Solved – While Migration Establishing a Database Connection Problem

Error establishing a database connection
Error establishing a database connection

It is a very common problem of establishing a database connection while migrating your hosting to another hosting provider. 

Why does this problem happen?

  • If you have forgotten to upload wp-config.php file in public_html folder.
  • If you have made a new WordPress installation in another server and forgot to change the database name, database username, database password in the wp-config.php file. 

This error is all about the error in the wp-config.php file because this is the file that helps to connect WordPress with the database. 

How to solve this error?

Method 1 – Copy the existing wp-config.php file and paste it in the new hosting provider public_html folder. 

Method 2 – You can also copy the database name, database username, and database password details and put it into new wp-config.php.

  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database name 

These 3 things are only necessary to put into the wp-config.php file to establish a database connection.

I hope you can solve your problem easily with the method. If any questions please ask, or if you solve your problem, please comment on me. 

10 Logical Reasons Why you should use WordPress CMS in 2020?


Before we start to know why one should use WordPress, first understand the difference between and is an open-source platform that can be downloaded by anyone and can be used, and modify freely. Whereas is a hosting company. 

WordPress is majorly used CMS which took approximately 76.4% of market shares whereas other CMS like Joomla got 7.0% and Drupal got 4.7% market shares. WordPress is not a company, it does not have any CEO. It is a non-profit organization. 

WordPress has been founded on May 27, 2003, and it is under the GNU GPL license that means anyone can download, use, modify and study the code freely.

WordPress is used at governmental sites all over the world. It has many features that can not be matched with any other CMS. Let’s discuss the top 10 reasons why you should use WordPress CMS for your website. 


Reason 1 : Responsive – Mobile Friendly Website

Save Cost, Auto responsive according to device size, Free AMP Plugins

According to, In 2018 approximately 52.2% of websites get traffic through mobile phones. That means people love to explore through mobile phones. At HTML, you have to do different coding for making a mobile website or one has to use bootstrap to make a mobile-friendly website, whereas WordPress is responsive, which means it auto-adjusts according to the device’s size. It is responsive on its own.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Even if you are looking for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), you can use Jetpack plugin and other plugins to make AMP in few clicks. For responsiveness, you need not spend money with WordPress. 

Reason 2 : High-Quality Free Themes & Landing Pages 

Thousands of free themes, Easy to make a website & landing pages

When a person enters in the online market, he needs to make a beautiful website. If you hire any developer, he will charge you an hourly basis or according to the website requirements. With WordPress, you can make a beautiful website on your own. You get thousands of WordPress themes according to the nature of your work. You can customize themes on your own without any prior knowledge of development. Everything is too easy and you will enjoy customizing the theme. 

Even if, you don’t get a theme or landing page, according to your requirements, you can hire talented and professional WordPress developers or you can buy themes from many WordPress themes selling websites like “Themeforest, MyThemeShop, SKT themes and etc” in a few dollars.  

Landing Page – As you think of advertising, you think of a landing page. WordPress is already giving many one page themes or landing page themes. You have to just use it. You can install, activate the theme in just 2, 3 clicks. You can make your one-page website with a call to action button. 

Reason 3 : Add Thousands of Application through Free Plugins  

50+ Thousands of free plugins, Millions of Mind are working to make WordPress better

WordPress provides 50,000+ Free plugins which can solve almost all issues that a website’s want. You can add many applications to your website through plugins for free. Even if you do not get a suitable plugin for your use, there are also premium plugins available. A large group of people groups and companies in the world are continually working for making plugins for WordPress and selling to its users. One can always get new plugins to add new applications and solve any problem with website development. 

In other CMS, you don’t get the mind of millions of people who are regularly bettering things except WordPress. WordPress updates are free and the WordPress community is always working to remove all bugs, secure Wordpess and update their CMS all the time.  

wordpress plugin

Reason 4 : Easy Search Engine Optimization

Free SEO Plugins, Images Optimization, Easy to Put Header Tags & Meta Tags

SEO is a part of a website. A website needs to compatible with the Google search engine’s algorithm. In WordPress, you can put Meta title, Meta description and Meta Keywords with free SEO Plugins like “SEO Yoast and SEO Ultimate”. 

Higher Pagespeed is necessary for SEO. You can optimize image sizes, put alt text and caption in the image, Minify CSS, Minify HTML, and Minify JavaScript to increase website speed with free plugins like “Fastest Cache Plugin and W3C Cache”. You can clear the cache for faster speed. 

In other CMS, you need to pay a cost for everything or if you do it manually it takes many human hours. Therefore WordPress is best for SEO. You can put H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6… Header Tags while posting. You can make colors on special text, make boxes easily just with the editor. 

wordpress seo

Reason 5 : Easy to Sell through Woocommerce

Easy Payment Gateway Integration, Free ecommerce themes, and plugins

Selling with WordPress is too easy. Woocommerce is available for free and paid versions. You can activate Woocommerce free version, put API Key and Secret Key of “Payment Gateway Provider” and your e-commerce website will start working. You may integrate any payment gateway like Paypal, Razorpay, and etc. Integration is nothing more than just putting keys in the Wocommerce payment gateway setting. 

You can add images, put prices, sales, offers, affiliate links, color choices, filters, sizes, shipping cost, shipping areas and etc. You can activate the review bar plugin where people can rate products, ask questions, comments and etc. When someone buys something, you will get a notification on your dashboard with the shipping address and details. 

There are many free Woocommerce themes and plugins available. Making an ecommerce site is too costly however you can make an e-commerce site for free with WordPress without a single coin investment. 

wordpress woocommerce

Reason 6 : High-Level Security of Your Website

Free Security and Backup Plugins

Security takes a major concern when your website is big, getting good traffic and good sales. As WordPress fix bugs time to time, however, if you are using “Unverified plugins” then you are increasing chances to get hacked or get attacked by malicious viruses. With WordPress, you can get free Virus scanner, Security Plugins for free like “Sucuri and BulletProof Security Plugin”. 

However, if you don’t use Unverified, nulled plugins, then chances of attack become less than 1%. You can take a backup of your website easily with backup plugins. If someone attacks, you can change the password and restore the backup of previous days. 

Security issues can also be solved by hosting companies. Siteground is one of the best hosting companies that keep monitors their servers and WordPress hosting. You will never get a security problem with the siteground hosting. Know about Siteground hosting.

wordpress security

Reason 7 : Easy Migration (One hosting to Another hosting)

Free Migration Tools, Fast and Easy Transfer without downtime

Migration is another big challenge for any developer or hosting provider. If you are changing your hosting then you need to migrate your website one hosting to another hosting. There are many good hosting providers like Siteground hosting. They give free migration tools, you have to just put your domain and WordPress login details, you can easily migrate to your website to another hosting without downtime. 

Siteground providers “Siteground Migrator Plugin” for WordPress Transfer. With WordPress Hosting, Siteground provides Free SSL Certificate, Security, High Performance, Daily Backups, Email Service, Staging tool, Developer Toolkit, and 24×7 Support. 

There are many free and paid migration tools available with WordPress. If you want to manually migrate your website. You can take a backup of your website, especially to wp-config.php, database, and uploads (where all images are stored). Learn all about WordPress migration

wordpress migration

Reason 8 : Call to Action Buttons, Social Media Display, Social Sharing, Whatsapp, and Calling Button

Free Social Plugins, Whatsapp and Phone Calling Plugins

With WordPress, you can sync social media and show social media activities directly on your WordPress Website. For this, you have to just put code in the website. With WordPress, you can put the call to action buttons, WhatsApp sharing button, and other social media sharing buttons to allow users to share posts on social channels. 

1-Click Whatsapp Message and Calling buttons are available in WordPress, where any customer can chat with you, message you and call you. These buttons are essential especially when your customer is surfing your website through mobile phones. With these call to action buttons, traffic, sales, inquiries get increases. You can increase youtube subscribers, facebook likes, twitter followers by putting social buttons on the website. 

wordpress social button

Reason 9 : User-Friendly Admin Panel (Dashboard)

Easiest Dashboard Process, Do everything that a website can do

WordPress is made for normal people who do not have much knowledge of making websites. The dashboard is too easy. In 2-3 days, you can understand all the important tools of WordPress. Editor is very easy where you can write post, schedule post, stick post to top in the blog, put tags, put categories, give featured images, audios, videos, give header tags, meta tags, price, color the text, change the font and you can do anything that you can think a website can do. 

Easy to Add Codes – You can adjust the menu, sidebar, footer, header, and everything. You can put a Google search console codes, Google analytics code and other codes easily with theme editor. If you want to get paid by Google Adsense, you can put Adsense code and ads will be started showing at suitable places of your website. You need to not add codes on a specific location. Just paste code under </head> section and enjoy the game.

wordpress dashboard

Reason 10 : Available in Many Languages

Free Plugins for Translation

This is one of the best features. You can write your own language at WordPress. It does not need any special requirements. You can add free translate plugins too so that people can translate text to their understandable language. Many free translation plugins are available. 


You can make any websites with WordPress. 

  • Blogging Website 
  • Affiliate Website
  • Selling Service or Products 
  • Selling Membership Website 
  • Sell Online Courses
  • Forums 
  • Social Media Websites 
  • Application Selling Website 
  • Application Website 
  • And many more… 

For 2020, if you are going to build a website. WordPress should be in your first choice. Because with WordPress you never regret it in the future.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

Easy Wordpress Hosting Comparison

WordPress Hosting Companies Comparison by Up Time, Speed, Security, SSL Certification, Customer Care Support & Reputation

1. Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost has fastest customer care support, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain, SSD Cache Storage, $200 marketing credit and many more. Bluehost is the largest hosting company having very competitive pricing with great features and support. The major cons are the renewal rate. Almost all hosting companies give a discount to a new user and take full charges in renewals.

Speed Fastest Possible Speed
SecurityBlue Sky Security
BackupCodeGuard Basic Backup

Free SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
Customer Care 24x7 Support Available by Phone, Chat & Ticket.
Top-Rated customer satisfaction.

Marketing Credit
$200 Marketing Credit
MigrationAutomatic WordPress Install and Updates

2. HostGator Hosting

HostGator is founded by Brent Oxley at Florida Atlantic University. It is leading hosting company having headquarters in Austin and Houston, Texas. The biggest pros of Hostgator is, even a starter plan can acquire 100,000 visits per month.

In my list, I mark Hostgator to 2nd rank.

Speed 2.5x Faster load times.
Super Charged Cloud Architecture.
CDN and Multiple Cache Layers.
Cloud Hosting Turbocharges
SecurityAdvanced Security.
BackupAuto Backup with1-click restores.
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL With all Plans.
Customer Care 24x7 Customer Support 365 Days.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.5 by
Rated 4.0 by
Rated 4.5 by
MigrationFree Migration According to plan.
1 Site Free Migration for Starter Plan.
2 Sites Free Migration for Standard Plan.
3 Sites Free Migration for Business Plan.
ConsMore than 1 migration cost fee.
High Renewal Rates as usual.

3. FlyWheel Hosting

Flywheel founded by Dusty, Rick and Tony at 2012. Flywheel has grown very fast with quality service.

Considering Price and Traffic, I gave flywheel to 3rd Rank in my List.

Speed Blazing Fast Speed.
No Need Caching Plugins.
SecurityHacker-Free Security.
Cleanup malware for free.
BackupAutomatic Backup Every Night with 1-click restoration.
Free SSL Certificate100% Free SSL Certificate.
Customer Care Support 24x7 and 365 Days.
24x7 Phone Support for Agency.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.8 by
MigrationFree Migration.

4. WpEngine Hosting

Wpengine is the company who provides 100% uptime with Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes.

UpTime100% Uptime.
Speed Global CDN.
SecurityGlobal Edge Security.
BackupAutomatic Backup every night.
Free SSL CertificateAutomated SSL Certificate.
Imported SSL Certificates for Growth & Scale Plan.
Customer Care 24x7 Customer Support.
24x7 Phone Support to Growth & Scale Plan.

Online Reputation
Rated 4.5 by
MigrationFree Migration.
ConsVery expensive

WordPress Hosting Comparison by Price, Monthly Visits, Storage & Bandwidth

1. Small Business Group

If have visitors under 100,000 then you are under Small Business Group. If you are starting your new business then you should select “Unlimited visits per month” at $5.95 per month charge, because it takes much time to increase traffic and whenever you want to upgrade the plan you can upgrade easily. Therefore small enterprises, freelancers and small companies should choose Bluehost considering its budget and visitors count per month.

Plan NameBasicStarter PlanStarterStartup
Storage50 GB SSD StorageUnmetered5 GB10 GB
Bandwidth--50 GB50 GB
Monthly Pricing $5.95$5.95$15$30
Complete Plans

2. Medium Business Group

If you are having multi sites and you want to acquire traffic under 200,000 per month. You should see Table 2.0 below. In the comparison of multi-site facilities & pricing, Bluehost wins.

Plan NamePlusStandard PlanFreelanceGrowth
Visits/monthUnlimited Visits200,000100,000100,000
StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered20 GB20 GB
Bandwidth--200 GB200 GB
Sites uptoUnlimited2105
Monthly Pricing $5.95$7.95$115$115
Complete Plans

3. Large Business Group

If you are having multi sites and you want to acquire traffic under 200,000 per month. You should see Table 2.0 If you are a business owner or owner of a website which consumes traffic up to 500,000, you are in this group.

Plan NameCHOICE PLUSBusiness PlanAgencyScale
Visits/monthUnlimited Visits500,000500,000400,000
StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered50 GB30 GB
Bandwidth--500 GB400 GB
Sites uptoUnlimited33015
Monthly Pricing $6.95$9.95$290$290
Complete Plans