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What is Content Delivery Network? Why Do You Need It for WordPress Blog?

To start with, Content Delivery Network is something that can be used beyond having a hosting account as it is helpful to speed up things. It is not an alternative to your web hosting account. You should still have a hosting provider like Bluehost, Siteground etc.

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About CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of services which offer cached content from the sites to users on the basis of geographic location of user.

Simply speaking, your visitor is redirected to the server of your web host (for ex. HostGator) when they visit your WordPress blog. The server of your web host is located at a specific location, i.e. Houston, Texas. To view your website, every user can access this server. If you have high traffic volume, you can overload the server which leads to server crash or slow load speed. This is where you need CDN as it is a network of servers. These servers are spread across the world.

Your static content is stored and cached on all the servers when using CDN. Some of the best examples of static contents are CSS files, images, Flash, JavaScript etc. When a user visits the original server, they are redirected to the nearest server with CDN technology.

For example, if main server is hosted in Houston, and your visitor is from Durham, they will be connected to the nearest server in London. It controls the internet hops which are important to transfer static files to the end user.

The load time depends upon the proximity of the user to your web server. You can make the load time faster of the page from the point of view of users. It is when you need CDN. The closer the server location is, the faster the page is loaded for the user.

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Why do you need CDN for WordPress Blog?

Now that you know what CDN is, you can make a great impact on the website. Here are some of the benefits of Content Delivery Network –

Speed – The website goes faster when you use CDN on your website.

No Server Crashes – We have got a lot of traffic on some of our posts from social media. If there was no proper caching and CDN setup, the website would have crashed a lot of times. It is CDN which enabled us to distribute load to several servers rather than having all the visitors to our main server. Hence, it is far less likely to crash.

Uninterrupted user experience – The day you start using CDN, you will feel a significant decline in bounce rate in the website. In addition, there is significant rise in number of page views from each user. Fast loading site clearly refers to better user interface.

SEO friendly – Google naturally prefers sites which load faster for ranking. Your website may rank higher if you optimize it well.

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