Karibu – Single Property WordPress Theme for Owners, Landlords and Realtors3 min read

Karibu has been designed exclusively by expert developers and designers from scratch who pay proper attention to detail and consider the needs of corporate websites, especially real estate and construction. It is a well-tuned theme which is user-friendly, world-class, and visually amazing with quality coding. Whether you are selling or renting property, Karibu is the best real estate theme for WordPress.

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Integrated Admin Panel

With default Admin Panel in the background, you can easily and smoothly get access to all the power and control of features in this theme. You can access new Navigation Item when you login to WP backend in the left panel.

With just one click, you can easily update your new site. You can access most of the elements easily and quickly and you can preview your changes on the go. With few clicks, you can update Typography, update Header image, and control the way you navigate. It is very powerful, easy to use, and there is no single line of coding needed.

1-Click Demo Install

It has two different demos which are tastefully crafted. You can install your favorite demo at your fingertips. Karibu will add more new demos in future with new updates and you can always get something you love. You can easily modify it according to your needs. However, it is based on construction and real estate businesses.

Multiple Header Layouts

Creative headers can mean a great difference between amazing and bland user experience. It is definitely the first place looked by the visitors. Hence, it should be attractive and you should be able to operate website with ease.  Karibu has all the flexibility to create header layout easily. With your business logo, you can create solid brand awareness in sticky header, develop a great interface with full width, or just have a logo or tagline to keep it simple.

Default Post Types

Karibu includes different Post Types that can be used to create beautiful layouts to promote projects, showcase custom content, or promote your services to your potential clients. With a range of post types, you can easily create stunning content with ease.

Added Plugins

Karibu is designed well to take your website design to another level as it has Visual Composer – the No. 1 Drag & Drop Page Builder and Visual Composer plugins bundled with your license.

With Visual Composer, you can create virtually any web element you want with the comfort of Drag & Drop functionality. This page builder plugin is virtually limitless and innovative, when creating reusable elements and unique web pages.

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Slider Revolution – It is more than just a Slider plugin, as they say. It’s a whole new way to deliver your ideas. You can easily create attention-worthy content in a constructive way, be it Carousal, Slider, full page or Hero Scene, with Slider Resolution, a powerhouse plugin.

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Design

Karibu has been designed to scale creatively in all the modern devices which are being used these days and you can get nothing but creative website.

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