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How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Food Blog on WordPress?



WordPress Themes are very important to keep tab on your website’s overall look and design. There is no lack of premium and free WordPress themes that can be installed on your site. Not all of them are best suited for food blog. You should choose the best theme which can match the overall look of an average food blog.

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Consider Your Blog Needs

Consider the focus of your blog, such as storytelling, photography, or recipes. The way you plan influences the desired theme for you to showcase the right content elements. List what you want to display on your blog – vertical or horizontal menus, thumbnails or full size pictures, number of columns, print options, ads, and social media icons. Get inspiration from other blogs to find out what you need. Not all themes are the same nor all of them are customize so you need to choose a theme which can fulfill all your needs.

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Choose an Appealing Blog Theme

It seems obvious but you shouldn’t install the theme that you will have to redesign from scratch, no matter how customizable it is. If a theme is designed well, it means the same level of detail was used in making its administrative part. To keep your blog SEO friendly, choose Premium SEO Pack for WordPress.

Be Sure Theme Provides Many Customization Options

It is very rare that you may want to use theme just after downloading it. A lot of changes can be made to add personal touch to the blog, such as changing color and font size, using graphic header, displaying picture or pattern on the background, customizing search option, adding stroke on the pictures, and adding social media icons.

There are certain options you may overlook but they are not common in all the themes. Look for the theme which is highly customizable. You should have options to change various graphic elements and options in the interface. You can personalize your blog even without coding knowledge.

Responsiveness and Browser Compatibility

People use different browsers and devices to use online. To access and view content, you should ensure that the theme supports the most devices and browsers. Choose the theme which offers ‘responsive design’ as it can adjust according to various screen sizes accordingly without any additional coding or using another theme for mobile browsers.

See when it is Last Updated

It tells whether it is maintained or not. Some developers just release their theme and forget updating it. Some fix bugs and roll out new features when possible. Bugs are common between WordPress and plugin developers who release new versions regularly. So, it is important to ensure that you choose the theme which is future ready.

You can check this information in theme directory. If you see the theme which doesn’t show up when it was updated last time, there are chances that it is listed on WordPress.org.

Don’t worry when it comes to try a theme which seems to be too common, thinking your blog might look like others. Popular themes have become popular because they are best to develop custom blogs, rather than cookie cutters. To make blog your own, you need to pick the reliable theme. This way, you can stand out and ensure that your blog will be fun and simple to update.

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