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How to Disable Widgets on WordPress You No Longer Want to Use?3 min read

Do you have any widget on your WordPress you no longer need or want to use? In WordPress, you will see all the widgets in widget screen that can be added to your WordPress theme.

However, your screen will be cluttered with too many widgets and there are chances that you may not need all. Here, we will discuss how to get rid of unwanted widgets for clutter-free experience in WordPress.

First of all, Why to disable them…

Widgets are, actually, blocks of elements that can be added to the widget-ready areas or sidebars on your WordPress site. WordPress features various default widgets and some plugins also come with their official widgets also.

You can see all of these widgets on Appearance > Screen. You may also see that some widgets are something you no longer need at all. You will also not want to use them on your site.

If you download WordPress plugins that come with their own widgets, your widgets screen will soon be a mess and you cannot find the ones you really need. So, let’s find out how to clean up the mess and disable widgets in WordPress that you don’t want to use.

How to Disable Unwanted Widgets?

First of all, you should install and turn on the plugin WP Widget Disable. When activated, you can go to Appearance > Disable Widgets and change plugin settings. The settings page is split into two tabs. First of all, you have to choose the sidebar widgets that you would like to disable. Next, check the box in front of the widgets that are unnecessary and click “Save Changes”.

Now go to Appearance > Widgets page and see if widgets are disappeared. You will see that all the widgets you selected are no longer seen on the widgets screen.

On the Dashboard, WordPress also lists various widgets. Some of the themes and plugins also come with their own widgets and add them to the dashboard. Basically, you can wipe the widgets from the dashboard screen. Simply click “Screen Options” and uncheck widgets that you won’t like to see.

However, by doing this, you and other users can simply click on screen options on your site and show those widgets once more. With the help of WP Widget Disable plugin, you can easily hide dashboard widgets too from the menu of screen options.

Go to Appearance > Disable Widgets page and select the tab “Dashboard Widgets”. Choose the widgets you would like to hide from dashboard and select “Save Changes” and save your settings.

Now you can visit “Dashboard” page. You will find that widgets you choose to remove are not visible any longer on the inside screen options or dashboard menu. You can create customized dashboard widgets on your own to show on dashboard.

We hope you’ve liked this post and learned how to get rid of widgets you don’t like on WordPress. You should also see our guide on how to start up with WordPress.


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