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How to Make Money Online with WordPress Blogging?

Want to make money online without scams? WordPress is the top publishing platform which powers up to 27% of websites. Do what you love and make money with blogging and WordPress. Just keep in mind that it is not “GET RICH QUICK” scheme. It is a consistent process to make regular income at home. Most of these methods call for a little investment of money and time to start.

Affiliate Marketing

Here, you need to recommend a service or product to your users with special tracking links and get a commission for referral every time a purchase is made by clicking your link. It’s like helping your friend to open an account at your bank’s branch. They usually give you a bonus of some kind or a gift card. Just like many services or products online, there are affiliate programs you can join.

If you want to get started in affiliate marketing, consider the products you trust and use already that your readers would also like. See if there is an affiliate program to register for. There is a huge list of products you can promote from ShareASale, Amazon, and Commission Junction. Use a WordPress plugin for Affiliate programs to manage your links after selecting the products to promote.

For detailed info on getting started with affiliate marketing, we hope you would like our guide to start your own Amazon Affiliate store via WordPress.

You can promote a huge range of products through Affiliate Marketing. Almost every popular store like Amazon, Flipkart, Wal-Mart, have their own affiliate program.

Google AdSense on WordPress

It is the simple way to make money online from a blog. You just need to add a script to your site and display ads. You will get paid a user clicks on ad every time. It is known as CPC ad.

CPC refers to Cost Per Click. By displaying Google Adsense CPC ads, you get a fixed amount every time when a visitor clicks an ad on your site.  It is another best way to make money online when you start out.

Another great idea is to start coupon deals website. Here are the themes for WordPress to check out.

Sell Ads Directly with a WordPress Advertising Plugin

Google AdSence is very simple to get started but you can earn very limited amount. Earning also varies in each ad click. Selling ad space on your site can be very exciting. Rather than relying on intermediary, you can negotiate the price and terms easily.

Selling ads directly still takes more effort to manage instead using Google AdSense. Rather than just adding little coding to your site, you will want to negotiate pricing and care for the administrative jobs, such as invoicing.

Want to get started in WordPress? Here are the top SEO plugins to rank higher in 2017.

Selling Sponsored Blog Posts

Some bloggers don’t want to display ads and wonder how to make money in blogging without ads. Some readers get irritated by ads and more people use ad blockers. Sponsorships are an alternative to make money using blogging. Sponsorship works just like it does in TV shows, sports, or other industries. A company usually pays to review their product, discuss about it to the users, and promote it to the readers. You may approach any company to crack a sponsorship deal after putting a one-page media kit which has details of your social media following, traffic stats, demographics, and other data to make your site attractive to them.


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