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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Solutions?

Web hosting is one of the most overlooked yet important parts of a successful website. You can increase sales and SEO by picking the best WP hosting to meet your needs. You can find different types of hosting solutions, including Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting.

Consider Your Hosting Requirements First

You will be shocked to know that WordPress is a very light script and can work with virtually every good hosting company. Here are the simple needs of WordPress –

  • MySQL v5.6 or higher
  • PHP v7 or higher

By keeping WordPress’ popularity in mind, all the leading hosting companies offer 1-click easy installation.

WordPress Hosting Solutions You May Need

Reliability, speed and security are all you need in WordPress hosting. However, you should also consider your needs before buying WordPress hosting to save up hundreds of dollars.

You may choose from different types of hosting options, such as Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed. Let’s determine the best options for you –

Free WordPress Hosting

Usually they are offered in small groups and online forums. They are mostly managed by a person who is just offering a small space in his server to get some revenue. The catch is they would put their banner ads on your websites. These solutions are also unreliable as your website may be crashed at anytime. Skip this option if you are serious about your online business.

Shared WordPress hosting

It is, by far, the most popular solution for startups, blogs, and small businesses. In shared hosting, you will need to share a server with large number of sites. The catch is that you will need to upgrade your account once your site takes up huge server load.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is an approach of separating physical server into several servers as per your individual need. Despite sharing the server, you can have enough control and privacy with a separate server that can be configured well. It is best for popular blogs, medium businesses and wannabe developers and designers. Make sure you have proper technical knowledge. Or else, go for managed VPS.

Dedicated WordPress Server Hosting

It is best for blogs which get very high traffic and large businesses. You can lease a physical server from hosting provider. It means you can have total control on the server. The best example of dedicated server hosting is HostGator.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Various web hosting companies offer managed WordPress hosting because of large range of users. You just need to host your WordPress site and that’s all. There is nothing to worry about. These providers will be responsible to keep your site optimized for performance, ensure security, and backup your data. They also alert you if any specific plugin is causing trouble.

Our Verdict

Now that you came to know all of the options available for WordPress hosting, it’s time for you to decide according to your needs. If you have a WordPress site and you don’t have any technical knowhow, it is recommended to choose managed WordPress hosting.

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