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How to Change Web Hosting of Your WordPress Website or WordPress Migration?

When it comes to change web hosting of your WordPress website or wordpres migration, it kills mind and gives huge frustration. At first, the user tries to use several plugins. You might have also used several plugins then move to go for manual methods. The manual method is not too tuff as it looks to people. In managed wordpress hosting, you need not to do manual migration. All things are latest and you will migrate easily just with few clicks. So, this article is not for managed wordpress hosting users. It is for manual migration method.

Follow the steps

1 – Go to C-panel, click on file manager and download the config.php file. Open config.php file into notepad and copy the user database name.

2 – After then back to c-panel and click on MySQL databases, there you will see your database name which you copied from a config.php file. Click on the database and you will be redirected to phpmyadmin and then you will see the export option and then go to export the database. Just import the database and keep in your hard-drive.

Till now, you have config.php file and MySQL database. Now you have to copy media library means images, files, videos.

3. Now, Go to again File Manager and then click on Wp-admin then you will see Upload folder. Just copy the whole Upload folder into your hard drive.

Now you have config.php, database, and upload folder. Here, you have taken all the important things now you have to migrate to another hosting. Here, we have to change the DNS server name and migrate successfully website one place to another place

4. Go to you Domain Manager. Go to DNS Manager and change the IP or name server into your domain provider panel. In DNS Manager, you will see Type, Name, and Value. All boxes will be editable which will be below and it may change according to different hosting providers. But most of the information is the same. In Type column, you can see A. In Name, you will see @ and in Value, you have to put new hosting providers IP. By this way, you change IP.

You can also change nameserver but it is not necessary because IP is main but if you would like then you can go to Name Servers and put your New Hosting name servers there.

Till this point, you have successfully pointed your domain to another hosting provider and you have a complete database in your Hard drive.

5. In the other hosting provider, click on C-panel and then go to WordPress Installation. Make a new installation. After then, Go to File Manager rename the uploads folder and copy paste the upload folder which you have in your hard drive.

6. Now go to Cpanel again and go to MySQL Database. Here, open the database, it will redirect to Phpmyadmin and then you will see the import option. Just click on that and import the database which you have in your hard drive.

7. Now go to File Manager, open the config.php file in file manager and Old Config.php into notepad. You will see a Prefix ‘_wp’ or anything may be last few rows. In the New Config.php file, put the old prefix. It is just a small change and now you have connected your database with your file system.

Now you have successfully migrated to new hosting. I prefer to use siteground for wordpress hosting. You must check my review on Siteground.

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