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Do You Need to Switch between Accounts? How to do it quickly?2 min read

Do you constantly need to switch from one user account to another in WordPress? When it comes to test new features on your WordPress, you may often want to switch again and again between user accounts with varied user roles. When you can log out and login manually to the new account, it can take a lot of time. In this post, we are going to discuss how to switch between different accounts in your WordPress.

Why and when to switch user accounts?

By default, you can add new authors and users to your site. Each user has a user role on your website which is assigned to them so they can perform various tasks on your website with permissions. You may also check out our guide on StuffPost, a Professional WordPress theme for magazine and news.

Users are also allowed to register on your website and they can be assigned with a default role for all new users. You may have to visit Settings > General.

If you are owner of the site, you are assigned as the website administrator automatically on your website. Hence, you have total control to manage all user accounts on your WordPress.

When it comes to test new feature that comes on your website after update, you may want to see how things might look to the users with various permissions and user roles. It is especially true when it comes to run an online store or membership website on WordPress. You can do it manually to log in with the credentials for each account and test the features.

You may also check out Global Gallery, a responsive gallery plugin for your website.

But you need to invest a lot of time for it. Is it possible if you simply switch to any user account quickly and then turn back once testing is finished? Let’s have a look on how to switch between accounts instantly in WordPress without having to enter passwords.

Switching between User Accounts with a Plugin

  • First of all, you have to turn on and activate the plugin “User Switching”.
  • Once it is activated, go to Users in your admin area. You will get a link “Switch to” next to each account on this page.
  • Users can switch only with admin user role. Once you switch to new user account, you can keep checking your website as a user.
  • Once done, you can then move back to your own account simply with one click on the notification on the screen.

We hope you’ve liked this article about switching from user account to another in WordPress. You may also like to read our guide on how to block spam comments with Antispam Bee plugin on WordPress.

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