to the public.

Key Features

  • Back End and Front End submission of topics
  • Topic Assignees and Moderators
  • A support system with automated assignment of topics
  • Sticky topics
  • Published/pending topics notifications for moderators, site admin, and authors
  • Customize with Groups Notifications
  • Support for templates with theme-neutral templates offered for forums and topics
  • Includes widgets like Topics, Forums, Topic Search and Topic Tags

2. DW Question & Answer Pro

DW Question & Answer Pro is the most loved Q&A WordPress plugin. It adds a fully functional Q&A section to your WordPress site, such as Quora, StackOverview or Yahoo Answers.         

You can enjoy a lot of amazing features and support priority with DW Question & Answer Pro for the customers. It has a lot of amazing features making it a strong competitor for other Q&A plugins out there.

Key Features

  • Questions Listing Page
  • Front-end questions management
  • Ask Question form
  • Voting features to know the popularity
  • Views Count
  • Email Notifications

3. bbPress Ultimate

Now you can extend your forums with more user experience and added functionality with bbPress Ultimate. You can embed forum topics and details and response below author reply, to BuddyPress profile, and bbPress profile. Admin can personalize the output and make basic edits and translations with admin settings interface.

Key Features

  • See online status of each user who is active and logged in
  • Count on bbPress user’s topics and see how many topics they have
  • See how many replies done by the user
  • Allow users to update their country through dropdown in their profile page.

Final Words

That’s all for the WordPress forum plugins. We hope you liked this article and we hope it helped you pick the best plugin for you. As discussed earlier, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to build an online community. But these plugins are something that can make your job easier.

Top 8 BuddyPress Plugins for Your Social Network

To add social sharing to your WordPress site, BuddyPress is the most common choice as it has all the vital features, such as activity streams, user profiles, and user groups. But for more personalized experience, you will want to bolster the basic package with few plugins.

BuddyPress is meant to keep people connected together. It enables people to connect who share similar interests. Like its parent WordPress, BuddyPress is an open source path. BuddyPress has built everything from core code, to themes, documentation, and plugin extensions.

In this guide, we will discuss the best BuddyPress plugins to make your social network more interactive, such as membership, live chat, social sharing, and eCommerce.

1. bbPress Ultimate

Extend your bbPress forums with user information and added functionally through bbPress Ultimate. Embed info to the replies and topics under author replies to bbPress profile if BuddyPress is available. Across admin settings interface, you can easily customize output and make some edits and translations.

Key Features

  • Get online status of each user up-to-date and tell whether they are online or not.
  • Keep track on number of topics and show the number of topics they have
  • Customizable link pointing to the bbPress replies archive
  • Allows users to update their nation from drop down menu in the profile page.
  • Link to over 15 Social profiles allowed to the users. They can update and access their profiles anytime through edit pages.

2. Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro is the best and most popular Membership WordPress Plugin with which you can work with and create exclusive and multi-level access for the users according to paid or simple free packages.

Turn your site into another source of income by securing your important contacts. You can protect your Products, Pages, Categories, URL, Images, Content Sections, Menu, and others and set a Replace Content or Redirect Content rule.

Key Features

  • Multiple Color Options, Themes split in slider display or grid
  • Public Individual Page for Members Directory with multiple Themes
  • Sell Unlimited vouchers with Membership Cards
  • Social Login/Register
  • Start Promotions
  • All-Inclusive Drip Content
  • Custom Account Page
  • Subscriptions through WooCommerce

3. BuddyPress Users Chat Plugin

BuddyPress Users Chat plugin can be installed to any user-based WordPress forum, blog, community, ecommerce, directory, or any social networking site. Hence, all the users logged in can automatically chat with each other quickly. This plugin can also make the way to chat like Facebook for matrimony, dating, and community social site based on BuddyPress and WordPress framework

Key Features

  • New message browser Notification system
  • Multi user chat
  • New message sound alert on the other tab or minimize browser
  • Chat Session Control
  • Auto Chat invitation pop-up
  • Offline/Online indication
  • 80 Smiley icons with slide control
  • WordPress Online friend search to return only those friends who are online
  • Friend Search option
  • Auto load thumbnail image
  • Full width chat window in smart phones
  • Unlimited background color, pattern, image
  • Unlimited color skin

4. BuddyPress Quick Activity

With the help of BuddyPress Quick Activity, your Buddypress members can quickly post something to the activity wall from anywhere on any existing pages. With BuddyPress, you can easily post to activity only from Activity tab of the profile page of the member. However, the Quick Activity plugin will help you to add Quick Activity buttons to any post, template files or pages.

It adds “Quick Activity” buttons to your post content or page with shortcode. It also allows you to add Quick Activity buttons to any template file of the theme, to the footer or the header with easy function. This button can also be added to the admin bar with settings in the admin section.

Key Features

  • BuddyPress 2.1.1 and WordPress 4.0 ready
  • Improved JavaScript and core files
  • Language files updated
  • Form submission through Ajax
  • Choose from template
  • Set Textarea placeholder
  • Four New form templates
  • Various bugs fixed

5. BuddyPress Private Reply Plugin

As the name suggests, BuddyPress Private Reply Plugin gives “private reply” option to users to reply to any post in activity feed privately. It puts ‘private reply’ button opposite to the regular reply button. All you have to type in your reply as normal and click “private reply” button. Now, the message can be seen by the person who posted the reply as well as original post author.

The private replies will be shown up in activity stream with ‘private message’ words next to the message. Hence, both users will be able to know that it was a private response. It will be shown in the same stream as someone replies.

Key Features

  • Adds ‘private reply’ option to reply to users privately
  • Gives added privacy to the users
  • Message is seen only to those users want to send

6. BuddyPress Avatar from Webcam Plugin

With BuddyPress Avatar from Webcam plugin, you can easily take photos from the profile pictures of the users through webcam via Ajax calls. In its ‘Change Avatar’ page, it has two display modes – Change Avatar page when page is loading while displaying camera content and Show/Hide toggle feature to display camera content.

In camera screen, 240px and 320px are the two different sizes. Site administrator can select the screen size from the admin area’s plugin settings page. It consists of eight image color effects, including B/W, Bright, Negative, Dark, Sea Blue, Indigo, Stripes, and Yellow.

Key Features

  • 14 frames to allow users to choose a photo frame to embed with photo
  • 11 sketch modes to choose from
  • Flash light effect integrated in photo capture
  • WPML Support
  • Image crop tool to crop the image captured
  • Multisite and single site support
  • Change display mode as “Show/Hide Toggle Mode” or “Display Webcam While Page Loading”
  • Change screen size of the camera as “Small Screen (240px) width” or “Large Screen (320px) width”.
  • Endless colors to choose from
  • Chance the border radius of camera screen

7. Social Login for WordPress WooCommerce bbPress

With WordPress Social Login, your website users and buyers can register through their current social accounts. So, it can eliminate the need to fill the whole registration form and verification process and need to remember another username and password.

With this plugin, you can also import the contact list of users from Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Windows Live. It gives full control to the users to your website and has a list of guidelines and rules to setup.

WordPress Social Login comes with flexible, simple, and customizable authentication widget. You can easily customize it if you are a designer or developer. According to the target audience, there are different services and providers, such as Microblogging platforms, social networks, media, Professional Networks, Programmers, Photo Sharing, and Gamers networks. 

It is absolutely free and open-source social plugin. You can easily access the source code and use WordPress Social Login in commercial projects.  

It is a complete and well researched Social Login plugin which avoids the stress of site owner. It has several social login APIs which are very simple to install and configure. It supports Social Media APIs, such as Facebook, Google, Github, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Yahoo, and OpenID.

Key Features

  • Free and open-source social media plugin
  • Customizable, simple, and flexible authentication widget
  • Import contact lists from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and others
  • No need to fill the registration form.
  • Users can register with their existing social accounts

8. BuddyPress Newsfeed by vBSocial

With BuddyPress newsfeed by vBSocial, you can upload multiple images with simple drag and drop. It allows users to post multiple image statuses. Now, one can get notifications on the fly thanks to grouping, sorting, and Ajax filtering of bbPress groups, friends, updates and posts.

Your users can view posts and featured images on BuddyPress feed and comment on BuddyPress status. You can fully customize notification links and sidebars. It provides smooth integration with WordPress and BuddyPress. The vBSocial Social Network Plugin provides smooth integration with BuddyPress Messaging system. Now you can have smooth integration with friend requests, social mentions, Facebook Connect and much more. It has plenty of simple options to change.

Key Features

• Simple, clean Ajax design
• Smooth Ajax filtering
• Compatible with vBSocial and Buddypress
• Friend Requests, Status and more
• Improved Commenting
• Improved Navigation

Final Thoughts

With the above social plugins, you can now enhance your social networking navigation for the users. Now you can make your own social network on the most popular WordPress platform. BuddyPress improves your reach to your audience with various advanced features like discussion forums, private messaging, and even more. With these bbPress plugins, your task can become whole lot easier. You can add more social networking features to your site to attract users. You can get the most of BuddyPress for enhanced user engagement and to get your content viral.

Top 10 SEO Plugins in 2017 to Get Higher Rankings

Just because you don’t know the ins and outs of SEO, you shouldn’t overlook its importance. Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the visibility of your site in Google search rankings. There are different aspects of SEO and the way to improve its visibility. Hence, it is literally very confusing for some webmasters on which to work on when everything seems equally valuable.

It is good to see that most developers have launched their SEO plugins to help the webmasters to create their SEO-friendly sites. With the help of these plugins, you don’t have to be an SEO master to ensure high ranking of your site in search engines.

If you’ve had a website or have a new site but don’t have any SEO plugin, you should choose one and test your site’s SEO first. Here are the top 10 best SEO plugins 2017 for WordPress and the way to improve overall SEO ranking of your site.

1. WP Landing Pages Pro

WP Landing Pages includes 30 stunning templates. You can establish unlimited landing pages on your site. It has amazing features and is easy to use. It is one of the best landing page plugins for your WordPress site.       

  • Over 30 stunning landing page templates
  • Opt-in subscribe forms/auto-responder
  • Rich text editor
  • Customize every part of text
  • Customize the auto responder
  • Change background colors and image
  • Translation ready
  • Customize fields through auto responder
  • Embed videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo

2. Google Pagespeed Insights Optimizer

 Google Pagespeed Insights is a plugin which gives inspiration to make decisions including the performance of your site. From Google Pagespeed, the recommendations are based on the best practices in the industry for mobile and desktop performance.

With the addition of tagging, advanced data visualization, filtering, tagging and snapshot options, Google Pageload Insights is a complete solution for any webmaster who wants to improve the performance of their site, their search ranks, and browsing experience of the visitors. 

Key Features

  • Compression
  • Browser caching
  • Avoids render-blocking CSS and JavaScript in the content
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Optimized CSS delivery

3. Automatic SEO Tags

Automatic SEO Tags is a tool to take the queries coming from search engines and to add them as tags to the post. Just activate the plugin to run it. You don’t have to adjust any settings. Only 20 tags or less are added to each post to avoid over-tagging. Input is not moderated, it’s sanitized.

Once added, you can remove tags manually. It supports search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Altavista. It weighs only 40 kb. This ultra-light plugin creates SEO tags automatically and compresses JPEG files for your posts.

Key Features

  • Automatic SEO Tags creates the following automatically –
    • Open graph description tag for Facebook
    • Meta Description tag
    • Twitter card image tag
    • Meta Author tag
    • Twitter Card title Tag
    • OpenGraph (OG) URL tag for Facebook
    • OG Title Tag
    • OG Type Tag
    • article:publisher tag
    • OG Site Name tag
    • article:author tag
  • Regular updates
  • Documentation added
  • Compresses JPEG images automatically

4. SEO Friendly Images Pro

It is a fully featured SEO-friendly plugin for images. You can optimize title and alt tags for all the images and boost your traffic. This plugin automatically optimizes alt and title tags of images in your pages, posts, etc. Title and alt tags are vital to improve website ranking in search engines and to make your website W3C complaint.

It features a lazy load function to delay the image load in longer web pages to improve performance. Images outside the viewport of the page are not loaded until you scroll to them. In this plugin, the lazy load is designed by unveil.js, one of the slimmest and quickest lazy loaders on the web.

Main Features

  • Sync Alt to Title and Title to Alt
  • Override current title and alt tags with custom scheme
  • Create a scheme for title and alt to optimize and define your content
  • Plugin works well with images in post thumbnails and posts
  • It also supports Advanced Custom Fields content
  • Boost your site with rapid lazy load
  • Quick integration in update system
  • Optimize link title attributes in pages, posts, or custom post types

5. Redirect Pro WP Plugin

It is amazing and simple WordPress plugin to redirect all the visitors. Just insert redirect URL, select it to activate and you are all set to direct users to your site. With Redirect Pro, you can add full path link to redirect several traffic through specific targeting and Geo-targeting.

The plugin can sense the mobile devices and connect the user to the same mobile post/page. In settings, you can redirect your index site only. You can override the redirects and all the mobile users are redirected to one URL.

Key features

  • Adds option box to redirect location
  • Connect to desktop users
  • Redirect visitors by browser, country, and type
  • Redirect Mobile users with Device Specific Targeting and Geo-targeting

6. SEO Keyword Competition

Keyword competition is measuring the difficulty to rank for a specific keyword. According to the popularity and industry competition, the competition may vary. The SEO Keyword Competition is a WP plugin which gives a very powerful and easy way to determine the level of competition in a specific niche.

It gives SERP analysis of the first page in Google and tells how difficult it is to beat the competition. With off-page and on-page SEO, you can check the first 10 URLs and metrics, such as Alexa Rank, PageRank, Domain Age, DMOZ, and presence of keyword in metadata.

Key Features

  • Official Google API
  • Free MOZ API
  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Indexed page
  • Domain Age
  • Dmoz Check Listed
  • MOZ rank with backlinks

7. Off Page SEO Plugin

Off Page SEO Plugin is designed to improve your page rankings and to add more control on your off-page SEO. The script controls your ranking automatically in Google for the specified URLs and keywords in every 3 days. In your mailbox, you will get complete detailed report.

Since it is the important functionality of plugin, there are three ways to improve your ranking. Using proxy, Google results directly, and connecting to Google Search API (if other two were failed). There is nothing to worry about picking the right method. Once you finish the automatic rank control, you can have a report in your mailbox to look after the ranking process.

Key Features

  • Watch and record backlinks
  • Google Webmaster Tools API connection
  • Get new backlinks
  • Social sharing counter
  • Improve positions on search engines

8. Premium SEO Pack

The beauty of Premium SEO pack is that it can add several focus keywords on the webpage to optimize it well. When browsing the web, people basically use Google and use phrases which are a bit similar or synonyms. To rank a post for several focus keywords, you can use this plugin. 

Now it is very simple to add several focus keywords and to optimize the text. You can add up to 10 focus keywords.

Key Features

  • Optimize the load time and performance of your WordPress site with Cache CSS/Minify/JS Files
  • Full Tutorial and Review
  • Mass Optimize all Pages/Posts/Custom Taxonomies
  • Search Results Page Tracking
  • Sitemaps
  • Link Builder
  • Meta Format and Title
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Speed Insights
Rank Your Site with Local SEO

9. Meta Tags Creator

Meta tags are the combination of words search engines used to get the important details about the site or category of the website. With this plugin, you can optimize the Meta tags as per the rules of search engine. You can boost your engine ranking by optimizing tags.

Key Features

  • Apply Best SEO Practices on Page Title
  • Meta Keywords optimized as per the page title
  • Check Meta descriptions easily
  • Optimize Meta Keywords, Title, and Description together
  • Write Best Meta Tags to improve WooCommerce Sales
  • Optimize and Write Meta Tags for each post

10. Rankie

Rankie is the WordPress rank tracking plugin to keep track on your WordPress rankings on Google and to keep an eye on each position. As a rank tracker plugin, Rankie updates the rank position of keywords every day and generates effective reports. It also adds effective research tool to generate keyword lists that are used for search.

Key Features

  • Keep track on Google WordPress ranking
  • Generate ranking reports per month or per year
  • It integrates an effective keyword research tool
  • Track search keywords automatically
  • Different methods of searching positions