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How to Increase More Sales from Your WooCommerce Store?

Getting users to visit your WooCommerce site is not enough. You also have to turn them into paying buyers. Without further ado, let’s discuss why to do it and how.

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Why to Do It?

Most of the online stores depend just on Google or PPC campaigns to bring traffic to their site. Well, these are not the only ways to bring traffic. In fact, your site will no longer be visible to over 75% of visitors who visit your site from online searches. Only a fraction of those who stick to it get to the shopping cart.

As a result, over 69% of carts are left empty without any single purchase. Poor design, shipping charges and complex buying procedure are some of the main reasons behind it. At the end, your WooCommerce store starts losing your potential customers just by not working on turning them into buyers.

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How to do it?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process to convert leads into sales, or visitors into buyers. CRO is used by both usability experts and marketers to turn visitors into customers. In this process, you have to remove the pain points causing trouble in user experience. You can also give them a reason to order now.

In case a user leaves without buying something, you should get their details with lead generation. You may get in touch with them and offer special discounts, personalized messages or new product launches.

Gone are the days when you would have to rely on programming skills to work on all such things. There are different tools out there to do such things without coding or technical skills.

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Here’s what you need…

First of all, you should have a WooCommerce Store. You may create one if you don’t have one. You may implement these techniques also on Shopify or any eCommerce store.

This time, we will discuss about the OptinMonster tool. We have chosen it because it is the best CRO tool out there to convert your visitors into paid customers easily. It is a paid tool. So, you should have its Pro plan to get all the features.

How to Install and Setup OptinMonster?

Once you have bought this tool, you should install OptinMonster plugin. This plugin serves as a connection between OptinMonster and WooCommerce store once activated.

Click on OptinMonster menu in the admin area. Enter license key which is found on Optin Monster website when you log in. Now you have linked your WooCommerce site to this tool and you can see your conversion rates increasing.

Create Your First Campaign

Your first OptinMonster campaign might boost conversations and cut the rate of shopping cart abandonment.

Go to WordPress admin area in OptinMonster page and click “Create New Campaign”. Now choose the type of campaign and template. For example, you can choose Lightbox as the type of campaign. You may use any of your desired templates.


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