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Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP is the most reliable security plugin. It shields your WordPress from attackers, theme detectors, and spammers. It hides your wp-login page URL and replaces the admin URL. It also detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection type of security intrusions on your WordPress site. More than 26 thousand pleased customers use this amazing security plugin.

Hide My WP Nulled is the most recommended security plugin on the Envato marketplace. Developers have a big community of WordPress-based businesses. Their amazing volunteers permit them to gather and examine anonymous information from their IDS (Integrated Data Store) database. These data are most worthy for all security companies. They immediately can identify any common vulnerability in the network and automatically shield clients. So the plugin will give you the best security that you think about it. Without any doubt, this is a simple, quickest, and most effective technique to shield WordPress-based businesses!

Using Hide My WP is one of the only WP-optimized intrusion detection and prevention ways you do not even require a vulnerability to be identified. IDS automatically watch the website and detects possible dangerous calls base on numerous different patterns. It assigns a number (impact factor) to every request, which tells how hazardous it could be for your WordPress site. You can always access all details of attackers like who they are, where they are from, how they are attempting to hack your website, and if they should block or not.

Hide My WP: Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress Features

  • It hides wp-login.php
  • It hides or changes wp-admin and all of its data from untrusted people.
  • It changes the WordPress theme directory, removes theme Info from the stylesheet, replaces default WP classes, and finally minifies it.
  • It changes plugins directory and confusion plugins name.
  • It replaces the upload URL, AJAX URL, wp-includes folder, etc.
  • It replaces WordPress queries URL:
  • It replaces the author permalink (or disables it).
  • It changes or disables feeds.
  • It hides all other WordPress files.
  • It disables WordPress archives, pages, posts, tags, categories, etc.
  • It efficiently replaces any words in your HTML output file!
  • It notifies you when someone is mousing about your WordPress website (included with visitor information like IP, user agent, referrer, and even user name).
  • It compresses HTML output and eliminates comments in source code.
  • It removes WordPress meta information from the header and feeds.
  • It changes the default WordPress emails sender.
  • It has custom 404 pages.
  • It removes unnecessary menu classes.
  • It cleans up body classes.

Why do we need to hide WordPress?

  • WordPress is a more popular target because it is one of the most used CMS in the world.
  • Hackers understand that many WordPress users don’t think twice about securing their websites.
  • Hiding your WordPress version restricts targeted actions since the hackers can’t find out where the vulnerabilities are.
  • Since a dedicated attacker can get around your blocking of a WordPress version, you can concentrate most of your concentration on bots.
  • The big news is that bots account for many attacks, meaning that a simple move with your permalinks can support things like PHP file requests and brute-force attacks.

Acknowledge that you can not completely hide that your WordPress website. So, in a sense, going within this way is not an all-in-one security answer. For example, hiding your WordPress version number is just one more step for hackers.

Our Words

If you want to learn WordPress development, you require to have the best security plugin. Not only Hide my WP is of the best out there, but their customer support is phenomenal. For example, when I had an issue with my WordPress Setup, Their customer support were quick to help and got it resolved in a matter of hours.

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