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How to Make Your WordPress Site Aesthetically Pleasing with Background Image?3 min read

Background images literally make your WordPress site more pleasing and engaging to the visitors. Here, we will discuss three important methods to add background image to your site.

Method 1 – Using WordPress Theme Settings

A lot of premium and free WP themes have custom background support. You can easily set background image to your site. If your theme includes this feature, it is recommended to try this method.

For an appealing WordPress site, having a fully-responsive theme is important. For this, we recommend X.

  • First of all, go to Appearance > Customize in your admin panel. You will enter WordPress theme customizer to change settings after viewing preview.
  • Now click “Background Image”. Slide the panel and see the options to choose background image and upload your custom image.
  • Click “Select Image” to proceed.
  • It will show up WP Media Uploader popup to upload the image from PC. You can also upload image from media library.
  • Now click “Choose Image” when image is selected and uploaded
  • Now you will see the preview of selected image in the customizer
  • You can see the background image options below the image. Choose how to show the background image on preset.
  • You can also choose the position of background image. Click on the arrows.
  • Click on “Save and Publish” at the top to save settings. Now you can see your website in action.

Method 2 – Using Plugin

It is a flexible method which supports any WordPress theme. You can set several background images. You can easily set various backgrounds for any page, post, category or any section of your site. This method can make all images mobile-friendly and full screen. Your background image can resize itself automatically on small devices.

Don’t forget to remove inactive plugins from time to time.

  • Install Full Screen Background Pro and activate it.
  • Go to Appearance > Full Screen BG Image to configure the settings
  • You will want to add license key.
  • Now click “Save Settings” to save changes. Now you want to add background images to your site.
  • Click “Add New Image” on settings page of plugin.
  • Click “Choose Image” to upload or choose image. After selecting the image, you can see live preview of image.
  • Now you may want to rename the image. You can use this name internally to use anything.
  • Now choose the place where you want to use this image as background. You may choose from various sections like archives, categories, blog page, or front page.

Click on “Save Image” to save background image. You can add multiple images. Just go to Appearance > Full Screen BG Image. To set multiple images to be used worldwide, plugin will display images as slideshow. It allows you to adjust time taken for the image as well as the time when new BG image fades in. Enter the time in milliseconds. If you want it to fade after 20 seconds, enter 20000. Click “Save Settings” to store changes.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to add custom images to your pages and posts. We hope you’ve liked this article and learnt how to add background picture in your WordPress site.

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