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Do You Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting? Common Managed WordPress Hosting FAQs

If you are starting out with blogging, there is no need to start directly with managed WordPress hosting. You can easily start with a regular hosting plan which is more affordable. This way, we recommend Hostgator, one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

If you have high traffic portal or you are running a small business, it is better to go with managed WordPress hosting. It is up to your skills. If you don’t have technical skills, you cannot go with average web hosting with your site growth. With VPS< shared or dedicated hosting, you will be liable for security, speed, updates, and uptime.

There are two options for you as a business owner. You could either have a system admin to manage your site or you could use manage hosting provider. If you don’t want any hassle and are looking for fast and great support, you are at the right place. If you are running your business with your website, you shouldn’t go down. It is better to pay extra for a great service of managed WordPress hosting. At the end, you need to choose whether you can go with managed hosting that is worth its cost. If you want to go with low cost, you can choose any other plan from your WordPress hosting provider.

FAQs in Managed WordPress hosting

We have come across several hosting related questions and helped thousands of users over the years. Here are some of the common questions that have been asked most commonly about managed hosting.

Do I need to start website with managed hosting?

In managed WordPress hosting, you will find premium hosting environment specialized in WordPress. It consists of automatic updates, best WordPress support, and performance optimization. Well, the premium experience comes with a cost. But it provides completely smooth WordPress hosting.  If you have high traffic on your website and you are concerned with price, there are some hosting providers which provide hosting at nominal price with free domain. You can also upgrade your site later whenever you need managed hosting.

Can I Install plugins on my own with Managed WordPress hosting?

Of course you can do it. It is easy to update all plugins automatically from dashboard itself. In managed hosting, you can easily install WordPress plugins. However, some plugins may be blocked which don’t support their hosting environment.

Does managed WordPress hosting support WooCommerce?

Yes, it does support WooCommerce. It means you can add online store to your site with WooCommerce. It can be installed on your managed hosting plan just like any other plugin. There are several leading WooCommerce hosting companies which support.

How much does managed WordPress hosting cost to start a website?

You can estimate the total cost of your website on the basis of domain name, price of hosting, and SSL certificate. The maintenance cost of your website grows with the growth of your website. You can control your costs when building a website.

I have bought a domain already. Can it be used with managed hosting plan?

Of course, you can do it. Once you book a domain name, you can use it freely with any hosting provider. You will just want to change domain settings and point DNS to your managed hosting company. There is a detailed step-by-step guide with each WordPress hosting plan on how you can do this.

Do I need to buy managed WordPress hosting and domain from same company?

No you don’t have to do it. You can buy managed hosting from a company and domain name from another company. However it is helpful to get them from the company as you will need to change DNS settings and you can manage your hosting and domain under same dashboard. Some companies even offer free domain with hosting.

Do I have to buy add-ons when opting for managed WordPress hosting?

Some managed WordPress hosting companies may often sell add-on services during the registration process. Well, you don’t have to add the cost of hosting bill as you can uncheck them without any hassle. If you feel that you need one of these add-ons later, you can add them to your plan from your dashboard.

Can I migrate from my WordPress site to my new managed hosting plan?

Some managed hosting companies allow users to migrate from their existing plan to new one for free. If you ask, they can transfer your site, though they don’t mention it always. Some hosting companies may charge extra cost for migration service. So, you need to ask before buying a hosting plan. You can even move your site to new host yourself without any downtime.

Will managed hosting companies backup my site?

Yes, most of the managed hosting providers provide this service. Well, you shouldn’t rely on the backups of your hosting company. You should use a WordPress backup plugin to create your own backup.

Can I switch to any other managed hosting plan later?

Yes, you have freedom to switch to any other managed WordPress hosting provider if you are not satisfied with their plan. A lot of hosting companies allow their clients to migrate services. So, you can do it with least downtime.

What are the best managed WordPress hosting providers you would suggest?

We recommend the following managed WordPress hosting providers –

  • SiteGround – Affordable managed WordPress hosting with superior performance and friendly support.
  • WP Engine – Best overall WordPress hosting in terms of reliability, performance, features and pricing.
  • Liquid Web – Great support with enterprise level WordPress hosting service.
  • BlueHost – Its managed WordPress hosting, it provides all the premium features with free domain and rapid fast servers.

Well, this question is asked so many times with us whenever we refer this quick guide to our uses. It is not by mistake.

We hope you have got your answer with this guide and it will help you choose the best managed hosting provider for your site. If you have any question regarding managed hosting that is missing here, feel free to leave a message and one of our reps will get back to you soon.

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