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SiteGround Review – 3 Big Reasons, Why I switched to SiteGround?4 min read

You are here, means “you like to buy SiteGround hosting and just confirming from other users at last”. You came to the correct place this time. 

I myself used SiteGround Hosting, therefore, I am sharing my SiteGround Review with “WpEasier.com”.

Let’s see why I have to leave my previous hosting company. “I will not take my previous hosting company name publicly”. Here, I am going to share my reasons to choose SiteGround. As I am a web developer & digital marketing manager Since 2009. Therefore, I checked almost everything before moving to SiteGround. I am sure my reasons and solutions can help you to select the best hosting company for your website.

First Reason: Security (Hack & Malicious/unwanted Software Protection)

The main reason was Hacking & Malware

I got hacked many times and Google Adwords was not approving my website. I deleted my complete website and made another one but the problem again occurred. Then I noticed this.
malware statistics
Image credit - https://www.safetydetective.com/blog/malware-statistics/

At the start, I spent much money but finally, I had to change my server because Google might blacklist my website.

Who solved my issue?

Siteground of course. I believe in Sucuri.net. This is one of the best sites to check whether your website has malware issues or not. You may check your website with Free website/server malware issue from here - https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/

If you are a developer, you must be known to “Securi” for its “Website Security Platforms”. I found that SiteGround got a partnership with Sucuri.

Therefore I got relaxation from my getting hacked nightmare. Now, Sucuri protects SiteGround Server and its Websites.

My website got up and I could do Google Adwords.

Apart from this, if you have more concern about SiteGround Security Levels, check the image below.

siteground security

Second Reason: Load Time

The second issue was load time and third was pricing. Both the issues have been solved by SiteGround. How? Let’s dive into my experience.

My previous hosting provider gave me “Managed WordPress Hosting”. I used but I found prices were high whereas load time was poor. User loves high-speed websites. As I have to run Google Adwords, so user experience should be good otherwise user will go back to another site.

According to Adwords.googleblog.com if a site has 1 second delay time then 20% of conversion fall down, and I don’t want to waste my “pay per click” amount which was average $3. Especially in mobile searches, users even don’t compromise with delay. Check this official blog https://adwords.googleblog.com/2018/07/mobile-landing-page-speed-score.html

Here again, SiteGround gave the fastest results.
siteground loadtime

Now, Let’s move to check the load time monthly wise. I checked almost all review websites and I found everyone is suggesting to SiteGround due to 99.99% to 100% load time.

This year’s 3 months load time
March 2019 - 99.99%
February 2019 - 100%
January 2019 - 99.99%

Many technical experts conducted Pingdom test, Google page speed test, and GTmetrix Test and found that SiteGround servers gave 99% and 100% load time.

Third Reason: Pricing (Web Hosting, Cloud & Dedicated Hosting)

After that, I moved to the price point where budget matters a lot. And here again, SiteGround won. I divide the pricing into three groups.

1. Web Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting, and Woocommerce Hosting

I saw the “Wow factor” in pricing, which almost “no top hosting company” is providing.

2. Cloud Hosting

I saw the “Wow factor” in pricing, which almost “no top hosting company” is providing.

3. Dedicated Hosting

I saw the “Wow factor” in pricing, which almost “no top hosting company” is providing.

In all three important factors - Security, Load Time & Pricing. SiteGround gave #1 position.

More Details - If you want - Let’s dive

Without taking your too much time, I will teach you some other facts too fast.

1. Real Reviews - 97.7% Happiness Rate

2. Customer Care - Fastest Reply in 10 minutes, Live Chats, SuperFast Pick up the phone and 24X7 support to their customers.

3. Free Site Migration for 1 Website

4. Free SSL & CDN Certificate 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

5. All features according to your need & chosen package

6. Money Back Guarantee in 30 Days

After lots of good talks, you also must see there is one con too. That is not too big but still, cons are cons.

Higher Renewal Rates - (As usual, almost all hosting companies takes)


I summarize my interview with WpEasier.com for “Why I changed my hosting & chosen SiteGround?” because;

1. Security from Hacks, Malware & Unwanted Software.
2. 99% to 100% Load Time.
3. Very Good Pricing.

I want to know your experience, why you want to choose any hosting company. Are reasons price, load time, security, customer support and etc? Tell me your answer in the comment box.
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