How to Fix the Error “Another Update Running in Process” in WordPress?

Are you constantly seeing the error “Another Update in Process” on your WordPress? This error keeps users from updating their WordPress. Usually, it should go away automatically. Sometimes, it doesn’t simply go away. Well, you can easily fix it. In this post, we will tell you how to fix this error in WordPress.

Reason behind the Error “Another Update in Process”

Usually, this message appears when a major WordPress update is going on in the background and you try to start another process. During core update, the update lock option is automatically set by WordPress in the database. This option keeps you from running multiple updates on your site.

This message automatically goes out within 15 minutes or when the process is finished. If you don’t want to wait and stuck on that message, you can reset it manually. Here’s how to fix this error “Another update in process” in WordPress.

Steps to Fix “Another Update in Process”

To get rid of “Another update in process” error message, you have to remove the core_updater.lock option from the database. We are going to show how you can make it possible with two different methods. Simply choose the one which suites you the best –

Method 1 – Use a Plugin “Fix Another Update in Process”

First of all, you have to install and turn on the plugin “Fix another Update in Process”. You can also update plugin using FTP.

Once it is activated, simply go to “Settings > Fix another Update in Process”. In case updates are locked on your WordPress, you will quickly see a message with a button to resolve it.

To fix it, click “Fix WordPress Update Lock” to proceed.

Then, the plugin will remove the WordPress core update lock option on the database and it will show a success message like “Congratulations! You’ve fixed another update in process successfully.”

Method 2 – Fix the Error “Another Update in Process” Manually

Here, you need to use phpMyAdmin to proceed and run a query in WordPress database directly.

First of all, visit cPanel dashboard of your hosting account in WordPress. Now click on the icon of phpMyAdmin under the database section.

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Now you need to go to phpMyAdmin and choose your WordPress database. It will display all the tables in WordPress database. Next to WordPress options (wp_options), you will have to click on “Browse” button.

It will show up all the rows in the options table. You will have to find a row with “core_updater.lock” option name and hit the delete button to proceed.

Now phpMyAdmin will remove the row from the database. Now you can switch back to your WordPress site and keep up with updating your site. We hope you’ve liked this article to fix the error “Another update in process” on your WordPress.

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