Flow-Flow – No.1 Social Media Stream Plugin for WordPress

Flow-Flow is the No.1 premium social plugin for WordPress which displays your social feeds in responsive, creative galleries or walls. It is designed to make any social feeds combination. For example, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, and Twitter feed can easily be blended in same stream. This plugin is a superior alternative to services which charge for the same features per month. With Flow-Flow, there is no monthly subscription charged.

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Without any slow loading, you can deliver content extremely fast with smart caching with background server. It is especially true when you have huge traffic and several networks are pulled. Plugin really works well on smartphones and is fully responsive. This plugin is also the best choice to stream your photos, news, videos and reviews and any content you want in multiple social networks. You may also like Applauz – A Digital WordPress Theme for App or Startup.


Plugin will keep your private details private (including app IDs, tokens, and app secrets) to the browser and it will be kept on server to ensure 100% security for your sensitive data. Plugin also comes with monitoring tools and it is very simple to check status of all the feeds connected and troubleshoot issues easily.

Supports dozens of social feeds

Flow-Flow is compatible to 16 sources of stream, i.e.  14 widely used social media sites + RSS + WordPress. It has total 40 types of feeds which are huge. Suppose only one plugin can be used instead of all those mono network plugins, you can use just one plugin rather than other feed plugins.  It also has great unified design of all kinds of content, such as image, posts, or videos. Without any limitations, you can add life to your social media walls.

Moderate Social feeds

You can even moderate your social media feeds using this plugin, except posts by username, URL and words. Make portfolio, broadcast news, and show testimonials by the tag of your company and even do more. It also includes social sharing buttons to increase user interaction and engagement. You can boost several use cases for plugin.

How plugin works?

In Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream admin, you can create streams and copy the shortcodes generated. Post them in any block on the page. It gets cached once social stream is displayed for the first time (it takes some more time for caching but it will show literally fast) and this cache will be seen to the rest of the visitors.

If 20 minutes are set for cache and 10000 users are visiting your site during this time, plugin will request for API only one time to pull data. Users will see cached items mostly. The server runs the task of cache renew in background to give great performance of the plugin.

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