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How to Start Your Own Amazon Affiliate Store via WordPress?3 min read

Do you want to get started with Amazon Affiliate through WordPress? You may want to sell products as an affiliate from Amazon.com and earn commission. In this post, you can start an Amazon affiliate store via WordPress.

Getting Started

Amazon is world’s largest online shop which stocks everything. They also provide affiliate program which pays commission on every order made by your visitor. You can create a new affiliate store to earn commission or recommend products from Amazon on your current website.

To build your Amazon affiliate store, you can use WordPress with WooCommerce for the best ecommerce platform. WooCommerce powers millions of shopping sites worldwide. To start, you have to use WordPress.org.

It will also require a domain name, WordPress hosting, and SSL certificate, when it comes to accept payments for non-affiliate items. Usually, a domain costs up to $14.99 per year, web hosting up to $8 per year and SSL certificate up to $70 per year.

Luckily, you may use HostGator which comes with attractive plans and pricing and you can also easily create and manage your WordPress site with it.

After buying hosting, you need to install WordPress and follow the steps to get started with WordPress.

Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program

After installing WooCommerce and WordPress, it’s time to register for Amazon affiliate program and add products using affiliate ID. Click “Join Now for Free” and go to Amazon Affiliate program. Now, you will need to login with your current Amazon account or simply register for new account.

Once you sign in, provide the information and answer simple questions regarding your website. Go through the instructions to complete the process. Amazon will review and approve your application.

These plugins may help you to create WordPress galleries.

Add Amazon Affiliate Products to WooCommerce

WooCommerce has made it simple to add external products to your site. You can offer great user experience and integrate affiliate items to your website. Simply go to Products > Add new to add a product.

First of all, provide a title for product you want to add and include a description in post editor. Scroll down to product data and choose the option “External/Affiliate Product” under the dropdown menu “Product Type”.

Now enter the affiliate URL from Amazon Associates dashboard. Search for any product and click on “Get Link” option. Copy URL and paste on product edit page. Now add product price. You may also want to add sale price if it has sale going on.

Provide a short description for product (optional). It will be shown in search results and on front page of the shop. Add product gallery images and product image to your right. Find product images from Amazon product page. Click on “Publish” button to make product live.

Add more affiliate with the same process on your website. After adding a couple of products, you may visit shop page on your site and see products in action.

Be sure to add useful products, targeted content and helpful reviews on your site. This is what your users want and you need to offer them.

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