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FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting – Beautiful yet Functional for Designers

Flywheel has been the market leader since 2012, offering designers with plenty of hosting options. They are based on the world’s most popular content management solution, WordPress. Whether you are creating a site only for family and friends or want to introduce a new online portal, they also provide different creativity tools, design publications, ROI calculators, video tutorials and even more.

The company has customers from different parts of the world. All of their team members have an official profile on the site. This way, you can definitely know the hosting partner you are going to work with. Overall, they can meet all your hosting needs as one of the best hosting providers.

About FlyWheel

Founded in 2012, FlyWheel is the WordPress hosting company, headquartered in Nebraska, United States. It started with an aim of making the lives of WordPress developers and designers easier when it comes to hosting the WordPress sites of their clients.

Along with offering some of the easiest and affordable pricing plans for your portal, Flywheel has started offering customized hosting options for very high volume sites.

This company covers various scalability options from the scratch. Whether you are into creating small blogs or fully dynamic e-commerce website, Flywheel is supposed to cover it all. Flywheel has always been focused on empowering developers or designers and on design with all the recommended tools to build attractive and feature-rich WordPress sites. A quick look at Flywheel’s official website shows how well they are focused on simplicity and design.

Key Features


For a web host which is supposed to be the best at hosting several websites for the clients, keeping the website up and running most of the time is one of the most important considerations.

It is almost impossible to have 100% uptime for any web host. But it is vital to have a web host which should showcase its potential to keep downtime lower.

In a case of unscheduled downtime, it is important for a host to have a very reliable and active support provider that can keep things back to normal within the shortest period. Flywheel is also supposed to be a winner when it comes to uptime.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t guarantee any uptime, which doesn’t mean a lot, some customers have used it as a hosting platform who suggested that the actual uptime has been amazing.

According to most of the results, Flywheel has up to 99.99% of network uptime and the same goes true for one of the websites of our clients that was built around a year ago with this platform.

Easy to Collaborate

Thanks to its easiest collaboration process, Flywheel deals with several pain points for the developers and designers off the bat and it tracks and manages client’s passwords. It is something which instantly becomes a major issue for anyone who has several clients. All in all, managing client’s accounts and passwords has never been so easier.

With Flywheel, you can manage collaborators in your account. You can easily invite someone and add their email address. Once they establish their free Flywheel account, they will get quick access to sFTP and site as well.

The best part of the software is that you no longer have to share your passwords. Instead, you can assign your clients and coworkers as collaborators and allow them to manage their accounts individually while managing total access to the shared website. You can easily remove access at any time as an owner.

Performance & Speed

speedometerAlong with network uptime, the page load time and speed of the server are very important to determine your choice as a premium hosting provider. With Varnish caching engine, Flywheel optimizes each and every portion of your WordPress site which provides a huge boost to the loading speed of your site.

For your Flywheel hosting account, you can easily perform the Content Delivery Network (CDN). This factor is also important to improve your page load time and server response time.

Flywheel also comes with in-built performance tuning along with server-side caching to boost your website further.

The cloud-based, robust infrastructure provided by Flywheel also plays a vital role in improving the consistency of your site and to deliver high performance.

Every Flywheel server is tuned well to improve performance all the time and it can be done. This web host is capable of supporting custom configurations.

Hosted with Flywheel, our client’s site has been measured to find out whether the online reviews showing positives for the fast performance of Flywheel. On average, the post caching and average website load time at various junctures were clocked under 2s. It also managed to give quick server response time within 400 ms, even during the very high time.

Another important factor which leads to speed and high performance for your site is that it has an option to host your site around your users. The secret is its 10 data centers located across various continents, including, Europe, Asia, and North America.



Billing features are not that attractive like accounting. But I must tell you that the billing features look quite interactive, convenient, and user-friendly. Once you have verified your account, either by submitting your credit card details or a mobile number, you can set up a new WordPress website. Now you can choose one of these options –

  • You may pay now and set up a whole new billing account.
  • You may list your site to a bulk plan that has already been configured.
  • You may create the website now and let your client pay later. It is the most convenient option. With this step, you can create a demo site which won’t go live until the client pays for hosting account. It means you can set up your whole site on the server and email your client once it is ready to review. To get your site live, your client can pay the hosting bill and you are all set to go. Usually, the demo sites are valid for just 14 days.

After passing through this process on a typical shared hosting server, I will tell you that this feature is not enough to save a huge time for you along with multiple emails again and again between your hosting provider and your client as well.

One Account for All

Though it is a small package, it comes with a big deal for you. If you are ready to manage your client websites, you may have sFTP accounts listed as well as their passwords and usernames. You just have to manage one login with Flywheel. sFTP access is provided with each site you collaborate on and you have with primary login. It means you have one password to access several sFTP accounts.

User Friendly

FlyWheel offers a user-friendly dashboard which lists all the sites you can access along with your profile information. In your profile section, you can get all your billing history, personal details, as well as payment options. It is organized well and easy to find.

On the main dashboard section, you can find the most important things including the list of websites you either manage or own. You will also find an option to launch your new website. In your dashboard, you can open the specific settings by clicking on a site where you can get various important elements, such as –

Overview – It lists all the collaborators, domain information which is applicable and whether the website is password protected or not.

Stats – It includes a chart which showcases the total visits for several time frames along with the total CDN and storage use.

Add Ons – It includes CDN, SSL support, as well as Multisite Network.

Backups – It lists each backup along with details, such as pages, posts, plugins, comments, as well as total uploads. You can also download a copy, add notes, or restore a backup.

Advanced Settings – With it, you can disable the cache, remove cache in each development, export server logs, or enable WP_Debug. With this screen, you can modify your database.

WordPress Support

Flywheel’s support feature is very simple and it enables you to stay rest assured, even you are suffering urgent issues for any of the websites of your clients. They provide 24×7 Emergency support for any issues that occur with time. During the standard support periods from 9 am to 7 pm, you can easily contact your support provider.

You can also contact your Flywheel experts in different ways –

  • Call them at toll-free number (888) 928-8882
  • Send email to the helpdesk help@getflywheel.com and submit a support ticket
  • Through a live chat option during standard hours

You can easily access different articles about getting started with domain names, Flywheel, plugins, security, billing, and databases.



Flywheel configures your servers in a secure way and ensures great protection from your site against hacking attempts. Flywheel conducts smart IP blocking on security systems which can detect any intruder and keep them from accessing the site.

Even though your WordPress website is hacked, the experts will be there to fix the bugs for free. It clearly shows their confidence and efficiency in security attempts.

Flywheel also includes malware protection and monitoring features to ensure even more security on your website. In association with Sucuri, a leading WordPress security provider, Flywheel always stays up-to-date against latest security threats. It is also recommended to run the latest or updated WordPress version, which is usually most secure. You don’t have to worry about anything in Flywheel. You also don’t have to remember to update your WordPress. Their team will take care of all your major updates.

Flywheel also provides malware scanning or monitoring features which are helpful to ensure more security for your website. Since Flywheel is now connected to Sucuri, it has become even more secure.

Plans and Pricing

A major update is that Flywheel now offers. Basically, it offers two different types of plans. The first plan is dedicated for single WordPress installation. There are three price ranges for it –

  • Tiny – Starting at just $15 per month, this plan supports around 5000 visits per month, 250GB bandwidth, and 5GB of disk space.
  • Personal – Starting at $30 per month, the plan includes 25k visits per month, 500GB bandwidth and 10GB of hard disk space.
  • Professional – Starting at $75 per month, the plan includes 100,000 visits per month, 1TB bandwidth, and 20GB of hard drive space.

Another category of plans is bulk plans offered by Flywheel. These are designed mostly for the resellers and those who need to install WordPress several times. It includes two plans –

  • Freelance – At $100 per month, this plan offers around 10 WordPress installs, 40GB of hard disk space, 150,000 visits per month and 2TB bandwidth.
  • Agency – At $250 per month, this plan includes 30 WordPress installations, 120GB of hard disk space, 600,000 visits per month, and 8TB of bandwidth.

For an extra charge, some other features are CDN, SSL Support, and Multisite for each site. If none of these options work, you may also get custom plans.

Our Verdict

All in all, Flywheel is the best hosting provider. They do things in a different way than several other options, which is not a bad thing. Well, we have come across several satisfied customers who are pleased with overall experience. In our verdict, we have come across these pros and cons –


  • Usable and clean user interface
  • Amazing and attractive website, and it is fun to use
  • Designer and developer based
  • A lot of advanced and WordPress-friendly features


  • Lacks in round-the-clock support
  • Lacks in in-built Git deployment
  • No SSH support

All in all, you don’t have to achieve any technical skills to conduct your website hosting. Flywheel is quick and reliable. This platform comes with great features and user-friendly interface. With great customer support in malware attacks, you are almost in a win-win situation.

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