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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site to Be Featured in Google Answer Boxes?

Have you ever desired your posts to be featured in Google Answer boxes? These are basically push to answer questions appeared directly on the page of search results. In this post, we will discuss how to do just that.

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What is Google Answer Box?

Google’s Answer box falls under Knowledge graph of Google. This algorithm answers users exactly on the search results page. To display the most relevant information, it uses side boxes, carousels, lists, answer boxes and tables.

It gathers information from different sources and algorithm decides the best results to display in the answer box. According to the Advanced Web Ranking researches, around 32.3% CTR has been secured by Google’s Answer boxes. So, they are the most important part of your SEO strategy.

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How Google Answer Box works?

Answer Box is designed to provide quick information to the users. It works literally well when users want to find factual details like distances, match scores, movie release dates, conversion rates, and the like.

If users get actual information they need, they can search for something else. For further details, it also displays a sidebox from Wikipedia, the most reputed knowledge source in the world. It seems like Google wants to collect all the traffic for itself. But, not all users want the information that its knowledge graph provides. If users need an opinion, research based answer, or any review, Google depends on other sources. If your post is one of the top 10 results for a specific query or keyword, there are chances that your post may appear in Answer Box.

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How to Make It Happen?

The results of Google Answer Box change pretty frequently. So, there are high chances to appear as best answer. You just need to improve your content. Here are some the steps of content optimization to appear in answer box –

Keep it Short and Sweet

For Answer Boxes, the key is to provide short and simple answers. Be sure your post answers the questions as early as possible in the post. Also keep your answer concise, short, and readable. You can also add keywords as question before a short answer.

You can add as much detail as possible to answer your desired question. You can use keyword across the article by adding much information and also use the same post to attend to other questions.

Follow Best SEO Practices

Along with answering questions, be sure your page is searchable by Google. You should optimize your posts just like you would usually do. For example, by adding keywords in SEO title and description, using categories and tags properly, adding alt tags and titles to your images etc.

Do You Really Need to Do It?

Obviously, click-through rats are the way too high with Answer Box. According to the content and topic, it could go up to 51.2%. But you don’t have to worry about it. The key here is to help users to find exactly what they want. If you focus on informative and helpful content, it will be picked up automatically by search results. Since Google’s search results change frequently, you don’t need to do anything much to win forever.

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