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Step-By-Step Guide to Create Product Catalog without Cart in WordPress

Sometimes you may want your customers to book orders by phone only while still displaying your products on your website. This guide will teach you to create product catalog without full-fledge shopping cart in WordPress. You may also read our guide about Content Delivery Network.

Why to add Product Catalog?

Some businesses have products with undetermined price due to which they cannot sell them online. So, using a shopping cart doesn’t make sense. But they should still have a website to showcase the products to attract customers. Usually, online shopping stores are associated with online shopping. But they can still be used to display products without shopping cart. Here’s how to create product catalog without this feature.

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Getting Started

WooCommerce is the best option to create product catalog. But you cannot use its shopping cart features. If you have a WordPress site, you may install WooCommerce plugin and activate it. After installing WooCommerce, you can create product catalog.

By default, “Add to Cart” or “Shop Now” button is placed next to all products in WooCommerce. Well, you can fix this issue with a simple solution. First of all, install YITH WooCommerce Catalog mode and activate this plugin.

Configure the settings under YITH Plugins > Catalog Mode. Check “Enable YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode” option to activate plugin. Choose where you would like to hide this button.

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You may hide it on product pages or shop pages. Here, you can go with option to disable shop option everywhere. Disable the cart page, checkout page, and remove all the cart buttons everywhere. Store your settings by clicking on “Save Changes”.

Add Products to Product Catalog

You can add products to your website. Go to Products > Add New page to enter your product details. Provide product description, title, product image, short description, and product gallery on products screen. You will get price options in “Product” data section. You can skip displaying product pricing by leaving them blank. Publish your product once done. You can add as many products as you want to make a catalog.

View Your Product Catalog

You may visit WooCommerce shop to view default catalog running. Usually, your shop page is placed at URL like http://example.com/shop/.

Add your own website URL by replacing example.com to get your WooCommerce shop in catalog view. If you no longer need shop page, display your products on any page and use it as catalog. Create new WordPress page or edit the one you have already, and add this shortcode –

[products columns=”4″ limit=”8″ paginate=”true”]

You may also want to change the limit of items per page and number of columns to limit to your own needs. After changing shortcode, publish or save your page to preview the same. Product pages will no longer show any “Buy” or “Add to Cart” buttons. Click on any product and see the page of product details. Without “Buy” or “Add to Cart”, you can see all the product description, images, and gallery.

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