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Social Locker – A WordPress Plugin Gives a Reason to Share Your Content

Social Locker – A WordPress Plugin Gives a Reason to Share Your Content

Do you have social buttons on each page on your website, but visitors don’t share or like your content as much as you’ve expected?

It’s time to give them a reason why they should share or like your content on your site. Sometimes, even after loving your content, fanpage or website, they don’t click the Like or Share buttons just because they don’t care about your traffic, your profit, and your business.

To spark people’s attention to do just that, ask them to pay back with a Tweet/Like/+1 to access your content, for example, to claim discount, to read a full book, watch a video, see a cool picture, or to download an eBook.

How Would You Do That?

A WordPress plugin, named “Social Locker” can do it for you. It just locks your most important content behind a few social buttons. It never unlocks until visitor shares, likes or tweets your page. It helps you build social performance, builds quality followers, gets more shares or likes, and attracts more traffic. You just have to choose the most attractive part of content you would like to lock and you are all set.

How Social Locker Could Benefit You?

You can lock any video, article, image, audio, coupon codes, download links, or anything you think is most important for your audience to gather shares or likes. Here’s how it works –

Improves Social Traffic – Social Locker can add genuine traffic to your site, your sales page, or opt-in funnel. Once users tweet or share your content to access to the locked content, their friends will also see it, and hopefully, some of them may visit your site. It will multiply your traffic again and again.

In order to improve traffic, you should ensure that your website loads faster. For faster turnaround time, choose a reliable web hosting solution.

Build Quality Followers – Every online entrepreneur and blogger understands the difficulty to attract followers and fans, especially on new websites that started with low budget. Now every visitor can be lured to follow you on social media. You can build loyalty and get in touch with them. All you need to lock your important content and tell them that only your followers and fans can open it.

Boost SEO Ranking – The search algorithm in Google considers around 200 factors when it comes to determine the results to show up in search query. This way, social media is one of the vital factors to consider and it has great influence on the ranking of your site in search engine. Along with it, there are several other SEO plugins.you must work on.

Make Content Transparent, Blur or Completely Hide It

Add spark to your visitors’ mind with overlay effects featured in this plugin. In this plugin, you can choose how to display the locked content, partly visible (blurred or transparent) or completely hidden. It literally attracts large number of visitors and grabs a lot of attention. If visitors could see and find out what they can get once they unlock, it really works well.


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