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How to Customize Notification Emails for WordPress Comments?3 min read

So you are looking for the easiest way to customize notification emails about blog comments in your WordPress? WordPress comments are supposed to increase user engagement and discussions on a lot of blogs. But when it comes to send notifications, WordPress doesn’t do anything much on comment activity. In this post, we will discuss the ways to customize notification emails and to improve user engagement.

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Why Manage Notification Emails?

User comments matter the most in several websites, especially blogs and news sites. Comments drive user engagement and results in more revenue and page views. But default system of commenting is quite limited. It sends notifications to article authors and site administrators only. Along with it, it also lacks the default option to get notified for other users about recent comments.

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Default Notification Options

WordPress doesn’t have default option to send notifications to the users. But it can send notifications to you whenever someone comments on your blog and when it is waiting for moderation. Site administrators get both of these notifications. An email notification is also sent about new comments to the authors. If you are getting many comments on your site, you can stop getting notifications for comments.

Notify Users about Comment Approval

Users never know whether their comment is approved or not. When they comment on any blog, it just shows that their comment is awaiting approval. Most of them never come back to your blog and don’t even know that their comment is approved or replied on it. You can install Comment Approved plugin and turn it on. This plugin notifies users on approval. Users need to check the option before commenting on your blog. You can also manage emails that are sent to the users after approval of their comment.

Users Subscribe to Comments

Your users never know whether their comment got reply from you or others. They will need to manually check your site again. Install Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin to fix this. It adds option to the users to subscribe to comments on your post even though they don’t leave any comment. Users can also unsubscribe to emails at any time.

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Enable Users to Get Notifications on Only Their Own Comments

Many users don’t find it important to get notified on all comments. But they also need to know if their own comments got any response. With Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin, you can also add this feature. Go to the settings page and Advanced Subscription, and click on Yes.

Enable Authors to Subscribe to the Posts of Other Authors

If you are running a blog with several authors, some authors may want to keep their audience engaged with discussions. If you have enabled your comments subscriptions, each author may want to subscribe to comments. Download and activate the cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification if some users needed to get all notifications.

Go to Settings > Discussion page after installing plugin and activating it to configure settings. Choose user roles to select authors who should be notified.

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