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Solved – Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site1 min read

Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
Exceeds the maximum upload size for this site 

This is the most common error because almost all WordPress website has an initial upload file size limit is up to 2MB. 

To solve this error, we need to just increase the file size limit. For this, you have to just upload a plugin called “Tuxedo Big File Upload”. You can download this plugin from here. https://wordpress.org/plugins/tuxedo-big-file-uploads/

There are also many manual solutions where you have to change upload_max_limit at php.ini file, make changes in wp-config.php and make changes in .htaccess file. These all are time-consuming and sometimes, you get another error while doing this manual troubleshooting. 

Before this plugin, I used to do this manual troubleshooting, which used to take 1 hour to many hours. 

This plugin “Tuxedo Big File Upload” increases your file upload size to 826GB. You can upload anything now. 

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