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How to Remove Default Visual Editor on WordPress?

WordPress visual editor features WYSIWYG interface for beginners to write content which can be easily formatted. However, there are some users want to disable or remove visual editor in WordPress because they find it easier to write basic HTML in text editor. Here, we will show how to remove WordPress visual editor.

Why Disable Visual Editor in WordPress?

WordPress visual editor is a convenient way to write anything for beginners. It features user-friendly WYSIWYG user interface which comes with handy options to pick format and colors when it comes to write posts. You can program visual editor to show the preview of your posts with same colors and fonts as your theme.

However, there are several advanced users who use plain text editor. It shows raw plain/HTML text while creating content and features some basic formatting options and buttons. In visual editor, the biggest conflict is that when switching between Text/Visual modes, it affects the overall formatting of a post. Sometimes visual editor adds more formatting which is not required.

Well, these issues are not that serious, but they are really very annoying. Actually, visual editor in WordPress was intended for beginners who don’t have any HTML knowledge. If you are a veteran user, you may find it annoying because of the way it works.

For instance, you have to switch to text editor to paste HTML code on the post because it allows pasting raw HTML. If you paste code on visual editor, it will mess up all the codes. In visual editor, many unwanted codes can be added.

According to some site owners, visual editor don’t have vital styling options that other editor lacks. There are different well-known editors out there which can replace or enhance visual editor.

How to Remove Visual Editor Mode?

By default, visual editor shows up in every new user account in WordPress. When you write a new post or a page, it will load a visual editor. You may switch from visual to text editor by clicking at the right side of visual editor. So, you can switch back and forth between those editors when needed.

To disable visual editor, you first have to go to Users > Your Profile in admin area of the WordPress. This is where user profile can be edited in WordPress.

Check the box “Disable visual editor when writing” under visual editor. Also click on “Update Profile” to save changes.

Now you can edit the post or create new. The visual editor will no longer be seen. Keep in mind that it will not be effective for other users on your WordPress site.

Well, we will recommend new users to first get introduced to both types of editors to know which one is more suitable to them. If you no longer want to use visual editor and find text editor more comfortable, you may disable visual editor.

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