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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress – Best-Selling Social Media Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress – Best-Selling Social Media Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the No.1 bestselling social media plugin for WordPress and it is the most optimized and complete package of social share buttons. This single plugin can bring the whole social media sharing to you and let you grow your profile, boost your shares, add new subscriber’s base, build your following, and drive added traffic. You can also add stats to your Dashboard with our step-by-step guide.

It is the extensive social media plugin designed for WordPress to provide added flexibility and exposure in social media for you to share on over 45 leading social networks, along with the huge range of optimized messengers. Along with it, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also has the most extensive and best package of 52 templates for social sharing, and complete set of over 30 attractive customizations and animations and 27 design positions. This plugin covers all the areas to display your social sharing buttons.

All in all, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a true trend-setter for WordPress in social media for the next four years to come as it is trusted by over 100,000 clients, along with the top tech brands

WordPress Social Media Plugin has more power to you…

One Social Media Plugin, Many Solutions

With Easy Social Share Buttons, it is very easy to swap or change plugin functional modes. No matter you are looking for plain sharing buttons or advanced social functions, this plugin can get you covered. Don’t you like default modes? No problem! You may go with custom mode or all options mode where you can switch on or switch off everything you want. To boost the SEO of your website, we recommend Premium SEO Pack plugin.

Other Features

This social sharing plugin is packed with several attractive features. This single plugin covers everything you need to improve your social experience. It has some of the appealing features you need but doesn’t know about before you use this plugin.

Pinterest Images

Get the most of Pinterest and boost the success of your content by uploading the description and Pinterest worthy image.

Shareable Quotes

You can create quotes that are tweetable in the post and people can easily share it with one click.

Optimize Social Sharing

With Easy Social Share Buttons, you can deliver the right message to your audience as it has social share optimization module with which you can easily customize the information shared. It also has effective optimization fields on the post, automated tune up of Tweet message, and customized Tweets with images.

Share Analytics

It is the most cutting-edge module of social share analytics. You can keep track on the actions of visitors based on display method, post, or type of device. You can also get covered if you use Google Analytics. It also has options to activate the tracking campaigns of Google Analytics.

Social A/B

You can easily choose what’s suited to your site. There are three different configurations to set up for the share buttons and you choose the best.

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