When a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is capable to tell a million more. You can enhance the overall look of your content and add life to it while embedding and sharing videos on the site or contents to convey your message. With these plugins, you can do more than just embedding video. There are several other options
There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress gallery plugins these days. They all provide attractive features which improve the overall look of your site, i.e. from adding Lightboxes to setting 3D display. With a lot of choices, there comes confusion. To get professional outcomes with huge range of features, we have listed the top 10 best Gallery plugins for WordPress.
Starting a careers or job portal needs complete design skills, technical knowledge and coding support for anyone who doesn’t have any skills already. Whether you are engaged in developing a job board for a client or want to start a recruitment store, a reliable, credible, and professional website is the first major building block which can cost thousands and take
Creating listings or classifieds WordPress website is not that complex as it seems. Actually there are lots of WordPress themes with which site admins can develop a site from scratch within minutes. These themes come with amazing functionality and attractive design. So, there is nothing to worry about adding any complex code. They are very simple to customize and you
To get the most of directory websites, webmasters need something different in design and theme. Usually, a directory website covers a huge amount of data. It has several specific features and uses a layout that can present that particular information. To develop a site like this, there are some unique challenges. Listed here are some of the top Directory website
An appealing and attractive form gives a professional look to your site. It also boosts your online presence. A contact form allows your readers to connect with you and you don’t have to provide your email address. When most WordPress themes have in-built contact forms, it is even better if you create your personalized form with a plugin. You can
These days, keeping readers and shoppers stumbled upon your site is a big deal. But there is a way to give them a reason to bookmark your site. Once you gain a solid retention of the readers, you can sell whatever you want. Yes, we are talking about WordPress forum plugins, which have been around since the prevalence of internet
No matter whether you are generous or economical on your spending, many people love to have amazing deals on their shopping. Saving money while shopping always gives a heavenly feeling. What if you could put that smile on your users’ faces? Good news is that you can create a coupon deals site to offer coupons, exclusive deals, gift vouchers, and
To add social sharing to your WordPress site, BuddyPress is the most common choice as it has all the vital features, such as activity streams, user profiles, and user groups. But for more personalized experience, you will want to bolster the basic package with few plugins. BuddyPress is meant to keep people connected together. It enables people to connect who
Just because you don’t know the ins and outs of SEO, you shouldn’t overlook its importance. Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the visibility of your site in Google search rankings. There are different aspects of SEO and the way to improve its visibility. Hence, it is literally very confusing for some webmasters on which to work on