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Don’t Forget to Perform These Maintenance Tasks on Your WordPress Site Regularly

Your WordPress site is made of different parts, such as WordPress program itself, hosting, themes, and plugins. Above all, you add your own images and text. All of these elements together make a platform which is used by both customers and visitors.

But you should take care of this system for best performance. You can perform few easy maintenance tasks on daily basis for making your website smoother.

If you run a small website which doesn’t has much content and traffic, perform these maintenance tasks in every 6 months. If you have a busy website which receives huge traffic, practice every 3 months.

Change Your WordPress Passwords

Passwords are the key defense against all the unauthorized uses in your website. Use unique and strong passwords for all accounts, including FTP accounts, WordPress site, and database. Even after using strong passwords, your security may be compromised.

So, it is recommended to change your passwords frequently for SSH or FTP accounts, WordPress Admin panel, and database.

Backup Your Site

Backups are another most important maintenance task you should practice regularly. Use WordPress backup plugins to automate and schedule backup. Your backup service may stop suddenly at any time.

So, you have to run your backup plugin manually once in a while to ensure complete backup. Verify that backup files are stored completely at your desired remote location, such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Delete Spam Comments

There are some tools to remove spam comments automatically in WordPress. Sometimes they may consider even the genuine comment as spam. So, have a quick look at spam comments once in a while to ensure that real comments are not marked as spam.

You can safely remove all spam comments after having a quick review. Though it is not for performance, you can at least ensure that you are not missing out any important comment.

Also prevent hacking attempts with these tips.

Inspect All WordPress Forms

Some WordPress form builder plugins are available to create attractive forms on your site. But due to some errors on your hosting server or email service provider, these forms may not be able to send emails. Be sure to check all forms on your site to ensure that they are working well.

Update All WP Files

WordPress features in-built option to fully manage updates for WordPress plugins, core, and theme. Use the latest WordPress version to keep all the themes and plugins updated. In some cases you may not get any update.

For example, when theme’s license or premium plugin expires and it cannot check for update. So, you can manually check for updates on WordPress Updates section. Review the themes and plugins installed and ensure that they have latest version.

Conduct Performance Tasks

Most users optimize the performance of WordPress when they start but forget it later. This way, you can add new content, change your theme, or even install new plugins. All such things may affect WordPress performance. Along with user experience, faster websites can also perform better on search engines. Along with homepage, also review your important pages and most widely-used content on your site.

For better WordPress performance, do follow these hacks.

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