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Does Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Price?

If you want to launch a WordPress site, you may have come across several hosting providers offering managed WordPress hosting at different prices which are pretty higher than shared hosting. You might be wondering why there is so much difference in pricing. Do I really need managed hosting for WordPress? Is it really that much better? If you have these questions in mind, please read on –

About Managed WordPress Hosting

Thanks to the increasing popularity of WordPress, there are many hosting providers like Hostgator known to specialize in WordPress hosting.

In managed WordPress hosting, the host is responsible to take care of all the technical parts of WordPress website, such as speed, security, daily backups, WordPress updates, scalability and website uptime. Managed WordPress hosting is aimed to provide absolutely stress-free experience so you can focus on your core business activities and you can do exactly what you are expert at. You may also like our guide to start your own online marketplace in WordPress.

Premium support is one of the best things about managed WordPress hosting. There are experienced WordPress experts who provide support with great expertise instead someone who is just managing with a support manual. Managed WordPress hosting is best described as a ‘Five-Star Hotel for WordPress” where you can have army of WordPress experts taking care of your website.

Managed WordPress Hosting – Pros and Cons

When managed WordPress hosting looks great, it is not made for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting before you look for –


  • Extremely fast – The servers of managed WordPress hosting are designed for WordPress only. Hence, they are fast enough even when you get plenty of traffic.
  • Security – When you look for managed WordPress Hosting, your website is almost hacker-proof. They add very strict layer of security and scan for malware actively and restrict all spam attacks.
  • Daily Backups – With managed hosting, experts backup your data everyday and provide restore when you need.
  • Expert support – Unlike various web hosts, they have very knowledgeable staff in WordPress. They can suggest you the right plugins and avoid those that can affect performance. You can have different types of WordPress experts by your side. If you are selling products, you may also want to use WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates.
  • Automatic updates – There is nothing to worry about updates as you can get it done automatically.
  • No downtime – Despite the traffic your website gets, there will be no downtime on your website.
  • Dev Tools – It varies according to host. But you can get some common dev tools like version control, staging data etc.

    Cons of Managed WordPress hosting

    • Price – Managed hosting is very costly as compared to shared hosting. When shared hosting costs virtually around $4 per month, base plan of managed hosting costs around $30 per month. But if you consider the pay of admin and running a large website, it is really worth it.
    • Limits – As server architecture is designed for WordPress, you often run just WordPress sites. You cannot run all plugins. Block plugins in managed hosting can slow down the site.

    Limited control – As experts are providing tech support to your website, you never know what is changed. However, you can remove the stress of managing everything on your own.

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