Real Homes – #1 Bestselling Real Estate Theme for WordPress3 min read

Real Homes is a tastefully designed WordPress theme to kick-start your real estate portal. It provides all the helpful features you need in a real estate website. The theme provides front-end support and admin-side support for a smooth property management.

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Key Features

Easy to Customize, Advanced Search Form

Choose the fields that should be displayed along with the data you want to show in such fields. Display varied location fields for paths, such as State > City > Location. You have freedom to change virtually everything in your search form.

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User-Friendly, Innovative Interface

The theme features rich blend of Meta boxes on Edit/Add page of the property to make is very simple to modify or add media files and information.

Google Maps Integration

The theme is packed with Google Maps integration to show Google Maps along with property markers on property display page, search pages, property detail pages, taxonomy archive pages, and homepage.

Add Floor Plans

The user-friendly interface in Real Homes theme adds property floor plans or your customers. You can also provide separate area, title, number of baths, bedrooms, and price for each plan.

Google reCAPTCHA for Spam Protection

You can add API integration of Google reCAPTCHA in Real Homes WordPress theme for all contact forms to avoid spam messages in your mailbox.

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Add More Details

If you have other details of your property that you cannot add in predefined fields, you can simply go to Add/Edit page of the property to access a flexible form to provide more info. You can display this information on property detail page.

Property Submit Template

In this WordPress theme, you can access customizer settings in Property Submit front end template. You can also limit some users from access to admin dashboard and provide an interface to them to submit properties on front end. Later on, you can review and publish the properties submitted. You can also set it to auto-publish the properties when user pages a specific amount of fee with a payment method like PayPal.

Show Properties on Front End

In Real Homes WordPress theme, you can also display properties that are submitted by the users on front end. You can use this template to edit property, preview property, remove a property and make payment for property. A user may want to pay using PayPal to publish his property. In theme options, you can enable or disable payment feature.

Compare Properties

With this feature, your visitor can add properties to a list and then compare side by side. This feature is available once user login to your site.

Grid and List Layout

You can see properties in the form of list or grid in Real Homes theme. It also supports these templates with Meta boxes to sort and filter properties as per your needs. According to your personal criteria, one can create any custom property list.

Favorite Property

Add property to your favorites so one can visit the properties they like and find the properties selected by them. Later on, a user can also remove property from his collection of favorite properties. Everyone can use this feature without login.

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