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Are You Starting Up with WordPress? This SEO Guide will Help

To get more traffic to your site, it is very vital to boost your WordPress SEO. Unfortunately most of the SEO guides are too complex to understand for new users. If you are serious on boosting web traffic, you should consider these best SEO practices. Here, we will share some of the top SEO tips to improve your SEO and achieve more organic traffic.

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Check the Visibility Settings of Your Site

WordPress features in-built option to hide your website in search engines so you can work on your site before uploading it to the server. Something it is checked by mistake and your website stays hidden to search engines. Make sure it is unchecked if your website is still hidden. Just enter the admin area and go to Settings > Reading page. Go to “Search Engine Visibility” by scrolling down and ensure that the box is unchecked on “Discourage Search Engines from Indexing this Site”. Be sure to click on “Save Changes”.

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SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs have words which explain the content of page clearly and are simple to read by both search engines and humans. Keep in mind that these URLs are easy to read and you can guess what you will see on the page just through URL. A non-SEO friendly URL looks like – http://xyz.com/archives/?p=12345.

Since these URLs use numbers, it is difficult to guess what you will get on the page just by looking at URL.

Using the Best Plugin

You can find plugin for everything you want to do. It is the beauty of WordPress. So, you can find thousands of SEO plugins in WordPress. But it is not easy for starters to choose the most suited SEO plugin.

Instead installing separate plugins for all tasks, make sure to choose the one which can do multiple tasks. Don’t worry, we’ll help you narrow down your options by recommending a few of the best SEO plugins in 2017.

Add XML Sitemaps

Every single page is listed on your site with XML sitemap. Search engines can easily get all the content you have with XML Sitemap. Though it is not designed to improve your search rankings, it still helps them to scroll pages easily and rank them. Some SEO plugins can automatically create XML sitemap.

List Your Site to Google Search Console

Also called as Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a series of tools from Google to give a look to the site owners as how their content would be like in search engines. It provides data and reports to see the appearance of pages in search results. You can also see the search terms used by the people to search for your website, how often pages will be clicked and the appearance of each page in search results.

Listing Management Tool
Vara - Architecture WordPress Theme

Vara: A WordPress Theme for Architects & Interior Designers

Vara is one of the best WordPress theme options for architects. It covers all the essential things that help you begin your WordPress website in no time. You do not require to have coding skills. Also, you do not necessarily have an eye for design. Vara is a WordPress theme that unlocks everyone the opportunity to create an impactful website. Hey, Start your website on the right way with Vara now.

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Exhibz Event Conference WordPress Theme

Exhibz: A Relaible Event WordPress Theme from ThemeForest

Exhibz is a modern WordPress event theme, helps you quickly start a generic event website, an education conference website, a food festival website, or a one-page WordPress website. All its importable demos are user-friendly, engaging, and colorful to create and experience. There are templates and layouts which can use for every type of event. With support for Woocommerce and ticket purchases, Exhibz can provide many event websites all requirements.

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