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How Would You Know If Your WordPress Website is Hacked?

We have often wondered about the signs to know whether WordPress site is hacked. Well, there are some common signs to find out if your WordPress website is compromised or hacked.

Website Traffic Drops Suddenly

If you notice a sudden loss in website traffic at Google Analytics reports, it shows that your WordPress site is hacked. Different Trojans and malware may hijack the traffic and redirect the visitors to spammy pages.

Another reason is safe browsing tool from Google. It might show warnings to the users that the site may have virus. Every week, around 20000 websites are blacklisted by Google for malware and 50000 for phishing. Hence, every website owner should be serious about WordPress security.

Bad Links to Your Site

Data injection is another common sign of hacking. The attackers create a backdoor to your site to modify your WordPress database and file. They may also add links to Spammy sites. These links are usually added to the footer of your site. There are certain ways to track and fix the backdoor permanently.

WordPress Shows “Incorrect Login or Password”

If it shows this type of error, hackers may have removed your admin account. As the account does no longer exist, you cannot reset your password. However, you may add admin account via FTP or with phpMyAdmin. Find out how hacker entered into your site as your site is unsafe.

Your Website is Unresponsive or Slow

Service attacks can often attack all websites on the web. They use various hacked servers and computers across the world through fake IPs. They just send too many requests to the servers and try to intrude into your website.

These activities slow down your website, make it unavailable or unresponsive. Check your server logs and find out the IPs making so many requests to block them. Your WordPress site may not be hacked but still slow in some cases. There are some tools to increase website performance and speed.

Even better, you may put these tricks into use to boost your website speed.

Popups or Ads on Your Website

Such types of attempts hijack your web traffic and show their own spam ads to make money from illegal websites. Visitors who access your website directly or are already logged in, they won’t see such pop-ups. But visitors who access your website through search engines may encounter such popups.

Don’t let it to happen again and perform these maintenance tasks.

Suspicious accounts

If you allow user registration in your site and don’t have any spam protection, it is important to delete spam user accounts that are automatically created. If you still allow user registration by new user accounts, there are chances that your site may be hacked. Usually these accounts have administrator access and you cannot remove it from your admin area.


Fixing a hacked WordPress portal is very difficult and frustrating. So, it is better to hire experts to do that job. There are certain tools to block WordPress attacks with 24×7 monitoring and powerful firewall to kill attacks before they even access your site. Even if your website is hacked, they can clean it up.

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